Sticks and Stones

January 5, 2017 General Studies

Today seemed like any other summer day in the eyes of a seven year-old. The sun is shining bright as ever, the air smells of freshly cut grass and the only thing on my mind is how long it will take for me to get to the park. But, unseen through my park-bound mind was the fact that it had rained the day before. Now although the upcoming incident was in itself minor, it somehow taught me a valuable lesson.

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It all started when my best friend Cory came over for another fun-filled day of play. I’ve known Cory for as long as I can remember; he’s lived in the same house down the street for his whole life, as have I. He came over to my house around eight o’clock, as usual, and through careful deliberation, we came to the consensus that we needed to go to the park. So, we hurriedly ran over to my ever-working mom to plead with her to break away from her household duties and take us to the school playground. Of course she told us off and said that she was too busy with work around the house to take us today. So, me and Cory decided to do the only thing we possible keep asking till she took us. After the unforgiving half hour of the ever reoccurring question of doom: “Can we go now?- she finally decided to give in and take us to the playground. What took five minutes, seemed like an eternity trapped in the upholstered hell hole of the back seat. And then, ten years later, we arrived at the much anticipated playground utopia. I cared not of the perilous frolicking before me; all I cared about was the hours of clichA(C) fun, which entertained me and Cory for hours on end.

Only an hour into our fantasy, me and Cory were getting bored, and fast. So in desperation, I came up with the idea of a trick competition. And since I thought of the game, Cory had to go first. He pulled off a simple, yet stylish jump from the top of the slide. I had expected him to start out with something elementary like going across the monkey bars on every other one; no he started out with his “A- game right in the beginning.


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