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Guajilote was founded in 1991 as a constituent of a USAID ( United States Agency for International Development ) undertaking. The undertaking attempted to develop La Muralla National park as an administrative and socioeconomic theoretical account that COHDEFOR ( the Honduran forestry development service ) could reassign to Honduras’ other national Parkss. The Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal was given the right to work of course fallen ( non chopped down ) mahogany trees in La Muralla’s buffer zone. A buffer zone was the designated country within a park’s boundaries. but outside its nucleus protected zone. Peoples were allowed to populate and prosecute in economically sustainable activities within this buffer zone. Guajilote in 1998 was confronting some of import issues and concerns which could consequence non merely its hereafter growing. but besides its really survival. Careful planning is indispensable for any successful concern venture.

The centrepiece is a good thought out concern program. A solid concern program describes who you are. how you will make it. your capacity to make it. and the fiscal resources necessary to transport it out. A good written program will function as a usher through the start up stage of the concern. It can besides mensurate benchmarks to mensurate the public presentation of your concern venture in comparing to outlooks and industry criterions. A good concern program will help in pulling necessary funding. Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal a co-op in Honduran states started out unprofessionally as a concern venture. The deficiency of instruction by the leaders of the organisation and the worker’s has gotten their concern off to a slow start. The hapless community which is missing in resources and cognition of the quality of their merchandise hasn’t made for a solid concern program. They are unable to do benchmarks to mensurate the public presentation over the old ages. No 1 has offered to help in any necessary funding for equipment to assist in the transit of the trees.

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The state needs to recognize the value of their land and non allow them cut the trees down for combustion and house edifice. A cardinal tool in the strategic planning procedure can besides be applied to career planning. This tool is a selling analysis utilizing SWOT technique. A SWOT analysis focuses on the internal and external environments. analyzing strengths and failings in the internal environment and chances and menaces in the external environment. A scan of the internal and external environment is an of import portion of the strategic planning procedure. Environmental factors internal to the house normally can be classified as strengths or failings. and those external to the house can be classified as chances. or menaces. Such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in fiting the firm’s resources and capablenesss to the competitory environment in which it operates.

The forest’s strengths are its resources and capablenesss that can be used as a footing for developing a competitory advantage. any internal plus which will assist to run into demands and to contend off menaces. In measuring their failings. you would necessitate to measure the internal issues that is impeding the forest from run intoing their demands on clip. A utile attack to looking at chances is to look at your strengths and inquire yourself whether these unfastened up any chances. Alternatively. look at your failings and inquire yourself whether you could open up chances by extinguishing them. The menaces are any external circumstance or tendency which decreases the demand for the woods competency. The Forest should non needfully prosecute the more moneymaking chances. It may hold a better opportunity at developing a competitory advantage by placing a tantrum between the firm’s strengths and upcoming chances.

The wood may get the better of a failing in order to fix itself to prosecute a compelling chance. To develop schemes that take into history the SWOT profile. a matrix of these factors can be constructed. * S-O Schemes prosecute chances that are a good tantrum to the business’s strengths. * W-O Strategies overcome failings to prosecute chances. * S-T Schemes identify ways that the company can utilize its strengths to cut down its exposure to external menaces. * W-T Schemes set up a defensive program to forestall the firm’s weaknesses from doing it extremely susceptible to external menaces. Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities S-O Strategies W-O schemes Threats S-T schemes W-T Strategies SWOT ANALYSIS Definition Typical Examples Strengths Any internal plus ( cognize – how motive. engineering. finance. concern links ) which will assist to run into demands and to contend off menaces Cardinal inquiries: * What advantages do we hold?

* What do we make good? * What relevant resources do we hold entree to? * Naturally rare Mahogany wood. * Truck transit for sale of wood * Guajilote’s leaders’ energetic. intelligent. adept politician. Weaknesses Internal issues impeding the forest from run intoing demands. * What are the limitations? * What could you better? * What are they making severely? * Amount of Mahogany wood was limited. * Legally restricted to toss off trees. * Steep and unreliable terrain Opportunities Any external circumstance or tendency that favors the demand for the wood and take a expression at there failings and can they rectify them? * What alterations of demand is expected to be seen over the following few old ages? * Where are the good chances confronting you? * Purchase trucks and hire drivers * Overcome jobs with transit * Utilize the endowments of its members. * Upgrade administrative competency Threats Any external circumstance or tendency which will diminish the demand for the forest’s competency. * What obstacles do you confront?

* What future alterations will impact the forest? * Menace of forest fire * Illegal logging * Slash & A ; burn agribusiness * Poaching of mahogany wood. Developing Strategic options for Guajilote Cooperative Forestal could be accomplished by utilizing the SWOT analysis to measure its state of affairs. It can besides be used to bring forth a figure of possible alternate schemes. Santos Munguia should maintain formal records of the grosss. Develop capital betterments purchases to assist with the transit of the wood. The demand to foster educate the disposal in the company or engage some one new that was educated and skilled was a top precedence in order to set up the company’s security. When a concern sustains net incomes that exceed the norm for its industry. the house is said to possess a competitory advantage over its challengers. The end of much of concern scheme is to accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage.

The competitory advantage for Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal is the fact that they have mass measures of the Mahogany trees that have become nonextant in most parts of the state. Harmonizing to the resource based position. in order to develop a competitory advantage the concern must hold resources and capablenesss that are superior to those of its rivals. Resources are the concerns assets utile for making a cost or distinction advantage and that few rivals can get easy. Business Economics and Competitive Advantage examines the economic sciences of a company’s concern concentrating chiefly on its competitory advantage. A company’s competitory advantage mostly determines its ability to bring forth extra returns on capital and links the concern scheme with cardinal finance and capital markets. I feel that Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal is missing in the cognition of the competitory advantage and without it the corporation has limited economic ground to be – its competitory advantage is its staff of life.

Without it. the corporation will shrivel off. Making a sustainable competitory advantage may be the individual most of import end of any corporation and may be the most of import individual property on which each corporation must put its most focal point. The value concatenation is a systematic attack to analyzing the development of competitory advantage. The concatenation consists of a series of activities that create and build value. They culminate in the entire value delivered by the organisation. The organisation is split into “primary activities” and “support activities” . * Inbound Logisticss: is the Mahogany wood that is taken out of the wood that is needed for production/assembly line. * Operationss: the Mahogany wood is sold to the distributers and shipped away to there chief warehouse. * Outbound Logisticss: The wood is sold and furniture is made from it. * Selling and gross revenues: In true client oriented manner. at this phase the organisation prepares to run into the demands of the targeted clients.

This country focuses on strong communicating on the volume demands of the Mahogany wood. * Service: This includes all countries of service such as happening the fallen trees. cutting them up so they can be shipped out. acquiring them to the clients. Across the state many non-profits are researching new ways to regenerate and construct successful concerns. Creating and operating such a concern venture is an option that Guajilote should be sing. as a agency to bring forth gross. creates employment chances. and strengthens and regenerate the community economic systems. Careful planning is indispensable for any successful concern venture. The centrepiece is a good thought out Business Plan. A solid concern program describes who you are. what you do. how you will make it. your capacity to make it. and the fiscal resources necessary to transport it out. Guajilote demands to set up benchmarks to mensurate the public presentation of their concern venture in comparing to outlooks and industry criterions.


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