Story Called Duty Calls English Literature Essay

It was about 6:00 AM someplace in the Middle East and I myself, Ghost ( a moniker given to me old ages ago ) , was set out for a resilient mission.

“ Sergeant, acquire behind that stone and procure our place, ” said Captain Bailey. “ Will make, sir, ” I said as I slithered through the damp grazing land. “ Ghost, acquire your thermal out and lookout for enemy military personnels, ” Captain Bailey said as he tried non to upset the silence of the forenoon. “ Sir, we ‘ve got what looks to be like four, err six foot units traveling in on our place, ” said I, but before I could turn around we were surrounded by what seemed to be a group of Afghans who suddenly came upon us. “ Sorry sir, but this looks like the terminal of the route for us, ” I murmured to Captain Bailey and the remainder of our squad. The terrorists were whispering, of class we had no thought what they were stating. They raised their guns in intuition, BOOM! A sudden blinding daze threw me to the land in sheer hurting. As I regained myself, I managed to acquire back on my pess and noticed that all of the terrorists were deceased. I turned about to see the Particular Forces had come in the dent of clip to salvage us. But I had no clip to thank them, the sound of gun shootings and detonations surrounded me, for the conflict had begun.

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“ Ghost, you know why we ‘re here, now travel your six to that abandoned beacon, ” said Bailey, “ And take Ollie as your wingman, provide sniper support and study back to me if you happen to see Abu Sayyaf, the remainder of us will progress to the enemy hideaway. ” I grasped Ollie and fleetly headed towards the beacon.

Once we got to the vertex of the beacon I hurriedly surveyed the country. “ Bailey, we have no mark of Abu Sayyaf. Although there are monolithic enemy squads to your right, travel along the trees and you should go on to be unnoticed. ” “ Ghost, good occupation so far, maintain an oculus out and be certain to watch our six, we do non desire another incident to happen as earlier, ” said Bailey as he approached the antagonists hideout. I noticed legion stationed machine artillerymans and quickly took them out before they could acquire a glance of Bailey and the remainder of the group. “ Ghost, we are traveling to steer around to the rear and coerce them out of the forepart. Be prepared to take out Abu Sayyaf instantly, ” said Bailey as he approached the after part of the house. “ Sounds good sir, we ‘ve got a immaculate position of the forepart of the house, ” Ollie responded. We loaded the magazine, set the shooting, and waited for Abu Sayyaf to come hotfooting out of the front door.

It seemed like forever, but merely as Bailey had planned Abu Sayyaf came sprinting out of the door. “ Ghost! Take him out! Do non allow him get away into the forests! ” shouted Bailey as he waited for the sound of my shooting. I took steady purpose and pulled the trigger, I missed! I merely had a individual shooting left. I held my breath in concentration and pulled the trigger one time more praying for a hit. “ Yes! I got him sir! ” I shouted in exhilaration. Me and Ollie rushed down and out of the beacon to describe back to Bailey who was placing the organic structure. “ Ghost it seems as you and Ollie were mistaken, you seem to hold shot the incorrect adult male. This is non Abu Sayyif. Fellow companions, we seem to hold failed this clip about, but we shall trail Abu in an effort to happen him and kill him. For if we find him and kill him, the war will stop, ” said Bailey. We instantly ran through the forests in an attempt to unearth Abu Sayyaf.

Several hours subsequently we were out of the forests in a huge field that seemed to be at least three or four stat mis long. “ We shall fleetly and sneakily travel through this field, be careful and do non do excessively much noise, ” whispered Bailey as we entered the tall grassed field. I all of a sudden spotted a factory house. “ Captain, would you like for me and Ollie to procure that factory house? ” I murmured to Bailey. “ Go in front, and await for my orders when you get at that place, ” responded Captain Bailey.

As we approached the house, I heard a conversation being held in what seemed to be Dari ( a linguistic communication spoken by the Afghans ) . I could non understand them clearly but I knew it could n’t be good. Ollie snuck around back while I came in through a window. We advanced behind the two work forces and softly took them out with our combat knives. “ Captain, the house is clear, what should we make now? ” I asked Bailey, waiting for an reply. “ We seem to hold come across a sign of the zodiac built at the terminal of the field, can you see it? ” asked Bailey. “ Yes sir I can see it, ” I responded. “ Good, look into the Windowss and see if you can see anything leery traveling on. It is excessively to a great extent protected for my work forces to prosecute it, ” whispered Bailey into his headset. I looked through all of the Windowss, surprisingly, I saw Abu Sayyaf in the maestro sleeping room on the phone. He appeared to be frustrated as he was pacing back and Forth among the room. “ Sir, I think I can see Abu Sayyaf, expecting your order to take him out, ” I hesitatingly said to Captain Bailey. “ Are you certain it is him this clip Sergeant? ” asked Bailey. “ Yes, I am 100 % certain this is the adult male we are looking for, ” I said. “ Then you have got my permission to put to death Abu Sayyaf, ” said Bailey as I prepared the shooting. “ Ollie, we must non allow Captain Bailey down one time more. We will kill him, ” I said. I took steady purpose one time more and said “ With the power invested through me by my Lord and Savior, may I let go of this horrid adult male of his responsibility to terrorise the universe. ”

“ A clear hit, we got him. I repeat, the mark is down, ” I alleged as I saw Abu Sayyaf ‘s organic structure autumn to the land. “ The enemy troops appear to be withdrawing in panic. We shall corroborate the shooting and organic structure, ” said Captain Bailey, every bit happy as I had of all time heard him.

“ Antic occupation Sergeant, the General will be really pleased with our success, ” said Bailey in a blissful tone. “ Now we shall describe back to the General to profess our consequences with him. ”

When we arrived at the central office we informed General Kim with our success and he was really satisfied with our victory over Abu Sayyaf. “ Your triumph might hold merely won the war for us, we are really honored to hold you working with us, Major Bailey, ” said General Kim as we all clapped and celebrated Bailey ‘s publicity. “ I ‘m non done speaking yet. Ghost, I am really pleased with you, in consequence you will be promoted to Major Sergeant due to your ague sniping accomplishments and success in taking out Abu Sayyaf, ” said Kim as I firmly agitate his manus with delectation. I left work that twenty-four hours over whelmed with contentment, cognizing that God was with me that twenty-four hours and thanking Him in my success.


Puting: Somewhere in the Middle East

Supporter: Ghost, mission to kill terrorist

Supporting Fictional characters: Captain Bailey, Ollie

Subject: God is ever with you no affair what responsibility calls

Rising Action: seeing the terrorist

Inner Conflict: Nervous

Outer Conflict: assail of the terrorist

Climax: Shooting the mark

Falling Action: Wining the war

Resolution: promoted to Major Sergeant



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