Stem Cells

November 25, 2017 General Studies

These are cells that have the potential to form many different types of cells found in the body. When stem cells divide, can form more stem cells or other cells that perform specialized functions. Embryonic stem cells have the potential to form a complete individual, while adult stem cells can only form certain types of specialized cells. Stem cells to continue to divide throughout the lifetime of a person. The use of recombinant DNA technology or the treatment of a disease or condition by altering the genetic composition of cells of the patient.

Problem at Among the diseases that are being tried to treat with stem cells are liver cirrhosis and Parkinson, both of chronic progressive diseases. In Mexico, more than 500 thousand people suffer from Parkinson, while the Liver Cirrhosis is the sixth leading cause of death. One of the biggest problems with these diseases, including liver cirrhosis, is how to identify the level of damage found, and that requires biopsy avail naming in cost from 5000-7000 pesos which causes be inaccessible for much of the Mexican population. Ethical Issues Therapy by gene transfer into somatic tissues raises ethical questions very limited, since the success or failure of the attempt only take effect in said patient. Fjord which requires doing in germ cells, but has not yet been comprehensively stated criteria required instead have issued some recommendations for this as: 1) Gene therapy should only be applied to treat patients with serious diseases. ) should be attempted only when no other therapeutic alternatives or when, having got, pose a greater risk or less beneficial action; 3) Its application to human disease should require evidence that it is safe, beneficial, technically feasible and ethically acceptable; 4) With the above conditions, somatic gene therapy for the treatment of serious diseases can be considered ethically acceptable because it can be supported by the fundamental principles of autonomy, beneficence and Justice.

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Technology transfer to other fields Since late last century, biotechnology has been a mainstay in developing new cosmologies in various fields, such as medicine, pharmacy, ecology, fuel, food, among others; with the purposes of improving the quality of life of humans. In medicine, biotechnology has focused on solving genetic problems to both prevent and treat them.

Of this research have emerged to diagnose disease processes (usually syndromes) and treat them in a special way (gene therapy). Currently, research is focusing on stem cells, the types of stem cells help meet their potential utility in the reconstruction of tissues and cell function in metabolic, degenerative diseases, etc.


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