Stephen Kings Life And Work English Literature Essay

May 19, 2018 English Literature

Stephen King ‘s first mentality on life were influenced by his older brother and what he figured out on his ain. When he was seven old ages old, they moved to Stratford, Connecticut, where Stephen King got his first exposure to horror. One flushing King listened to the wireless version of Ray Bradbury ‘s narrative “ Mars is Heaven! ” That dark King recalls he “ kip in the room access, where the existent and rational visible radiation of the bathroom bulb could reflect on my face ” ( Beaham 16 ) . Stephen King ‘s exposure to unwritten storytelling on the wireless had a big impact on his ulterior Hagiographas.

It was of import because Stephen says, “ Since [ the film ] I still see things cinematically. I write down everything I see. What I see, it seems like a film to me ” ( Beaham 17 ) . During this twelvemonth the biggest event that likely had the most impact on Stephen King ‘s composing manner was the find of the writer H. P. Lovecraft. King would subsequently compose of Lovecraft, “ He stuck with the most force, and I still think, for all his defects, he is the best author of horror fiction that America has yet produced ” ( Beaham 22 ) . In many of Lovecraft ‘s Hagiographas he ever used his present surrounding as the back bead of his narratives.

King has followed in his footfalls with the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. Castle Rock is a combination of several towns that King moved to and from with his household in his childhood. The chief town that it resembles is that of Durham, Maine. It was after the exposure to H. P. Lovecraft ‘s narratives that King foremost began to compose. Around the age of 12 the King household eventually settled in the town of Durham, Maine. For Stephen King, Durham was the topographic point where his imaginativeness began to reflect.

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It was at this clip when King foremost began to do friends. Along with his friends, Stephen would travel to the films more frequently. Stephen would utilize these films as an inspiration. Although he enjoyed traveling out and holding merriment, whenever he would come place, Stephen would instantly compose down his experiences and observations. Frequently King would put his friends and household into childhood phantasy narratives. One would cognize how Stephen felt about them harmonizing to how long they lived in the narrative.

It was non until college that Stephen King received any sort of existent acknowledgment for his Hagiographas. In the Fall of 1967, King finished his first novel, The Long Walk, and he so turned it into his Sophomore American Literature professor for reappraisal. After a twosome of hebdomads and a twosome of unit of ammunitions around the section, the English professors were stunned. They realized that they had a existent author on their custodies. From so until he graduated with a unmarried man ‘s grade in English from the University of Maine at Orono in the Spring of 1970, King concentrated on rounding off the borders of his authorship technique.

A short narrative that shows King ‘s type and technique of authorship is “ The Body. ” “ The Body ” , which has been made into a Hollywood film, was foremost published in the aggregation of short narratives called Different Seasons. The narrative is a narrative of four 12 twelvemonth old friends who at the terminal of one summer travel out on a journey into the forests to see a dead organic structure. While on their journey they learn about life, friendly relationship, and are transformed from inexperienced person to see. The narrative has a strong car biographical happenstance, the chief character, Gordie Lachance, is a male child turning up on his ain through the memory of his dead older brother.

Turning up, Gordie, an devouring narrative Teller, dreamed of going a author. Before his brother ‘s inadvertent decease, all his parents would of all time care about was his brother. Since his decease, Gordie ‘s parents have presumptively shut themselves off from Gordie. This to a certain grade is the same for King, because his male parent go forthing when Stephen was two, and his female parent taking on around the clock occupations, he ne’er truly had any parental counsel.

One of King ‘s best plant is besides one that does non suit in any class of his usual Hagiographas. For an writer who normally writes horror, “ Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, ” is a narrative with a bracing sidestep. The narrative Tells of how Andy Dufresne, who is falsely tried, convicted, and sentenced to endorse to endorse life sentences for the dual slaying of his married woman and her lover, trades with being trapped within a awful state of affairs that are out of his custodies. Throughout the 19 old ages that he is in Shawshank prison, Andy has to digest everything from a pack called the “ Sisters, ” who go around ravishing and crushing their quarry, to being forced to make and run a money laundering strategy for the prison warden. If this narrative was written without the writers name on it the readers would likely non cognize who wrote the narrative. There is none of Stephen King ‘s characteristic manner, except for possibly one topographic point in the narrative. The one possible topographic point that even hints that it is from the head of King is at the terminal of the narrative where Red is off to maintain his promise to Andy. Andy asks Red, that when he gets out of gaol to go to southern Maine town called Buxton and look for something he buried in a “ hay field under a big oak tree. ”

Stephen King ‘s plants are so powerful because he uses his experiences and observations from his life and places them into his ain unique plants. What seems to do Stephen King ‘s narratives really challenging and interesting for the reader is that the scene of his narratives are placed into common every twenty-four hours topographic points. Additionally, Stephen ‘s Hagiographas are true to life in people ‘s heads because he draws upon common frights. Merely as King ‘s authorship manner and genre had been influenced by films throughout his life, he is now act uponing the same industry with his ain vision and imaginativeness. King ‘s Hagiographas are so widely appealing that over 42 of his plants have been based upon or turned into Hollywood films, which have included stars like Jack Nicholson ( The Shining ) , John Travolta ( Carrie ) , and Morgan Freeman ( The Shawshank Redemption ) .

King has besides written two short narrative aggregations, Night Shift and Skeleton Crew, comprised of detective scientific discipline fiction, and horror narratives. Stephen King ‘s Danse Macabre includes autobiographical essays and a critical history of the horror genre in movies, telecasting, and literature. Different Seasons consists of four novelettes which, like the Bachman novels, focal point on the panics of mundane being. King has besides written screenplays for several movies. These include Creepshow and Cat ‘s Eye, which consist of horror sketchs presented in a humourous, comic-book manner ; Silver Bullet, an version of an earlier novel, Cycle of the Werewolf ; and Maximum Overdrive, an enlargement of the short narrative “ Trucks, ” which King himself directed. In this movie, a passing comet inexplicably causes motor vehicles to come alive and keep a group of people captive in a main road diner.


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