Stem Cell Research – Biotechnology Essay

October 5, 2017 Medical

The biotechnology being discussed is STEM CELL THERAPY. Using cells from a immature embryo and engrafting them in a patient’s organic structure. people can retrieve morbid or dead cells. Stem cell research has the possible to salvage 1000000s of lives. but has sparked much contention and argument around the universe.

There are many sorts of root cells. including:

EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS. which come from a five to six-day-old embryo. They are able to organize virtually any type of cell found in the human organic structure.

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EMBRYONIC GERM CELLS are portion of the embryo of a human that will bring forth gametes ( eggs or sperm ) .

ADULT STEM CELLS are cells that are unspecialized ( uniform ) cells that are found among normal. specialized cells.

UMBILICAL CORD BLOOD STEM CELLS are used to handle many blood upsets and immune system conditions.

Stem cells are applied in medical specialty by being used as a intervention to assist patients retrieve from unwellnesss and terrible hurts.

Stem cell therapy involves taking cells from a giver. pull outing the Deoxyribonucleic acid from the cells. and infixing the cells into an egg. The egg grows in a research lab. and after a few yearss. the root cells are removed from the egg.

These root cells are particular because they can turn into any type of cell ( e. g. tegument. bosom. blood. etc ) given that they have the right conditions.

After the root cells are extracted. the cells are so placed back into the individual that donated them. so that the desirable result is achieved.

Stem cells are a great manner of giving less-fortunate people another opportunity at a better life. but is it ethically right? Although root cells can assist us develop new intervention to assist people. at what costs? Here are the PROS and CONS of root cells:

Stem cells can be an advantage to the many less-fortunate people around the universe. who have either been born with a defect in their organic structures. or have been involved in an accident. go forthing them with lasting hurts. Using stem cells gives people a 2nd opportunity at life ; to be a normal individual once more.

Another advantage of root cell research is being able to prove 1000000s of drugs and medical specialty. without holding to utilize animate beings or human examiners. This requires a procedure of retroflexing the consequence the drug has on a specific population of cells. This would state if the drug is utile or troublesome.

The expostulation to embryologic root cell research is that it involves the devastation of an embryo or fetus. For many people. this constitutes the devastation of a possible homo. which is ethically and morally incorrect. It conflicts with spiritual and moral beliefs from many people in our society. The chief inquiry we must inquire is what really constitutes the start of life for a homo. Some say it is at the clip of construct. while others say it is a 14-day embryo or even at the clip of birth. This issue is extremely controversial. and we must ever see all sentiments and measure which option is better for the common good.

Another issue with root cell therapy is the economical side of it. It is reported to be over $ 20. 000 for root cell therapy. so non many people would be able to afford this intervention. This is because of the deficiency of givers. Without the necessary givers. the cost of root cell therapy will stay really dearly-won.

My information is dependable and accurate because I have used a assortment of beginnings. most of which are authorities web sites. Government web sites are dependable because they must be approved so that all the information is accurate.

Overall. I would state that root cell research is a measure in the right way. Although many may state that it is non ethically or morally right. I think that it should still be done as it has the possible to salvage 1000000s of lives from enfeebling unwellnesss.


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