Story About Vampires And Werewolves English Literature Essay

Dong, Dong: The bell tower goes as both custodies on the clock hit the figure 12. It ‘s midnight. A lamia named Charles is out for a Hunt, He is skulking near a local popular nine called Flex. Charles finds a dark alley manner next to the back issue of the nine, he waitsaˆ¦ . and delaies. Finally he sees a figure coming out of the rear issue of the nine. As the figure comes out the darkness, Charles feels he has eventually found the perfect repast: a immature adult female, and her fellow who he is n’t to trouble oneself approximately. As Charles thinks, it reminds him of when he was human and was walking out of a nine with his girlfriendaˆ¦

Charles had a good dark out and was go outing a illusion nine where he had taken his girlfriend for a good clip, at the times Charles was an ordinary individual. They both went to Charles auto and he drove his girlfriend to her house non cognizing the danger around them.

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They eventually reached the adult female ‘s house and Susan invited Charles into her house for a cup of java. They both went interior and she took Charles to her room and they easy undressed each other. A few hours subsequently Charles exited and walked to his auto, He got in and started the auto, the adult female ran over excessively him half bare and gave him a buss and said adieu.

Charles turned his caput and was about to go forth and heard a loud shriek, “ ahh! “ He turned his caput in a wink of an oculus to see a figure transporting his girlfriend off. He ran every bit fast as he could after the figure. He turned into a dark back street manner and sees his girlfriend in many pieces and cried out, “ Nooooooo! You bastard, I ‘m traveling to kill you. ” The caput of the figure turned easy around merely to uncover the most horrid face dripping with blood he ‘s of all time seen. With lightning velocity the figure dashed to Charles, picked him up by the cervix and pinned him against the wall and seize with teeth his cervix with his razor crisp dentition. The lamia lets Charles travel and said, “ You will be thankful person. ”

Charles was knocked out for 10 proceedingss and woke up distressingly and got on to his pess from the cold difficult land.

Then he felt intense sum of hurting and his fingers and toes ripped unfastened and crisp claws covered with blood started to come out and out of his oral cavity. His 2 front dentitions got pushed out of his gums as 2 razor crisp Fangs appeared. Charles shouts “ what ‘s go oning to me! ” Suddenly he dropped onto the land and stopped traveling. A adult male walked by proverb Charles ‘s organic structure covered with blood and ran off to acquire aid by the clip he came back he saw that Charles has goneaˆ¦

And now, in the present, walking out of the nine he sees one of the most beautiful persons he has seen and gets ready to assail. Charles ‘s eyes lit up with delectation, but so he smell that something, which gives him the feeling that something is non right. He ignores this and so he sees the gorgeous adult female and her fellow, He hears the loud sound of music coming from the nine ; he smells the adult female ‘s aroma and puts an evil smile on to his face.

The sexy immature miss is have oning a bubbling Ag frock with tonss of glister on it ; it is sleeveless and ends at her articulatio genuss. Her fellow with her is have oning insouciant bluish denims with a white neckband top. They both are coming out of the nine the adult female has drunk excessively much and is extremely intoxicated. The lamia approaches them easy. Her comes out of the darkness and makes a elan to the adult females, and in buoy uping velocity he puts the adult females to the floor.

Suddenly he gets a really hurtful clout to his jaw ; he has ne’er felt this sum of hurting before. Charles says, “ what are you? ” The adult females ‘s fellow answers, “ your worst incubus ” . The adult female is unconscious on the floor and so the Moon comes out and her fellow has a speedy transmutation into the lamia ‘s most despised enemy: a Werewolf!

The wolfman leaps into the sky and dives down towards the lamia with his razor crisp dentition coming down to his caput. Merely as his dentitions are about to drop down in the flesh of the lamia ‘s caput it rapidly dodged the wolfman but it was non fast plenty and so the wolf ‘s teeth sinks into the lamias left arm and the lamia calls in hurting as the powerful wolfman ripped the blood sucking monsters arm off his organic structure.

Charles looks and descry a metal pipe. He stretches towards the pipe as he feels his arm being torn off his organic structure. He whacks the pipe into the side of the wolf ‘s face, directing the wolf into a brick wall caput foremost. The wolfman stops traveling ; the lamia approaches the adult female and bites her in the cervix and he sucks the life out of her. He hears the wolf ululation in wretchedness and begins to run. He climbs on to a edifice and springs from one to another with the wolf right behind him.

There is no where to travel and Charles knows this is where it ends. Charles throws a ferocious clout towards the hairy monster. But it dodged and slashed Charles on his thorax. Blood pip-squeaks everyplace. Charles looked up and threw another clout. The barbarous hound jumped into the sky and came down with so much force that it separated the weak blood thirsty monster ‘s arm from his organic structure.

The wolf bouncinesss onto the weeping lamia and pinned it down to the floor. Merely as it was about to rend Charles ‘s caput from his shoulders, the lamia screams a high pitched noise which deafens the wolf. An outstanding boot at the wolf flings the haired animal into the air. This was the opportunity Charles needed to get away, as he knew he had met his lucifer. He jumps off the edifice to give himself a painless decease. The lamia falls 60 pess in the sky before his organic structure pummels into the land. The wolf ululation and disappears into the darkness of the dark.



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