Stereotypes: Stereotype and Native Language Nepali Essay

October 10, 2017 Cultural

Stereotypes are usually societal. but non purely societal. From persons to single. the manner they perceive person or something is different. There is barely anything we can generalise in absolute sense. My cognitive attack to an activity may be wholly different than one following to me. Since stereotypes are non ever negative and non ever positive. ‘stereotype’ itself is an illustration of stereotype. Since it is psychic and societal. everyone is stereotyped because of his/her cultural. societal. economic. geographical and physical background.

Personally. I like to cognize what people think about me ; it can be stereotyped or merely random premise. Throughout my life until now as a university pupil. I am false something or some sort premise is made about me. Most of them are somewhat non positive. but remainder of those is good 1s. I believe that these properties are made entirely based on my societal. educational and physical backgrounds. From the yearss I have started to cognize something about this societal universe. I have realized that I have been victimized of typical stereotype that others. particularly my friends or the 1s that I am acquainted with. possess about me.

I am non like unlike anyone. but my milieus see me non societal. Equally far as I know I have a belief that holding excessively many friends is non good. or let’s say non my desire to hold so. I don’t usually hang out like everyone else who goes college. I don’t party on a hebdomadal footing because I think it ruins the significance of get together. So I am assumed that I am non friendly. However. I know that I can non travel out whenever person wants. It’s merely my nature. but it doesn’t average that I am opposing or anti-social. I agree things but non merely every twenty-four hours.

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In the society whether in the USA or other parts of the universe. there is a stereotype about pupils who are smart. Cipher hesitates to do an premise that the pupil who usually scores the highest in the category is the smartest and studious of all. Well that may be the instance for many people. but wasn’t for me. Back in my school yearss and in my high school. I used to make reasonably good in the test. In the society where I belong to. graded tests are taken merely one time in a twelvemonth. therefore. fixing for the test was all I needed.

But more surprising to me was what my friends believed that I would be making all the clip at place: books in my custodies. In contrast. I barely opened any books until there was any assignment or tests. May be I am focussed or I have techniques to memorise facts and infer significances. I was able to make better than many of my schoolmates could make. Once. a friend of mine was astonished to see me with a miss and he did bother to inquire if she was my girlfriend because he believed the lone thing I do was survey. Sometimes it feels good to be stereotyped. particularly when person appreciates for what you have done.

I was considered good in composing and talking English because my academic background was from a private school which in my state means a school where they teach in English. Back in my school yearss. I used to assist many pupils finish their English assignments. They liked it because they couldn’t do it by themselves. But. I knew that I wasn’t that good like everybody assumed. It is true that I was better than the most of them. but technically I wasn’t. The force per unit area to execute good ever existed within me because I had to be good in forepart of them. I worked difficult and focused better in English than anything else.

There was a friend who unlike me was better in native linguistic communication ‘Nepali’ . I performed good in English at least in his sense. I am non ever casted some kinds of stereotype ; I have labelled some individual in my surrounding every bit good. It’s a personal connexion and familiarity with person that forces me to pigeonhole him. I have a friend who seems indifferent to anything that happens around him. To be specific. he doesn’t hesitate to maintain his cool all clip. May be that it is merely my convention but it seems everybody has the same perceptual experience about him. Some common friends of our have conveyed the same sort of experiencing about him.

Equally far as I know. he has ne’er had any confrontations with anyone. He is heavy and strong. so cipher may make bold to do statements with him ; nevertheless. my projecting about him is non because of his organic structure construction. He one time told me that he has been through many ups and down. so he ne’er likes to contend or be different to anyone. I am non certain what others may believe about him. but I believe he will keep his dispositions because he has the ability to make so. At times. the expressed content of stereotypes in my personal experience have gone small distorted. and more apparently worse 1s.

This one presumably is societal but modern because it relates societal media. more exactly Facebook. If person asks me how many times a twenty-four hours I am on Facebook. I will state whenever I am in the forepart of computing machine. But if he once more asks why I am non chew the fating with him. I don’t head to state that because I am on-line ever. This may sound obscure but in most instances it is take downing to others. and really negative to me. While I was really busy. a friend of mine wanted to chew the fat with me. I clarified to me that I am rather busy and would wish to speak with him subsequently.

It seemed to him that I changed a batch. And after a piece he merely removed me from Facebook. I gave him an honest ground but he took it as untrue. From his perceptive. I was an egotist because I used to hang out with him back in my state. but after I moved to the USA which is a dream universe for the most people in the universe. I changed my colour. His premise is based on his cognitive analysis and his societal background. Later. I convinced him anyhow. I want to cognize how people think about me so that I can better either myself or alter their manner of consideration towards me.

Despite the apprehension of pigeonholing I may be more cautious about my surrounding ; nevertheless. being stereotyped is non welcoming one. From life’s experience. I may be able to alter the conceptualisation of someone’s head about me. but it is non possible in all the instances. There are many incidents that I can larn from and better like being small cautious while talking to person particularly in the first meeting and visual aspect can forestall from negative stereotypes. It is good to hold close friends. and it is every bit of import to take good friends and prevent fring them.


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