Strategic Issues In Oil Company In Dubai

A undertaking direction facet for any given project of an organisation is really important to organisational procedures and daily activities. In most given organisational environment, and when it matter to strategic direction facets, there are many issue as can be seen and outlined. Strategic direction for any given project is considered to be really critical for organisational intent.

For the intent of this undertaking, the selected subject is ‘Strategic Issue in Project Management ‘ , which is cardinal to our treatment and its appraisal overall. The purpose and aim of this study in brief is to analyse, construe and discourse the constituents of ‘Strategic Issue in Project Management ‘ that reflects its survey and analysis on Oil and Gas company based in UAE, Dubai. The said Company is ADNOC. It is assumed that oil-rig constituents when outsourced and manufactured in China for illustration aid in cost and its overall section of keeping a strategic result. How true this premise is calls for a argument in that respect. Central to the treatment herein is limited towards happening and discoursing related to the undermentioned issues

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How oil-rig constituents can be manufactured cheaper in Dalian, China?

What issues and hazards that can be anticipated with fabricating the oil-rig constituents in China?

Therefore, it should be clarified that the effort of this work is to stress the capable affair statements and its issue in context of ADNOC, an Oil and Gas fabrication company based in Dubai as a background survey to the strategic issue in project direction in consideration.

What Defines Project Strategic Issue?

Simply put in, undertaking strategic issue and its direction is that subdivision of organisational direction facets that helps companies cope with the proficient and cardinal facets of pull offing a given undertaking in the most executable manner. It is critical to any companies that project direction should be streamlined plenty so that any issues can be done off. For that intent, strategic undertaking direction is considered a critical for companies.

As we can understand, strategic issue is a status or force per unit area, which can be in the signifier of internal or external factor which has the potency for a important on one factor of the undertaking, or overall influence in any given undertaking and its project. Factor to be considered when pull offing a undertaking can be looked in regard of cost, its life rhythm, programming, the funding constituents every bit good as the monitoring, designs, and everything that affair to a undertaking be it building, technology and its operation overall. ( David I. Cleland, 2004, p. 173 )

From this understanding we can deduce that undertaking direction issue is really critical. In any given undertaking projects there ever originate a demand to cut down the clip frame, change the design formats, or placing the likely environmental and technological issue as and when it matters. ( David I. Cleland, 2004, p. 173 ) Therefore, for a successful direction of undertaking constituents, the undermentioned class are defined, which companies undertakes.

The Components of Pull offing Project Strategic Issues

Project strategic issue can be legion we assume when it matter to the direction facets for companies. In simple apprehension, pull offing undertaking strategic issue can be reached in many ways. However, the most normally used conceptual pattern of undertaking strategic issue direction composed of four cardinal constituents or stages, viz.

The designation Phase: Identifying the likely issue that may break out confronting a undertaking. This phase helps companies form their direction facets are most specific ways during the undertaking planning phases. At each point, the designation stage helps organisation to look within the issue from a wide sphere, so that any given strategic result is maintained strategically. ( David I. Cleland, 2004, p. 174 )

The Assessment Phase: The assessment stage of undertaking direction issue helps companies and undertaking directors to measure the importance of any given issue identified. It is in other word the rating procedure. During the assessment stage, answerability, strategic relevancy of the undertaking and urgency of any given issue are looked upon so that nil is missed for the smooth preparation of a undertaking. ( David I. Cleland, 2004, pp. 174-75 )

The Analysis Phase: In this phase all the pros and cons of a given undertaking direction issue are considered, which can impact the undertaking in the positive or negative ways. This phase is really critical to be precise. ( David I. Cleland, 2004, p. 175 )

The Implementation Phase: Finally, in the execution stage a program of action is implemented, deducing the benefit from earlier three phases and its rating, which help undertaking director to make up one’s mind the existent execution procedure. ( David I. Cleland, 2004, p. 175 )

These four phases in parts when organized and layout strategically assist companies to pull off strategic issues consequently as and when it matters for streamlined procedure and its operational preparation.

Portfolio Management

Many organisations today as we can stress make concern in a globalized sphere. Bing a planetary organisation has many pros and cons, every bit good as countless challenges when viewed from organisational position to strategic direction.

Portfolio direction therefore is understood as that facet of undertaking direction where all the necessary determination is undertaken for a given undertaking, during the undertaking development stage or otherwise. As we can understand each undertaking are managed and approved independently. In the portfolio direction therefore, predefined procedure for selecting, and its rating is the class which are undertaken in a dynamic manner for determination devising procedure that companies and their directors undertake. ( Parviz F. Rad, 2006, p. 10 )


Sing oil rig constituents of ADNOC and its fabrication in China, it is felt that Chinese boring rig and its fabrication characteristic is advanced. The cost factor besides is less every bit compared to other maker, be it German oil rig maker or otherwise. As highlighted in media, China and Chinese Companies in Dalian has the capablenesss to fabricate boring rig 12,000 metre Wellss. The said fabrication company is Baoji Oilfield Machinery Company Limited. ( Chinaembassy, 2006 ) The good thing is that ADNOC in recent old ages has signed a partnership with a Chinese company mentioned above for fabrication of Oil rig for US $ 218 million contract, which would assist ADNOC and its determination shapers to go to towards about all issue refering to strategic undertaking direction. ( UpstreamOnline, 2009 )

Therefore, what we can reason from the above new related study is that the trade signed between ADNOC and Baoji Oilfield Machinery Company Limited is a factor which justifies and exemplifies the class of project issue direction facets at the strategic degree doing inroads in ADNOC. What makes it strategic is that cost issue and the trade that worth 218 million dollars is an illustration of it. The partnership between ADNOC and Chinese Baoji Oilfield Machinery Company Limited besides is a good thing every bit far as the strategic constituents of undertaking direction refering ADNOC affairs. Above all, with a trade that is deserving such a immense sum, we feel that issue after all have gone through the four phases of direction facets in ADNOC, which helped its determination shaper to travel in front in the portfolio and to subscribe the trade with Chinese maker for Oil rig constituents and its demand in ADNOC.



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