Story of an Hour Essay

October 12, 2017 General Studies

“Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is a narrative that reveals the true life of adult females during the Victorian epoch. This narrative is of a adult female who is non disquieted about her husband’s passing and describes Mrs. Mallard’s interior struggles. Throughout the narrative Chopin uses sarcasm and metaphor to exemplify the message of women’s freedom. Kate Chopin besides uses these literary devices for the audience to understand the niceties and ambiguities used in the narrative to portray women’s freedom.

In the narrative Kate Chopin uses sarcasm in her narrative to construct suspense and thought. She states. “…the face that had ne’er looked save with love upon her. fixed. and grey and dead. ” This quotation mark has boding but if you think about and analyse it closer you realize that its sarcasm. The sarcasm in this quotation mark is when she states “dead” ; Mrs. Mallard is non yet dead. With this quote Kate Chopin is seeking to exemplify how Mrs. Mallard is stoping up minute by minute.

Nuances are the simple differences in the narrative. When you read the “Story of an Hour. ” you have to pay close attending to the smallest item even a period. For illustration in page 636 paragraph two she uses citation Markss on the word killed. Those quotation grade make the word “killed” make you believe twice when you read it. Citation Markss are non used on words unless its something of import. The nicety used in this word makes the word become prefiguration. indicate forehand. make to the decease of Mr. Mallard.

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“Story of an Hour. ” contains metaphor to portray the subject of women’s freedom. For illustration Kate Chopin provinces. “There were spots of bluish sky demoing here and at that place through the clouds that had met and piled one above the other in the West confronting her window. ” In this quotation mark you need to read between the lines. look closely and rethink what you have read. Chopin is doing a graphic image in the audience caput so you can visualize the “patches of bluish sky. ” This spots are being seen as hope and this is where metaphor takes topographic point.

In this short narrative a batch has happen and throughout every sentence there’s some ambiguity demoing up. The quotation mark of “patches of bluish sky” can typify different things. For illustration. this can be boding that something good is traveling to go on because the sky’s brighting up. This represents her life illuming up every bit good ; everything is traveling to alter and she’s traveling to be her ain.

Women’s freedom thats what every adult females wanted during the Victorian epoch. In the “Story of an Hour. ” we find that good can be evil. We all think that a women’s dream is to acquire married and have a perfect household but to the coevalss before us thats non what they wanted. In the beginning of the narrative it seems that Mrs. Mallard would be down about her husband’s decease but in world she is happy because all the old ages to come she’s traveling to have them non her hubby.


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