Strands Of Chemistry And The Scientific Advances History Essay

The undermentioned study will concentrate on the strand of chemical science and the scientific progresss throughout history that have occurred. Discussed in this study will be an debut of the field of chemical science, a timeline portraying 50 progresss that have occurred, a list of the 10 most influential scientists in the field of chemical science and their part, a anticipation of what the hereafter of chemical science will keep and eventually a decision reflecting on what I have learnt, enjoyed, disliked and surprised me while researching this assignment.

Specifying Chemistry

Chemistry is non merely thought of on it ‘s ain as most people would believe, it ‘s non merely the commixture of chemicals that bring it together it besides has a batch more that is in the background, for illustration natural philosophies and biological science can besides come together to organize chemical science. The beginning of the term chemical science is non clear, it is said to germinate from the mediaeval pattern of chemistry. Celebrated laminitiss in the field of chemical science are Fisher, Boyle, Black, Cavendish, Lavoisier, Priestly, Wohler, Lister, Einstein and Dirac. Chemistry is the construction and behavior of atoms besides known as elements, Chemistry is widely studied topic of physicians, nurses, tooth doctors, druggists, physical healers, and veterinaries. In order for these professionals to have their makings they need the classs and survey of chemical science.

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The apprehension of chemical science besides helps to better understand the universe around you. Day to twenty-four hours undertakings, including, cookery is chemical science. This is because you may non believe it but every ingredient is a chemical and uniting them together you are blending different chemicals, it ‘s like blending hydrogen carbonate sodium carbonate with acetum they repel each other which cause the fizz to happen. Chemistry is closely related to natural philosophies and to biology and dramas and of import function in scientific surveies.

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Below is a timeline that portrays 50 progresss in the field of chemical science. Chemistry has been proven by old probes that it seems that they may non hold known it at the clip but Chemistry besides played a large portion in the prehistoric times. Science is split into ‘four ‘ general chronological classs.

beginning of the Christian epoch ( black thaumaturgy )

beginning of the Christian epoch – terminal of seventeenth century ( chemistry )

tardily seventeenth century – mid nineteenth century ( traditional chemical science )

mid 19th century – nowadays ( modern chemical science )

Scientific Developments/ Year

Description of Developments

Democritus ( 465 BC )

This was when the first individual proposed that ‘matter ‘ exists in atoms that could besides travel by the name of ‘atoms ‘ .

Alchemists ( ~1000-1650 )

This was the twelvemonth when it was attempted to transformation take assorted farther metals into gold. It was besides suggested that many tried to detect a mixture which would widen life. The experimenters that attempted this challenge learned how to utilize metallic compounds and were besides able to handle diseases.

Boyle, Sir Robert ( 1637-1691 )

It was found that this in this twelvemonth sir Robert Boyle formulated the cardinal gas Torahs. He was besides the first individual to organize molecules to unite with little atoms. He was besides was able to state apart between compounds and mixtures.

Torricelli, Evangelista ( 1643 )

This was the twelvemonth that the quicksilver barometer was invented. This was merely a typical conditions glass that was used to mensurate the sum of rainfall that happened.

Bradley, James ( 1728 )

This was the twelvemonth that James Bradley discovered the abnormality of starlight to find the velocity of visible radiation. It was found that this was within 5 % truth.

Priestley, Joseph ( 1733-1804 )

This was the twelvemonth that ‘oxygen ‘ , ‘carbon monoxide ‘ , and ‘nitrous oxide ‘ were discovered all which were by Joseph Priestley.

Scheele, C.W. ( 1742-1786 )

C.W Scheele discovered ‘metal ‘oxidation ‘ ‘chlorine ‘ , ‘tartaric acid ‘ and besides found the apprehension of Ag ‘s compounds to visible radiation.

Le Blanc, Nicholas ( 1742-1806 )

Nicholas Le Blanc invented the procedure for doing soda ash from ‘sodium sulfate ‘ , ‘limestone ‘ and coal in this twelvemonth.

Lavoisier, A.L. ( 1743-1794 )

This was the twelvemonth that N was discovered by A.L Lavoisier.

Volta, A. ( 1745-1827 )

This was the twelvemonth that the electric battery was invented, this was found by A. Volta.

Berthollet, C.L. ( 1748-1822 )

C.L Berthollet discovered the ‘bleaching ability ‘ of Cl. It was besides found that combinding weights of atoms were analysed.

Jenner, Edward ( 1749-1823 )

This was the twelvemonth that the variola vaccinum was development.

Franklin, Benjamin ( 1752 )

It was found by Benjamin Franklin that lightning is a signifier of electricity

Dalton, John ( 1766-1844 )

This was the twelvemonth that the ‘atomic theory ‘ could be measured in mass. It was besides found that there was force per unit area in different gases.

Avogadro, Amedeo ( 1776-1856 )

This was when it was found that volumes of different types of gases could hold the bulk figure of molecules.

Davy, Sir Humphry ( 1778-1829 )

This was the twelvemonth that the substance of ‘electrochemistry ‘ was discovered. It was besides found that the electrolysis was studied for the salts in H2O.

Gay-Lussac, J.L. ( 1778-1850 )

J.L Gay-Lussac discovered ‘iodine ‘ and ‘boron ‘ . It was besides found that J.L Gay-Lussac discovered a better method for doing sulfuric acid. In these old ages the behavior of gasses was besides discovered, the manner that they can respond when assorted with different things.

Berzelius J.J. ( 1779-1850 )

In these old ages Berzelius J.J. discovered assorted elements such as: Se, Th, Si, Ti, Zr. Berzelius J.J. besides named many footings some of which were ‘isomer ‘ and ‘catalyst ‘ .

Faraday, Michael ( 1791-1867 )

Faraday, Michael was the first to call the term ‘electrolysis ‘ . He besides developed that electrical and mechanical energy have theories behind them.

Wohler, F. ( 1800-1882 )

Wohler, F. was the first chemist to synthesis an organic compound.

Goodyear, Charles ( 1800-1860 )

It was n’t until these old ages that vulcanization of gum elastic was discovered.

Liebig, J. von ( 1803-1873 )

This was when ‘photosynthesis reactions ‘ were investigated by Liebig, J. von. It was besides proven that J. Von Liebig was the first individual that projected the usage of fertilisers.

Oersted, Hans ( 1820 )

This was when it was found that a current in a wire can go the scope acerate leaf on a compass. He besides found that there was a important connexion between magnetic attraction and electricity.

Pasteur, Louis ( 1822-1895 )

Louis Pasteur was the first individual to recognize that bacteriums can be classified as disease causation.

Lister, Joseph ( 1827-1912 )

Joseph Lister was the first individual to get down the usage of antiseptics in surgery theatre some things that he used as instruments included: phenols, carbolic acid, methyl phenols.

Nobel, Alfred ( 1833-1896 )

This was the twelvemonth that dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel, besides along with ‘smokeless pulverization ‘ , and ‘blasting gelatin ‘ . This was besides when he won a nobel award for his noticeable accomplishments in chemical science, natural philosophies, and medical specialty.

Mendeleev, Dmitri ( 1834-1907 )

This was when the first periodic tabular array was discovered by Dmitri Mendeleev. This periodic tabular array was filled with elements arranged into seven different groups.

Perkin, Sir W.H. ( 1838-1907 )

It was n’t until this clip where W.H Perkin manufactured the first ‘organic dye ‘ and the first unreal aroma.

Gibbs, Josiah W. ( 1839-1903 )

This was when three of import Torahs of heat alterations were found. It was besides found that the nature of the relation between ‘chemical ‘ , ‘electric ‘ , and ‘thermal energy ‘ .

Joule, James ( 1843 )

This was when experimenting came across the laminitis that heat is a signifier of energy.

Flemming, Sir Alexander ( 1881-1955 )

This was the twelvemonth that the antibiotic ‘penicillin ‘ was discovered. The determination of this besides won Alexander Flemming the Nobel award in 1945.

Goldstein, E. ( 1886 )

This was when the survey of ‘canal beams ‘ was preformed this besides caused the possess of electrical and magnetic belongingss which can besides be known as the antonym to an negatron.

Moseley, Henry G.J. ( 1887-1915 )

This was the twelvemonth that the ‘x-rays ‘ were discovered. It was besides thought that his work that he had been analyzing led to the reorganization of the periodic tabular array.

Midgley, Thomas ( 1889-1944 )

This was when ‘tetraethyl lead ‘ was discovered by Thomas Midgley. It was besides found that there were many experiments made that helped execute the determination of ‘synthetic gum elastic ‘ .

Chadwick, Sir James ( 1891-1974 )

This was the twelvemonth that the neutron was discovered. This besides won James Chadwick a Nobel award in 1935.

Roentgen, Wilhelm ( 1895 )

Wilhelm Roentgen besides found that certain chemicals that come across as negatively charged electrode which cause the beam tubing to glow. Not long after this he found that highly-powerful beams that negatively deflected the magnetic field and this were called ‘x-rays ‘ .

Becquerel, Henri ( 1896 )

Henri began to analyze the effects of X raies on photographic movie and non long after this was when he discovered that some chemicals of course decompose and this causes the beams to perforate.

Thomson, Joseph J. ( 1897 )

This was when the negatron was discovered.

Soddy ( 1900 )

It was found that natural dislocation of radioactive elements were observed and this besides caused ‘isotopes ‘ or new elements were described and computations were made that this caused the decay of energy.

Heisenberg, Werner K. ( 1901-1976 )

This was when the roundabout way theory of chemical bonding was discovered. It was besides found that he described atoms utilizing a different type of expression that was related to ‘spectral lines ‘ , this besides won the Nobel Prize in 1932.

Fermi, Enrico ( 1901-1954 )

Enrico was the first individual to accomplish a absolutely controlled atomic fission reaction, that won the Nobel Prize in 1938.

Nagaoka ( 1903 )

This was the twelvemonth where it was assumed an atom with level rings of negatrons turning was a positive charged atom.

Abegg ( 1904 )

This was when slow gases that have a stable negatron form which the overall result terminals in their chemical indolence was discovered.

Geiger, Hans ( 1906 )

This was when an electrical device was constructed that made a clear ‘click ‘ when was hit with prima atoms of an atom.

Lawrence, Ernest O. ( 1901-1958 )

This was when O. Ernest Lawrence invented the cyclotron. This was considered to be used to make the first unreal elements, this besides won the Nobel Prize in 1939.

Bohr, Niels ( 1913 )

This was when Niels planned assorted of import theoretical accounts of the atom. This besides caused the atoms to revolve the shells of negatrons.

Milliken, Robert ( 1913 )

This was when an experiment was being performed and this began to find the charge and mass of an negatron utilizing an oil bead.

Woodward, Robert W. ( 1917-1979 )

This was when Robert W. Woodward created assorted compounds, including: ‘cholesterol ‘ , ‘quinine ‘ , ‘chlorophyll ‘ and ‘cobalamin ‘ this besides won the Nobel Prize in 1965.

Heisenberg, Werner ( 1927 )

This was when the atoms that used a expression based on the happenings of eccentric lines were described.

Schodinger ( 1930 )

This was when clouds were described as uninterrupted negatrons.

Dirac, Paul ( 1930 )

This was when Paul Dirac discovered the anti-electron.

Pauli, Wolfgang ( 1933 )

Planned the being of neutrinos as an accounting for what appeared to be a devastation of the jurisprudence of the care of energy in some atomic reactions.

Lise Meitner, Hahn, Strassman ( 1938 )

It was found by Hahn, Meitner Lise that heavy elements capture neutrons to organize imbalanced merchandises in a procedure which ejects more neutrons. This begins to do a waiter concatenation reaction.

Seaborg, Glenn ( 1941-1951 )

Glenn Seaborg created assorted ‘transuranium elements ‘ and besides recommended a alteration to the layout of the current periodic tabular array.

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In this study next discussed will be the 10 most influential scientists in the field of Chemistry. Focused up will be Emil Fisher, Robert Boyle, Joseph Black, Henry Cavendish, Joseph Priestly, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, Friedrich Wohler, Joseph Lister, Albert Einstein and Paula Dirac.

Emil Fisher ( 1852-1919 )

Emil Fisher was born in 1852 and died in 1919. It was thought that he was a great part to the chemical science side of scientific discipline. In Fishers early old ages he developed and discovered the active ingredients in tea, java and besides chocolate. Between 1882 and 1906 Fisher discovered that 16 molecule incorporating the same figure and sort of atomic groups, but yet still holding different features. Glucose besides came out being the most noticeable member of the group.A Fisher besides advanced our cognition of protein by developing methods to place single acids.A Fisher besides discovered proteins and identified the bond that ‘s formed this by keeping them together in ironss.

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Robert Boyle ( 1627-1691 )

Robert Boyle was born in 1627 in Lismore, Waterford and died in 1691. Robert Boyle was to be thought as ‘The Father of Chemistry ‘ . Robert lived in Ireland and was considered to be the most influential scientist at this point in clip. It has besides been discovered that Robert was considered his Fathers “ favorite ” boy. Robert ‘s influence on chemical science has been likened to who proposed that the Earth and the Sun lies at different topographic points than the Centre of the solar system. Apart from chemical science, Robert made many other parts to science and this is why he is considered one of the top 10 influential scientists.

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Joseph Black ( 1728-1799 )

Joseph Black was born on 16th April 1728 and died on the 6th December 1799. Joseph Black was a Scots chemist. Black was known for his findings of the latent heat, specific heat, and C dioxide. It has been discovered that Joseph Black has proved that hydrogen carbonate of sodium carbonate dramas an of import portion in the history of chemical science. Black lived and worked at the same clip in his early maturity in ‘Scottish Enlightenment ‘ , which was when the “ flourishing of rational life ” . Black was a all right professor of Medicine at University of Glasgow, where it was besides found that he would function as a lector in Chemistry. Joseph Black was hence a great Chemist as he has a great in-look towards Chemistry and has studied and has a great cognition and understanding towards chemical science

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Henry Cavendish ( 1731-1810 )

Henry Cavendish was born on October tenth 1731 and died on February 24th 1810. It was found that Henry Cavendish discovered H gas. Henry besides was the first individual to detect the construction of H2O. Henry was besides the ‘first ‘ individual to do an accurate measuring of the thickness of the Earth. Henry Cavendish attended the ‘Cambridge University ‘ from the old ages 1749 to 1753, but in saying this Henry left without a grade. It was found that Henry toured Europe for a long period of old ages with his brother, so after seeing all the sights to see he decided it was clip to settle in London. Cavendish was a really diffident individual and hated socializing but that was n’t the instance when it came to socializing with his ‘scientific ‘ friends. Henry Cavendish ‘s input into chemical science is considered valuable in the scientific universe.

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Joseph Priestley ( 13 March 1733 – 6 February 1804 )

Joseph Priestley was born on 13th March 1733 and died on the 6th of February 1804. Joseph discovered that the ruddy oxide that is in found in a thermometer evolves as a gas when it is heated. Joseph besides found that in the combustion different types of metals could be maintained and could besides do air to unify with the ambiance. In the sentiment of many others it was found that while metals were assorted with acids this began to give off different types of air. This was besides considered inflammable air: besides known as H, either as indistinguishable or at least in a sarcastic rule.

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Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier ( 1743-1794 )

Antoine was born in 1743 and died in 1794. Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier completed a jurisprudence grade in an understanding with household wants. It was finally found that Antoine ‘s existent involvement was in scientific discipline which so he decided to pursuit. Not long after Antoine started to analyze the jurisprudence of scientific discipline he managed to acquire elected in 1768, to the Academy of Sciences in France ‘s most prima scientific society at the immature age of merely 25. In merely that same twelvemonth he decided that he would purchase into the “ Ferme Generale ” , which was a private corporation that collected revenue enhancements. A few old ages on after he decided to purchase into this great investing he thought he could acquire, it was n’t until shortly after that he married. The adult female he married was considered to be the girl of the revenue enhancement farmed that Antoine worked with. Her name was Marie-Anne Pierrette and she was merely merely 14 when they got married. Shortly after his matrimony he was equipped a all right research lab with him being the professor of it, this began to pull immature chemists from all over Europe to larn more about the “ Chemical Revolution ” . While all this was on path and traveling good he meanwhile thrived in bring forthing more and improved gunpowder by increasing the supply of K nitrate, sulfur, and wood coal.

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Friedrich Wohler

( 31 July 1800 – 23 September 1882 )

Friedrich Wohler was considered to be a great German chemist who born in ‘Eschersheim ‘ on 31st July 1800 and died on the 23rd of September 1882. Friedrich Wohler was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1834. Friedrich Wohler was known best for his mixture of urea, but besides was the first to divide several chemical elements. He besides proved that a group of H, C, and O atoms mirror an component and all its motions, this means that it can besides take the topographic point of an component. Wohler finished his survey of medical specialty in ‘Heidelberg ‘ at the research lab of ‘Leopold Gmelin in 1823 ‘ . In 1826 to 1831 at the ‘Polytechnic ‘ School ‘ in Wohler got the opportunity to learn chemical science to many different pupils from Berlin. After this he was transferred to the “ higher ” academic school at Kassel. It came to the clip where he thought he would travel back to being a Regular Professor that taught Chemistry where he did this was in the University of ‘Gottingen ‘ , this was where he remained until his decease in 1882.

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Joseph Lister ( 1827 – 1912 )

Joseph Lister was born in 1827 and died in 1912. Joseph is known for being the laminitis of antiseptic surgery. This was an of import progress in medical specialty as it started to develop in the 19th century. Back when he started to detect this, the Infection of lesions and surgical scratchs were a major cause of hospital deceases and needed to be fixed as the bulk of the clip there was no remedy. This was before Lister developed a manner after analyzing and trying how this may be. It came to the point where forestalling infections with chemical antiseptics was solved. After Joseph Lister discovered this ‘miracle ‘ as some people would state it, this made surgery much safer as of the high hazard of deathly infections could be perchance avoided. Joseph Lister besides found that there was a possible connexion with the air and the infirmary infections that were distributing from individual to individual. Joseph besides quoted that “ if infirmary sources could be killed, infections could be prevented ” . It is due to his finds of sources, that infirmaries are safer topographic points today.

Griffith, R. K. ( n.d. ) Lister, Joseph. Retrieved September 6, 2010, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

Albert Einstein 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955

Albert Einstein was born in Wurttemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879 and died on 18th April 1955. Six hebdomads after Albert was born the household moved to Munich, where he subsequently began his schooling at the ‘Luitpold ‘ Gymnasium. Not long after he had started his schooling life his household decided that they would travel once more but this clip they moved to Italy and Albert continued his instruction at Aarau, Switzerland. In 1896 Albert entered the ‘Swiss Federal Polytechnic ‘ School in Zurich to be trained as a instructor in the side of natural philosophies and mathematics. It was n’t until 1901 where Albert gained his sheepskin. This was besides when he acquired Swiss citizenship. Not long after this Albert was unable to happen a instruction station so he decided that he would accept a place as a proficient helper in the Swiss Patent Office. It came to the twelvemonth of 1905 where he obtained his physician ‘s grade. In 1914 Albert was chosen to be the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and Professor in the University of Berlin. He became a German citizen in 1914 and remained in Berlin until 1933 when he renounced his citizenship for political grounds and emigrated to America to take the place of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton.

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Paul Dirac ( 1902-1984 )

Paul Dirac was born in 1902 and died in 1984. Dirac was considered the 2nd outstanding scientist of the twentieth century, Paul Dirac developed the first theory of the negatron. This theory was described and many others observed properties of the negatron. In 1932 the atom called the ‘positron ‘ was discovered, and since so many other ‘anti-particles ‘ have been predicted and observed. In 1933 Dirac besides received a Nobel Prize in natural philosophies and chemistry.A Dirac was the ‘Lucasian Professor ‘ of Mathematicss at Cambridge from 1932 to 1969. so non long after that Dirac became the professor of natural philosophies and chemical science at ‘Florida State University ‘ from 1971 until his decease.

Thall, E. ( n.d. ) Thall ‘s top 10 scientist list. Retrieved September 10, 2010, from hypertext transfer protocol: //

The Future of Chemistry

After look intoing and researching information about chemical science and its part to the universe since the clip of BC, it is clear that chemical science continues to germinate. Chemistry will convey the universe admirations in the future old ages as it started from a small thing as the variola injection in the early BC times to the find of current vaccinums such as the Human Papillomavirus injection. The universe will go on to profit from chemical science in old ages to come with the constitution of new vaccinums which will take to a better quality of life.

Through chemical science people will be healthier and unrecorded longer and other betterments in medical specialty will happen, including improved medicine and a better apprehension of current diseases. We will besides hold a better apprehension of current twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours happenings and the chemical compounds that they are made up of. Chemistry will go on to germinate in the hereafter as it is has done in the yesteryear. This can be seen if you look at the timeline above and how far chemical science has come. Therefore, today, chemical science has improved and has even given some replies to remedies that could hold ne’er been perchance answered in the yesteryear.


I found this study, after analyzing, analyzing and look intoing the background behind chemical science really interesting, as I ne’er realised that chemical science played a large portion in our mundane lives. I besides did non gain that we use chemistry every individual twenty-four hours and the of import function is dramas in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life and in particularly in the medical universe. Without it, we would non hold the entree to medicate that we do today. I enjoyed most parts of this assignment as it was a different assignment to what I have completed in the yesteryear. Chemistry has come a long manner, and I look frontward to happening out more finds in the field as the old ages base on balls by. I wonder what life would be if we did non hold cognition of chemical science.



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