Strategic Human Resource Management in Metro Manila Retraders

The chief intent of this essay is to explicate the intent of strategic human resource direction in Metro Manila Retreaders, Incorporated and measure the part of strategic human resource direction activities towards the accomplishment of the company ‘s aims.

Strategic human resource direction is the preemptive disposal of people. It requires direction to anticipate things, and program ways for the company to run into the demands of its employees, and for the employees to favorably run into the outlook of the company, ( Armstrong, 2003 ) .

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Harmonizing to Surridge ( 2000 ) , human resource direction is the procedure of doing the most efficient usage of an organisation ‘s forces which involves the acquisition, preparation, motive and wages of human resources staff within the concern.


Metro Manila Retreaders, Incorporated is a reworking company based in Manila, Philippines. It used to be ranked as a leader in reworking industry for several old ages but because the company is confronting a job specifically in human resource, it affected the productiveness of the full organisation. The direction used to engage extremely skilled persons for the Gross saless Department. However, holding the civilization of nepotism within the organisation consequences to corruptness that made the company suffer.

Nepotism is said to be a favor granted to relations or friends irrespective of virtue, as stated in the Modern Language Association. However, Nelton, ( 1998 ) suggests that, if nepotism is practiced reasonably, it can be a true plus because he believes that household members who work in the same company will make high public presentation as they are comfy with one another which leads to holding a good working environment that consequences to, stability, and long-run committedness.

In contrast, as cited by Wong and Kleiner ( 1994 ) , nepotism frequently leads to disaster, therefore, taking the Line Bothers in Britain as an illustration, one time a extremely comfortable Triang plaything shaper, was declared valueless in merely several old ages through its subsequent posterities of leading. As indicated by Wong and Kleiner ( 1994 ) , chaos frequently occurs when household and concern demands struggle because of the fact that the aim of the household is to take attention and cultivate household members and relations, whilst, a concern have to bring forth superior merchandises and services aptly and cost-effectively. If the organisation employs and gives publicity to an ineffective member of the household or relation, other employees may look at this as a gross inequality that leads to tonss of hindrance.

Aside from nepotism, corruptness is present due to uneffective process in the gross revenues section every bit good as deficiency of motive from the direction.

Undertaking 1


Strategic Human Resource Management plays a important function in an organisation because the duty of staffing, enlisting, preparation, and the direction of people for the organisation to execute its maximal capacity in an highly sweet mode is at their manus. Its intent can non be underestimated because it aids the organisation in the procedure of transmutation. Besides, it helps the organisation to pull skilled persons to make full up vacant places as organisation can non be without gifted persons for the operation. In add-on, amongst the intent of Strategic Human Resource Management is to explicate policies for the benefit of the organisation and the employees.

Strategic Human Resource Management involves tie ining enterprises refering how employees are managed with the consideration of the mission and vision of the organisation. Effective direction of people is non that depressing if one is equipped plenty with the cognition and accomplishments on how to transport out the best qualities of each person. Schemes in human resource aid the organisation to be effectual in accomplishing the organisational aims. Since harmonizing to Martin ( 2009 ) , scheme has been described to be a method of administrative cognition, bring forthing an apprehension of the assorted conditions that the company is embedded within. That understanding so, develops the foundation of alteration within the organisation as it strives to continually adjust and adapt to the germinating apprehension of the hereafter that emerges from the strategic procedure ( Martin, 2009 ) .

Apparently, it is a great challenge to human resource specializer to keep the effectivity and the efficiency of human resource direction. Activities such as staffing, preparation and back uping in people direction for the advantage of the organisation is really important to work in a fruitful agency. Naturally, one of the maps of human resource it to supervise informations points on every force which comprises the experiences, competences, expertness, person ‘s informations, every bit good as employee ‘s histories and records refering to payroll. In a general sense, they are the one responsible in clip and labour direction, along with benefit disposal and direction of the most valuable resources of the company which are the people.

Metro Manila Retreaders Incorporated ‘s human resource direction needs to be rigorous in enrolling and choosing people. Hiring immediate household and relations should be avoided because it creates prejudices in the organisation. The company should do the regulations and ordinances clear to all employees upon the occupation commences. In that manner, the civilization of nepotism will be prevented and staff will be cognizant that if something happens against the company ‘s policy, farther action from the direction will be undertaken. Supplying support like on clip release of gross revenues allowances and speedy response to all petitions refering to the operation will do the gross revenues force motivated to demo high public presentation.

To accomplish company ‘s productiveness, organisation should supply support and preparation to their employees because in that manner, work atmosphere necessary to hike public presentation can be cultivated. To retain skilled employees, there is a demand for the human resource direction to believe in progress the demands of their employees. Furthermore, actuating the people to remain in the company increases keeping rate that would somehow assist the organisation minimise the disbursals peculiarly in enlisting of new staffs. Likewise, working out on engaging schemes and enrolling policies, every bit good as covering with paysheets and pay disposal are what human resource section is accountable of. It ‘s a section that deals everything that concern employee ‘s dealingss and benefits and at the same clip they work for favorable action.

Undertaking 2

2.1 HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS ( Metro Manila Retreaders, Inc. )

The organisation needs skilled people to for the operation to be productive that will somehow assist the company to increase gross revenues and will stay liquid. Since because of many ailments from the employees, good working environment has been affected, human resource direction needs to develop some activities and plans to advance effectual communicating among the employees so as to avoid confusion and scores within the workplace. A demand for liberty must be considered for the employees to hold the freedom to come up with their ain enterprises and utilize their ain thoughts.

Business factors that underpin human resource planning:

Presently, MMRI can be considered as holding an organic growing when speaking about the growing of the concern since they have developed foremost the market within the metropolis of Manila before spread outing to the states. Location of operation demands to be measured every bit good because based on the company ‘s human resource demand, the demand for gross revenues advisers will be based largely in the state.

Furthermore, an addition in productiveness is besides one of the demands of the organisation momently because of the fact that profitableness deflated for rather a long clip already. Sing the concern competition, since tyre retreading companies are emerging in the Philippines, it is of import for the company to remain liquid and engage in the competition consequently.

Metro Manila Retreaders Incorporated has experienced a fluctuation of gross revenues public presentation due to the fact that they are presently in demand of gross revenues forces for the vacancy of gross revenues place specifically gross revenues adviser. Several people were terminated due to a really sensitive instance which is malversation. Provincial countries require a batch of attending and services from the company through gross revenues adviser as they are quiet far from the metropolis where the works is being located. Consequently, human resource demands to be acute in taking campaigners for the place giving accent on the relationship of the appliers and the present employees as it was considered as one of the causes of corruptness. In other words, human resource direction must forbid in using person who is straight related to one of the current employees. An pressing demand of 10 Gross saless advisers is required to cover the countries in the state throughout the northern portion of the Philippines.


As defined by Armstrong ( 2003 ) , “ human resource planning is a method to hasten the acquisition, ingestion, sweetening and keeping of a company ‘s human resources which is considered to be the most valuable plus and hence demands to be utilized in an appropriate manner ” .

It entails two constituents which are demands and handiness. Talking about the forecast of human resource demands, includes specifying how many employees are needed, every bit good as employees of accomplishments and the location. On the other manus, calculating handiness, human resource director must take into consideration both the internal which comprise the current employees, and besides the external factor beginnings that which pertain to the labor market.

Recruitment and Choice

This portion of the resourcing procedure is about conveying frontward an appropriate pool of potentially right campaigners from which a specific choice of persons will be interviewed harmonizing to Martin ( 2009 ) .

Refering to choice procedure, Martin ( 2009 ) cited that from the organisation ‘s point of position, there are three degrees of ‘fit ‘ that are being evaluated during the choice procedure, and that includes ‘fit with the organisation, tantrum with the section and squad, and tantrum with the occupation itself ‘ .

After two hebdomads of advertizement, choice procedure is traveling to be performed by the human resource direction section. To be certain that the right campaigner will be chosen, after carry throughing the short list, campaigners will be contacted for an scrutiny. Subsequently, those who pass the test will be moved to the following degree which is the first interview by the Gross saless Manager. Furthermore, a concluding interview by the General Manager will be conducted if successful in the first 1. Those who meet the makings will be asked for a mention to guarantee their unity and dependability being a individual. Thus, an appointment missive will be provided to the successful campaigners.

To maintain clasp of the skilled and trained sale people, company must supply adequate motive both in fiscal and non-financial facets. It is a nature of single to anticipate some motive from anybody to be encouraged to execute good and be productive that would somehow assist the organisation to be profitable.

Trainings and Development

Harisson ( 2005 ) commented that in the field of human resource direction, preparation and development is the field concerned with organisational activity aimed at breaking the public presentation of persons and groups in organisational scenes and it has been known by several names, including employee development, human resource development, and larning development.

Metro Manila Retreaders, Inc. should ever supply preparations to their freshly hired staff prior to the beginning of their occupation, and do certain that, employees particularly the gross revenues people are knowing plenty to travel out in the market to sell the merchandises. Henceforth, accomplishments and larning development is besides being offered to each and every employee to guarantee effectivity in their ain field for the benefit of the organisation.

Undertaking 3


Defined as a conventional design of communicating and coordination created by direction to tie in the undertakings of people and groups in making the aim of the organisation ( Bartol and Martin, 1994 ) . It involves assorted projects like allotment of undertaking, coordination and supervising, which are heading towards the achievement of the organisation ‘s end. Structure besides serves as the screening position where people perceive the full organisation and its environment. Amongst the common organisation constructions are the Hierarchical, Flat, and Tall Structure.

MMRI is holding a Flat Organizational construction wherein harmonizing to Stringfellow ( 2010 ) , this sort of organisation construction has few degrees of direction between the executive degree and the front-line employees with an thought of authorising staff by affecting them in the procedure of doing a determination. Hence, it is created to decrease bureaucratism and helps staff to be more productive by promoting them to take part in determination devising.


It is being argued by Hill and Jones ( 2001 ) that organisational construction is the precise digest of criterions and imposts that are shared by people and groups within the organisation and that manages the manner they interact with one another and with the stakeholders outside the organisation. A good civilization of an organisation has the capableness to do the most of the resourceful thoughts and schemes of the employees. For the organisation to be productive, alterations is needed and it will ever comes from the civilization though it ‘s really critical to convey alterations and transform the organisation, human resource must be determined to carry through its aim of successfully transmutation.

Metro Manila Retreaders, Incorporated was considered an first-class retreading company few old ages back but because of nepotism, it finally worsen its productiveness and now it remains fighting to do a net income. The company needs to put more clip and resources in working to alter the civilization. Presently, the organisation is sing bad working relationship due to uneffective communicating and deficiency of motive. High public presentation his non being reached because people are demotivated to execute due to limited fiscal support from the direction. Henceforth, direction should see giving employees precedence as they are the indispensable resources of the organisation.


Having a level organisational construction aids the direction to circulate information quickly to the staff and frailty versa. It is believed to be one of the factors to heighten a vigorous civilization. Metro Manila Retreaders, Incorporated though it ‘s fighting to last, because of the level construction, communicating transpires easy throughout the different sections and it promotes more feelings of contentment and concept less apprehensiveness in employees.

On the other manus, the civilization of the organisation affects the entireness of the organisation. As it is a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours put up which the employees are traveling to confront. The present civilization of Metro Manila Retreaders, Incorporated affects the public presentation of the employees which someway led to deflation of net income in the company. Due to the civilization of nepotism, everybody has been affected because of the mere fact that several people have been terminated due to corruptness. Many ailments occurred that made the on the job environment unpleasant which demotivates people. As a human resources director, transmutation must be undergone for the benefit of the company and the employees.


It is my belief that in order for the HRM ‘s map to be comfortable, directors from all maps must hold the cognition and be involved since the success of an organisation is non merely for one individual. It is the map of the directors to put up the way and efficaciousness of the relationship between the employees, the house and the work performed. To keep the effectivity of HRM, one must retrieve that people who allow the organisation to last are the 1 who do the work and make the thoughts.

Human resource direction program creative activity does non hold to be a hard responsibility but it requires clip and farther thought. Finding the right people for the place can be a consequence of the attempts exerted in developing the program, therefore, program aids the company to determine countries where extra staff may be required and besides places that demand definite accomplishments. It is the responsibility of HRM to assist the organisation to make its aim. By making so, there is a demand to use work force accomplishments and abilities expeditiously and increase occupation satisfaction, fulfillment and quality of work life.

In the instance of MMRI, HRM must implement and anti-nepotism policy to minimise corruptness of the resources that caused the company to fight. A peculiar process must be implemented specially for gross revenues section to heighten effectual communicating. Increasing employee ‘s satisfaction should be taken into consideration because this is besides one of the factors why malversation is go oning in the organisation. And it is my understanding that satisfied employees are more productive while unsated one tends to be absent and discontinue often and normally unproductive.

Undertaking 4

HR policies play a critical function in the organisation as these policies serve as a tool for the organisation to be clear with the forces on the undermentioned facets ; the nature of organisation, outlooks on both parties, the manner the policies and process work, every bit good as the appropriate and inappropriate behavior and its effects. Metro Manila Retreaders Incorporated is presently detecting the undermentioned human resource policies ; Recruitment and Selection, they see to it that applicants supply medical scrutiny consequence saying their fittingness to work, and mentions are required to guarantee dependability. Before the occupation commences, occupation initiation is ever being provided for the freshly hired employ for them to be knowing of the organisation ‘s background and construction, sections, merchandises and services, and physical layout of the company. Everything that pertains to the employment is being discussed during the initiation period.

During employment, policies like wellness and safety, disciplinary and grudges, pregnancy and paternity leave wage, absence, and public presentation direction are amongst the policies that the company are implementing. Henceforth, in stoping the employment, they are really acute in detecting the policy refering dismissal, retirement and voluntary surrender.

In MMRI ‘s current state of affairs, a policy of anti nepotism should be adapted since it is one of the causes why the organisation is fighting presents. Furthermore, wages policy should besides be taken into consideration for the employees to be motivated and productive in such a manner that they do n’t necessitate to utilize company ‘s hard currency aggregation due to miss of fiscal support from the direction.


MMRI requires acute human resource forces to run and implement all policies. Because in recent state of affairs, policies are at that place but non being followed purely. Lenience of the direction made these policies ineffective. Furthermore, anti-nepotism policy must be implemented purely as to avoid farther jobs in the operation. Meanwhile, to forestall transgressing the right of the workers, the proviso of such must be reviewed first by the legal advocate and do the employment determinations based on their accomplishments, competency, and experience alternatively of other irrelevant concerns.

To complete off, organisation will ne’er come on in the presence of nepotism as it will non pull skilled single because people will be selected based on personal penchant and non on their proficiency which frequently consequences to a negative impact in the operation of the organisation.



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