Strategic Analysis of the Tribe Stout Company


Purpose of this papers is to do a strategic analysis of Tribe Stout Company and to supply certain advices that will assist this local brewery to go on their concern successfully in future. Tribe Stout Company was founded in 1980s by John Murphy and he is CEO since so of this household owned concern which provides good quality Irish stout to bars and hotels. Accent is on the local brewery utilizing local ingredients as John believes that merely this will retain the good image of a local quality beer maker. Company evolved from 1980s to a little sized concern today with 20 employees and a annual turnover of a a‚¬1.5m. The company now brews stout in 250ml and 500ml bottles with more gross revenues of 500ml 1s.

Important to reference is that the four universe ‘s biggest beer makers account for over half the planetary market of beer. Those 4 beer makers are Belgium-based InBev, London listed SABMiller, Heineken and Denmark ‘s Carlsberg ( Jones, 2010 ) 1. More of import is that all of these four are present and we need to advert that 63 % of the beer sold in Ireland is lager beer while 32 % market portion holds stout and staying 5 % is ale ( TCA, 2008 ) 2.

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Alcoholic Beverage Federation of Ireland ( ABFI ) states that beer has the largest market portion amongst all alcoholic drinks in Ireland with 51 % and that brewing industry in Ireland employs more than 1600 people. ABFI besides states that this industry supports over 50.000 occupations in Ireland while besides doing about a‚¬1.7b of added value into the economic system with annual disbursement of over a‚¬400m ( ABFI, 2010 ) 3.


Analysis of the cardinal internal activities/departments

First internal analysis show that there is a deficiency of qualified staff and direction in the company itself, but besides deficiency of good strategic direction. Financial and operations direction are besides non good. E.g. caput of accounting section is John ‘s married woman who does n’t hold necessary makings for that occupation. Another illustration is Mr. John himself who was a bartender in his early yearss and now he runs a company with over a million euro annually turnover and yet he did n’t acquire any sheepskin or prequalification of all time since. Last illustration of incorrect human resource direction is production, warehouse and bringing director who is a former co-worker of Mr. John but he has no formal sheepskin or makings for that occupation. Overall, greatest internal job of this company is that most of the workers are close friends or even household of Mr. John and that they are in company for many old ages, although they are unskilled or unqualified while they ne’er wanted to upgrade themselves in footings of acquiring some grade or sheepskin in recent old ages.

As a consequence of this many errors certainly happen in the company. I found myself one while making this research. The error I found is in accounting section where I antecedently said that unqualified staff plants, peculiarly director. Financial figures of the company states that TSC have a net income of a‚¬25.000. This is wrong and miscalculated which confirms my analysis and sentiment about staff and directors. This fiscal statement should be considered as incorrect and yet undependable in footings of other figures on it. The thing is that many of the TSC clients went out of concern or went into bankruptcy, bad debts figure increased to a‚¬50.000 and besides there was a misreckoning in overhead costs.

While at fiscal figures, it is of import to state that brewery buys all of their natural stuffs, ingredients, from local provider which do n’t desire to give their goods on recognition but merely want to be paid in hard currency on bringing as they do n’t swear in solvency and survivability of Tribe Stout Company. Another bad thing is that one-fourth of entire debts are bad debts in TSC which leads as to state that it has incorrect policy about gross revenues on recognition and doing understandings about gross revenues.

John Murphy, laminitis and current CEO of Tribe Stout Company, wants to retire from a CEO place by the terminal of this twelvemonth and hold his boy take the chair, Cillian Murphy who has BA Marketing sheepskin, while his married woman which is a caput of accounting section does n’t wish to retire yet. Full strategy of organizational construction can be seen as a Chief executive officer on top of the company with one director in accounting and disposal and one director in production, warehouse and bringing section. There are two parttime employees in accounting section while in production there are 15 full-time employees.

Further analysis shows that Mr. John did n’t put large money in the construction or installations of the company and more or less the Tribe is produced in about same conditions as it was produced in 1980s.

Analysis of the external environments

In external analysis I will get down from PESTEL factors which will give penetration into environmental factors that have consequence on the company and that certainly direction should take in consideration.

PESTEL factors

Political and legal factors:

When speaking approximately political factors and brewery in Ireland 1 must advert the authorities bar of imbibing intoxicant by doing assorted runs to inform the citizens about the effects of intoxicant and its negative sides. Such is “ DrinkAware ” . More of import influencing factor are the governmental revenue enhancements and excises on alcoholic drinks. As all know the Value Added Tax in Ireland is 21 % which is reasonably high itself without adding any excises on the monetary value. Governmental gross from excises on beer is about a‚¬427m annually and about a‚¬642m from VAT on beer. Ireland has really high VAT comparing other states in Europe but besides 4th highest excises rate on intoxicant in Europe ( Foley, 2010 ) 4. Among these factors I should advert that breweries, as any other companies, have to pay revenue enhancements related to their employees such as income related revenue enhancement and so on. Last thing to reference is that in Republic of Ireland intoxicant ca n’t be sold in stores after 10pm and that most saloons and nines near at approximately 3pm.

Economic factors:

As everyplace else in the universe, the economic system crisis had consequence on Ireland every bit good. Although industry studies show that beer industry in Ireland supports over 50.000 occupations which is a good figure associating the crisis. Reports besides show that Irish are biggest consumers of the beer in litre per person/year ratio. Same studies show that more and more saloons are opened each twelvemonth and that there is about 2.000 surplus of saloons. While making research, many citizens told that smoking prohibition in saloons changed a batch how and where people drink beer. This could be a factor for TSC to see.

Social factors:

The job for Tribe Stout Company could be that merely 32 % of beer market portion is the stout beer while the bulk is lager beer as said earlier. Another factor is that there are many imported beers, but fortunately these are largely imported laager beers. Drinking beer and particularly in saloon is seen in Ireland as socialization, run intoing new people and holding conversations while imbibing together. This is a positive societal factor and positive side of responsible imbibing that is of great usage for any brewery. Another societal factor is that Ireland has many tourers over the twelvemonth and many of them want to seek particular local brewed beer which is great for breweries like TSC and they should do a usage of that fact.

Technological and environmental factors:

This is really specific industry where engineering and environment greatly have influence over the industry and companies. To do a good beer, you need good natural stuffs, ingredients, and good H2O. But these two have to be of consistent quality so that beer will ever prolong a good and stable quality. Today ‘s engineering enables assorted controls and cheque of natural goods to do certain they are qualitative and up to high quality borders, or coveted quality but they besides enable to accomplish that sustained flow of good stuffs and good beer. It is merely up to the beer maker himself to set the engineering to work for him the manner as he wants it to do that perfect pint. Environment besides is a factor such as conditions. Quality and measure of natural stuffs are dependent from the conditions so is the brewery but besides the gustatory sensation. Weather besides has consequence on people. If it is depressive and bad conditions, people will travel to pubs to socialize and hearten up with few pints. Environmental factors besides determine the figure of tourers and periods when they are sing the state and when non. This should be taken into consideration by TSC direction.

FIVE Forces Analysis

In this portion I will discourse about Porter ‘s five forces and their effects on industry and company.

Menace of new entrants – medium

I decided to set barriers of entry every bit medium as this sort of industry is good established, particularly in Ireland where we have some traditional large beer makers and where few companies hold the bulk of market portion. The lone thing why I would set hapless menace is that everyone is capable of bring forthing brew in little measure such as opening some little place brewery, merely as TSC started, but as I am talking about the whole industry and as it is difficult to set up distribution channels at start and do your ain topographic point on the market, I wrote medium. Recently, many good established breweries started to put more and more money in marketing seeking to further separate their trade name and their merchandises from other breweries. Tribe Stout Company should decidedly get down to follow this illustration as their disbursement on selling are instead hapless.

Rivalry – high

Rivalry amongst beer companies is ever high but in Ireland it is really high I must state. As said, there are already good established market leaders in Ireland which offer different sorts of beer ( laager, stout, ale and some even non-alcoholic and particular mixes and brews of beers ) while the TSC offers merely one sort of the beer and is present on one local Galway market. These leaders to a great extent invest in their equipment to understate costs of production and to bring forth more beer in order to hold usage of economic systems of scale apart that they besides invest in selling. TSC misses these investings, advancement and enlargement. Not merely that competition is high amongst many local beer companies, but there are besides many imported beers.

Menace of replacements – high

This is difficult to find and precisely to state, but I can province that this is in direct connexion with peoples ‘ penchants of intoxicant. Substitute for Tribe Stout Company beer are of class other beers but besides other alcoholic drinks such as liquors or vinos. All of this depends on consumer penchants, but all in all there are a batch of replacements get downing from other local little breweries to large 1s and imported beers and other types of alcoholic drinks at the terminal. If I would merely take TSC in consideration I might state menace is medium as Tribe has alone gustatory sensation and it is merely in Galway and so on, but speech production of whole industry I must state it is high.

Dickering power of purchasers – medium

As antecedently said there are many replacements and different sorts of beers. Buyers can take from different sorts of beers from different providers and they can negociate. Main clients are pubs, hotels and supermarkets. In the instance of TSC I can certainly state that power of purchasers is high as they are seen as company that negotiates with clients in desperation. Looking at whole industry purchasers can easy exchange from one manufacturer to another and supermarkets have good dialogue power with manufacturers I shall state that dickering power of purchasers is average because breweries besides have their alliances and so on.

Dickering power of providers – medium

Talking about the industry as a whole, a manufacturer has a assortment of husbandmans and providers to take from, but if we talk about TSC the supply is limited to local husbandmans. The chief ingredients for beer are ever the same so there are no replacements and they can be easy obtained. The companies nevertheless must pay attending to the quality of natural goods. TSC ca n’t acquire goods on recognition as they are concerned as bankrupt by their providers therefore they must pay in hard currency and they besides ca n’t acquire a good monetary value for the goods.


Internal Strengths

Good quality of beer


Quality award for Tribe

Internal Failings


Lack of skilled staff

No investings

Debtors direction

External Opportunities

Local brewed beer

Niche beer market

Touristic sale of point


The brewery should orientate more towards tourers and recapture the local market with alone gustatory sensation and quality


Get more skilled staff and direction to better efficiency and solvency while puting in marketing to pull more tourers

External Menace

Buyers power


Economic crisis


Distinguish themselves from others by alone gustatory sensation and quality and take more market portion therefore increasing net incomes


Improve relationship with both providers and purchasers and negociate better trades with both of them


In this portion I will seek to do a recommendation for the company direction by which they should do more success and net incomes. These can be guidlines for them whre to travel from this point on. I will foremost get down from competitory scheme.


It is proven that Tribe Stout Company has really good merchandise with alone gustatory sensation and quality. This should non be compromised and should be used to a great extent in their scheme. I recommend utilizing a focal point distinction scheme as they have truly good merchandise. TSC should work on their communications with purchasers and providers every bit much as they can and seek to spread out their market portion. Company should better their debt direction by giving certain price reductions for payments before deadlines or for payments in hard currency. Credit gross revenues should merely be given to trusted saloons and hotels but with hazard computations and direction. This will enable them to hold much better hard currency flow and have secured fiscal state of affairs. If they intend to utilize this scheme, they must make greater trade name consciousness. If spread outing so shortly on big market is large bite for them allow them make trade name consciousness locally so, in Galway. If they take the bulk of stout beer portion in Galway in following period they can procure themselves for larger investings and seek spread outing further. Besides, a alteration in forces is a must. Company must happen skilled employees and give up on the family/friend policy. Family is nice to work with and you can swear them but if they are non skilled plenty, the company suffers and at last they will excessively. All in all, they have a great merchandise and they should concentrate on it. Invest in marketing to make non merely trade name consciousness but besides the great gustatory sensation and the awards that beer has won. Better communications by holding new skilled direction and better solvency by implementing this scheme. Concentrate foremost on local Galway market and tourers to garner adequate financess and stableness to travel further in enlargement and recapturing the piece of bar from a larger market. Company should seek to spread out externally in footings of more purchasers like earlier, but internally it should remain same-sized as it is but with improved engineering and efficiency. New selling section should besides do usage from company utilizing locally grew natural stuffs. To better trade name consciousness and company image, TSC should possibly travel to some beer exhibitions or festivals to demo their beer and allow people seek it. Local touristic community should besides be included in this undertaking. There are many things that should be done and it is merely up do Mr. Murphy if he wants them to make it in order to salvage his brewery and repute. I repeat, the chief thing is to better human resources and acquire new skilled people into the company and after that this scheme can get down to be implemented.


My advice is that company should remain the same size as it is now. This is good size for a local brewery and it can run into the demands for now. Current job that I see now is the staff. TSC is in bad state of affairs now and possibly should seek to cut some costs. The costs can be lowered by seeking to develop as many current employees you can as it is cheaper than engaging experts or high skilled people. Where unavailable to develop, an expert should be hired. On important places such as accounting director an expert should be hired in order to avoid misreckonings. The company should utilize turnaround scheme by my sentiment. Besides, certain investings in production and present procedure should be made in order to better efficiency of both. As you said yourself, the bringing truck is interrupting down on regular footing. This should be replaced and therefore money for fixs will be saved and bringing clip is cut down. Investing in certain parts of new more efficient machinery should be considered if they are non excessively expensive and farther payback and return rate computations should be done about that. I would besides propose to seek bettering the gross revenues of smaller battalion beer by making some publicities or price reductions. If that does n’t work, cut it out of the merchandise portfolio and possibly seek to contrive some new bundle or something. By following my advices I am certain that you and your company will happen success in future concern and a steady growing of your brewery.


The decision that can be drawn from this paper is that company has certain jobs, internal and external, but besides that they can be fixed over clip. External jobs happened largely as a effect of internal 1s. When your boy takes over the company, I am trusting that he will follow the advices and schemes given. With his skilled and immature head as an enterpriser and your advise in start of his calling this company should bloom in following period by following already mentioned schemes. The company should concentrate foremost to better internal state of affairs based on human resources and other things in the short term, while concentrating on market, clients and market portion in long term while invariably holding investings in human resource, engineering and selling.



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