Strategic management

December 2, 2017 Management

This course on strategic management teaches the fundamentals of strategic analyses related to the market environment and the most important methods and sources of organization research. After the course, students will be able to analyses the external and internal environment of an organization at the business and the corporate level.

By drawing on the theories and tools handed to students in the course, students will e able to recognize and resolve basic strategic problems in practical situations. Moreover, they will develop an understanding how large multi-unit organizations can develop strategies to effectively deal with the demands of the contemporary business environment (learning goals: 1, 3, AAA, 5, 8). Course content The strategic functioning of, mostly commercial, organizations, and the relations between the internal organization and management are at the centre of this course.

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The main topics that will be discussed are: directions and methods of strategy development, internal and external analysis, business-level strategy, corporate-level tragedy, organizational structures and control mechanisms, corporate governance, strategic leadership, cooperative strategies, international strategies, corporate entrepreneurship, and organizational business-models. Registration Please go to HTTPS://www. Sis. VA. L Teaching format Two hours of lectures and two hours of tutorials per week. The tutorials are compulsory and require active participation. Student teams are required to prepare power-point presentations for all assignments. Schedule Please go to http://rooster. VA. Nil Study material Grant, R. M. 2012, 2013), Contemporary Strategy Analysis (text and cases), 8th edition, Chester: Wiley; Articles, available on Blackboard at HTTPS://blackboard. ICC. VA. Nil.

Costs: Around ?70 Assessment The final grade consists of: Written examination: a midterm (multiple choice questions, weight 20%) and a final exam (multiple choice questions, weight 60%); Assignments during the tutorials (weight 20%); The grade for the written exams should be at least 6; The average grade for the tutorial assignment should be at least 4. 5; Note: there is no resist for the assignments, when the student scores below a 4. 5 the course he or he will need to redo the course in 2015-2016. The results for the assignments are also valid for the resist, but not for the academic year 2015-2016 and onwards.

Attendance is mandatory Information concerning resist: In the case of a resist only the individual examination needs to be retaken. Exam schedule Please go to http://rooster. VA. Nil and http://www. Student. VA. Nil/Feb.-academics. Team formation Students should form teams before the first tutorial. These teams should be made up of 5 students. Course preparation Given the high speed at which we will go through the literature and the abstract tauter of the topics involved this course will demand your full commitment.

As such you are expected to come to class fully prepared, meaning you should have studied the book chapters, articles, as well as cases in detail. While the plenary lectures are aimed to provide you with the necessary background information to ‘make the concepts come to live’, the tutorials are characterized by active discussions regarding the cases. The value of both will depend on whether or not you actively studied the required readings. Tutorial setup Each team needs to hand in a typed assignment for each of the sessions (Max of 2 pages).

In addition student teams are required to prepare a Powering presentation for each session. Here one to two slides can be used to answer each question (note there are multiple questions for each case). In the session teams will be randomly assigned to present. To increase the level of engagement, two teams of students will present their version of the specific sub-question of the assignment. They need to defend their answer and convince the spectators of the superiority of their answer opposed to that of the other team. Contact information In case of problems or questions in first instance please contact your assigned tutor.

Evaluation As part of the efforts that are being made to continuously improve the quality of the strategic management course students will receive an evaluation form during the final exam. This feedback is an invaluable input for us to keep raising the quality of education and make the course ever more captivating!


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