Strategic Review Of Metricums International Business Strategy Economics Essay

By July 16, 2017 Economics

Metricum is a concern which manufactures material managing equipment and intelligent handling solutions. Materials managing equipment is the equipment related to the motion, control, storage and the protection of all the stuffs, goods and merchandises throughout the procedure of fabrication, distribution and besides affairs refering to the ingestion and disposal of the corresponding goods and services. Materials managing equipment is all the mechanical equipment that is used in the complete procedure.

Metricum is based in England and has back uping operation based out of China, Sweden and Romania. Now Metricum wants to globally spread out in other eastern European markets such as Ukraine, but before the determination is taken the market conditions needs to be assessed and the political and economical stableness of Ukraine taken into history.

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How does an administration decide which market to come in? This is the inquiry which this portion of the study would look at. The pick to come in a foreign market is largely based on the appraisal of the state ‘s long tally net income potency. The potency is a combination of several factors including the political, economic, technological and the legal systems of the part. These are the assorted components that influence the possible attraction of a foreign market. The attraction of a state as a possible market for an international development undertaking besides depends on equilibrating all the costs, hazards and benefits which would be associated with transporting out a successful concern operation in that state. To measure the market conditions predominating in the state, certain other countries besides need to be looked at viz. such as the size of the market, in footings of the demographic, besides the present wealth of the possible consumers in the market demand to be assessed, the present wealth connoting the buying power of the mark consumers, there needs to be a cautious prognosis made which would give the house an thought about the future wealth of the consumers.

Besides the costs and hazards associated with making international concern in economically advanced and politically stable states is less when compared with other foreign markets where the right engineering, the substructure and political stableness is losing.

It is besides a chance that the current province of personal businesss in a market might alter drastically over a short period of clip and the market follows a steady form of economic growing owing to an constitution of a free market system coupled with an encouraging authorities support.

If the international house can offer merchandises and services that are non widely available in the targeted market it would take to the satisfaction of an unmet demand and the attendant value of the merchandise offered to the consumers would be much higher. Greater value would enable the administration to bear down more and would let it to construct gross revenues volume more quickly.


Market potency can be defined as the capacity of the market or the state to perchance go or to turn as a possible demander of goods and services offered by the international house. The computation of the market potency is the most critical measure before come ining into a foreign district. The undermentioned stairss need to be ensured to transport out a successful market possible research:

Preliminary showing for attractive state markets.

Calculation of the present and the future demand in each of the selected markets.

The step of the possible demand for the merchandises and services offered by the international house.

It provides a footing for the rating of the concern viability and helps in gauging the maximal entire gross revenues potency for a foreign market that the house wishes to internationally research. For ciphering the market possible specific information is required ; which are the figure of possible purchasers ( N ) , mean merchandising monetary value ( P ) and the mean one-year ingestion ( Q ) . These variables can be used to calculate a expression which calculates the market potency for a part,

Market possible = N*P*Q

When a house wishes to put up international operations in an unfamiliar market it is of critical importance that the possible market is understood, assessed and the market potency calculated so as to enable the administration to do an informed determination. There are some points that the investment house should maintain in head when researching unfamiliar markets:

Type of concern or clients that would purchase the merchandise or service offered by the organisation.

Location of the possible consumers.

Number of possible consumers.

The nature of autochthonal and foreign competition.

The chance of the future growing of the market.

The portion of the market which the international company would be able to capture.

Sing all the points that are mentioned above it can be concluded that to buttockss and understand unfamiliar markets the house must look into the political, economical, societal and technological facets of the market that it wishes to come in and all of these can be accomplished by computation of the market potency of the interested part.


A market entry scheme can be defined as a method which is planned by the administration to present its merchandises and services to a mark consumer base and the distribution methodological analysis adopted to guarantee their circulation within the market. To develop a market entry scheme a critical and thorough analysis of the possible rivals and possible consumers must be taken into history. Market entry scheme is concerned with doing informed determinations about the graduated table of entry, the timing of the entry and the manner of entry and rating of the possible barriers to market entry. All these constructs are discussed in brief in the undermentioned portion of the study.

Scale of Entry

A really of import issue to be considered when contemplating market entry scheme is the graduated table of entry.

Large scale entry:

When come ining a market on a big scale committedness of important resources ( fundss, manpower etc. ) is required. The big graduated table implies rapid entry and is associated with ensuing strategic committednesss which are long-run and are highly hard to change by reversal.

A big graduated table entry into a market enables the company to capture the first mover advantages which are associated with demand preemption, exchanging costs and economic systems of graduated table.

Small scale entry:

Small graduated table entry would enable a house to larn the assorted kineticss of the foreign market while restricting the company ‘s exposure to possible hazards, such as faced by a rapid and a big graduated table entry. Though the fiscal hazards are limited when come ining a foreign market on a little graduated table, but it besides reduces the ability of the organisation to capture the first movers advantages and gaining control a ample market portion.

Timing of Entry

Another issue to be considered when mapping a successful market entry scheme is the timing of the market entry into the unfamiliar market. When an international concern enters a market before any of its rivals, the advantages which it gets are known as the first mover advantages like the company gets the ability to surpass possible challengers and gaining control the demand by set uping strong trade name name, the ability to make shift costs which tie the consumer to the merchandise, therefore deriving an up on other rivals.

Traveling foremost into an unfamiliar market can besides hold disadvantages such as pioneering costs, which the first mover has to bear that a later entrant can avoid. These are the costs which a house needs to incur to accommodate to the new conditions presented by an unfamiliar market environment. The kineticss of a new market can be so different from the one which the international company is used to that it has to put valuable clip, disbursals and attempt to larn the regulations of the game.

Pioneering costs besides include the cost of set uping a merchandise and the changeless publicity required to educate the consumers.

Another disadvantage is when the ordinances of the host state alteration in a manner that diminishes the value of an early entrant investings relative to a ulterior entrant.

Entry Manners:

When an international house has decided to come in a foreign market, the entry manner which best suits the concern must be considered. There are six different manners by which a company can come in a foreign market viz. , exporting, turnkey undertakings, licensing, franchising, set uping joint ventures or to put up a new entirely owned subordinate in the state. The undermentioned portion of the study would discourse each manner briefly followed by the advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Exporting

Exporting merely means selling goods and services produced in one state for sale in another state, it has many advantages such as turning away of costs related to set uping fabrication procedures in the host state, it besides helps a steadfast achieve experience curve and location economic systems.

Disadvantages include trade barriers, high conveyance costs, and jobs with the local selling agents.

2. Prison guard Undertakings

These are the types of undertakings that are constructed by a developer and are so sold or turned over to a purchaser in a ready to utilize status. The advantage is the ability to gain returns from the procedure engineering accomplishments in states where FDI is restricted. The disadvantage can be the creative activity of an efficient rival.

3. Licensing

This is a concern agreement in which one administration gives another company permission to fabricate its merchandise for an in agreement upon payment. The licensor would allow the right of intangible belongings ( such as patents, procedures, expressions, right of first publications, designs, and hallmarks ) to the licensee for a specified period of clip for which the licensee pays a royalty fee to the licensor. The advantages are low development costs and hazards. Disadvantages include deficiency of control over engineering and an inability to recognize location and experience curve economic systems.

4. Franchising

This is an agreement where one party, known as the franchiser grants the other party the franchisee the right to utilize its hallmark, and provides a footing for the constitution of certain concern systems and procedures, to bring forth, market and administer the merchandises of the franchiser harmonizing to certain specifications.

Low development costs and hazards are the advantages. Lack of control over quality and the inability to prosecute in planetary strategic coordination are the major disadvantages.

5. Joint Ventures

It is a concern understanding in which two or more parties would hold to develop for a finite clip, a new concern entity and new assets by lending equity in a before discussed in agreement mode. The houses would exert control over the new entity and would accordingly portion grosss, disbursals and assets.

The advantages include entree to the local spouse ‘s cognition, there is sharing of development costs and hazards and are politically acceptable. The disadvantages include deficiency of control over engineering and the inability to recognize location and experience economic systems.

6. Wholly owned subordinates

In this the steadfast owns hundred per cent of the stock. Puting up a entirely owned subordinate in the foreign market is usually done in two ways, the first being to put up a new operation in the state known as a green field venture or the 2nd method where the international house acquires an constituted house in the host state and so utilizing the services of the acquired company to advance its goods. A entirely owned subordinate is associated with a high degree of costs and hazards but offers many advantages like the protection of engineering and the house ‘s ability to recognize location and experience economic systems enabling it to prosecute in planetary strategic coordination.


These are the factors that restrict the ability of a new rival to come in and get down concern operations in a new and unfamiliar market. There are six major beginnings of barriers when a house wishes to come in unfamiliar markets ; the followers are discussed in brief:

1. Economies of Scale:

It occurs when the unit cost of a merchandise declines when the production volume additions. When the autochthonal competition has achieved the economic systems of graduated table, it acts as a barrier coercing the new entrant to accept a cost disadvantage or come in the market on a big graduated table which might non be possible for companies with limited fiscal resources. Some other cost advantages which an bing company has over a new entrant are proprietary engineering, authorities subsidies, favorable locations and experience and larning curves.

2. Merchandise Differentiation

This creates a possible barrier to market entry by coercing the new entrants to pass ample sum of clip, attempt and money to distinguish their merchandises from the one being offered by the rival which with clip has earned client truenesss through their advertisement runs and client service attempts.

3. Capital Requirements

The new entrants to come in an unfamiliar market have to put a big sum of fiscal resources to set up a base in the host state which is a possible barrier for companies with limited financess.

4. Switch overing Costss

These are the costs associated when a consumer switches from one provider ‘s merchandise to another ‘s. High shift costs are a possible barrier with the new entrant forced to supply inducements to the consumers to follow their merchandises.

5. Entree to channels of distribution

To get a distribution system for the circulation of their merchandises the new entrants have to supply inducements in the signifier of publicities, monetary value price reductions and concerted advertisement. Such outgos are a barrier cut downing the profitableness of the new entrants.

6. Government policy

Government policies can curtail the entry of an international house into the state by regulative Torahs, therefore turn outing to be a barrier for the new entrant.


Ukrayina is the 2nd largest state in Europe after Russia. It gained independency from the former USSR on the 24th of August 1991. Since so the modern economical, political, societal and technological substructure has been established in Ukraine. It holds much possible for going a new market unfastened to international trade and investing.

The Economy and the Financial Sector

Ukrayina in the recent old ages has shown a steady 6-9 % growing in the national GDP. The industries are turning at a good rate in all the sectors dominated chiefly by building, fabrication and processing, gas and electric, conveyance and the retail. The rate of rising prices is under tight control by the National Bank of Ukraine and the state maintains a stable exchange policy. The strong currency policy and good direction of the external debt-service duties has encouraged the stableness of the national currency.

Banks are the cardinal fiscal mediators in the Ukrainian fiscal sector. The Ukrainian banking system is a two-tier construction comprising of the National Bank of Ukraine and other commercial Bankss of assorted types and signifiers of ownership. The National Bank of Ukraine is the cardinal bank which enforces a unvarying province pecuniary policy to guarantee the national currency stableness. The National Bank of Ukraine has gained a repute as a rigorous hatchet man of the pecuniary policy and sound fiscal patterns. Due to that Ukraine has stable national currency and low rising prices rate.

International and domestic companies are permitted to hold an limitless figure of current bank histories. Ukrainian payment system is really dependable. Ukraine uses the Electronic Payments System ( EPS ) which has shown that it fulfils all the demands for a national system of inter-bank payments and it is considered one of the best in Europe. Foreign companies no longer meet holds in change overing currency and remitting net incomes in foreign currency.

Foreign Policy and Investment

Ukrainian foreign policy is to accomplish a strategic balance between the Russian and the Western theoretical accounts. It has diplomatic dealingss with 170 states and is a member of many international organisations such as UN, IMF, the World Bank, the EBRD and many more and cooperates closely with the OECD. Accession to the EU is a strategic end. To promote foreign companies, Ukraine has been taking important stairss to streamline the legal model, when it comes to the issue of FDI. The authorities has overhauled the statute law construction to fit those of their international opposite numbers. Liberalization of foreign trade has made possible for the Ukrainian companies to prosecute in trade with foreign investors without particular permission from the governments.

Legal Guarantees to Foreign Investors

The followers are the legal warrants offered to international houses come ining the Ukrainian market:

A10 twelvemonth protection period against any alterations to the investing intervention in the jurisprudence at the minute when the investing was made.

Investings can non be expropriated, except in instance of national exigency and with appropriate compensation.

The right to compensation for amendss, ensuing from the negligent Acts of the Apostless or failure to execute its responsibilities by the province organic structures.

The right to repatriate the original investing in the event of expiration of the investing without payment of imposts responsibilities after the 6 month anterior notice.

Vehicles for Foreign Entry

The Ukrainian authorities prescribes the undermentioned methods to come in the market:

Formation of a new concern entity with a Ukrainian spouse or purchase of an involvement in an already bing Ukrainian house.

Establishing a wholly-owned subordinate, subdivision or geting an bing Ukrainian house.

The acquisition of any sort of belongings which is non straight prohibited by the applicable Ukrainian statute law.

Investings that are based on cooperation understanding with a Ukrainian spouse.

Forms of Foreign Investments

The Ukrainian authorities does non enforce any limitations in the mode in which foreign investings can be made into the economic system. Investings are allowed by the undermentioned agencies:

Foreign difficult currency

Ukrainian currency used to re-invest into an bing or a freshly established company.

By the agencies of portions, bonds and other securities or corporate rights.

Intellectual belongings rights evaluated in difficult currency, including right of first publications, hallmarks, brand-names, patents and industrial know-how.

Rights to transport on separate types of concern evaluated in difficult currency.

Taking into history all the above mentioned points, an thought can be formed about the market conditions predominating in Ukraine.


To measure the market informations provided and to do the determinations based on it whether to put in Ukraine or non, it is really indispensable that the internal accomplishments and the cognition base of the company are developed. Internal attempts such as preparation and investment in R & A ; D would escalate interaction among persons and magnify the bing cognition base. The investing of a house in human resources preparation, development of the organizational construction and design of the house, set uping processs within the house that would assist to recover information codify cognition and distribute that within the house and efficaciously recognise and hunt jobs should be considered among the elements that would heighten the cognition base.

Metricum should set up a selling section as it has none ; the section would be a key in spread outing the cognition base of the company.

The selling squad would advance the concern and the mission of the company.

A squad edifice system is required where the sellers could portion resources, stuffs and their experience. The staff has to be kept motivated A by offering them inducements for doing great gross revenues, competitions can be conducted and sharing of some per cent of net incomes with them for making the top in gross revenues. The staff should be provided with resources, necessary tools and preparation.

A The purpose of such a section should be to foreground the house ‘s nucleus competences, closely observe the competition, analyzing of industrial tendencies, puting monetary values and calculating out new ways to advance the house ‘s trade name and concentrate on doing the concern higher-up. The purpose of the squad should be to better the competitory advantage and develop client bases for the merchandise and services provided by the house and assist make up one’s mind what new points would heighten the gross revenues.

The squad should concentrate on public dealingss ; contacts need to be made with print media, wireless and telecasting so as to enable an advertisement run to educate the consumers about the merchandises. Research should be targeted towards client, the of all time altering planetary environment, market conditions and run effectivity.

By scanning the external information that is available from the rivals and following a strategic confederation of cooperation with them, the house ‘s cognition base can be expanded.


In every industry, the rivals confront each other globally in every possible international market. To do net incomes in such a cutthroat environment the house should do a clear and a feasible strategic pick sing its place on the efficiency frontier and take actions at the operational and strategic degree that would back up its concern operations. Therefore, scheme is concerned with identifying and taking actions that will take down the costs of value creative activity and will distinguish the house ‘s merchandises through superior quality, design, service and functionality.

When looking at organizing a planetary scheme for a house it must be kept in head that the scheme should be consistent with the environment in which the house operates and its conformity with the organizational construction. If the scheme is non in conformity with the concern environment the administration ‘s public presentation will be affected.

There are four international concern schemes which are summarized below in the signifier of a tabular array:

Structure and






Vertical distinction


Core competence

Centralized ; rest


Some centralized

Horizontal distinction

Worldwide country


Need for coordination














Need for cultural





( Beginning: Hill. C.W ( 2005 ) , International Business )

Cardinal resources required for constructing a planetary scheme:

Support: a planetary scheme requires significant financess, there are many costs to be considered such as disbursals incurred for selling, concern set-up costs, public dealingss etc.

Quality: systems need to be in topographic point for critical quality control and puting up of processs to guarantee its care.

Time: planetary schemes are built over figure of old ages. The clip skyline should be considered before make up one’s minding on the scheme.

Senior direction committedness and attempt: the Chief executive officer and his squad demand to believe that the benefits of a planetary scheme are greater than the costs. The squad so needs to work to accomplish this.

Invention: this means investing in R & A ; D. Without invention the company would non be able to vie in the planetary competitory environment.

The above treatment outlines the resources required for organizing a planetary scheme. The purpose of any international scheme should be to make value by reassigning valuable accomplishments and merchandises to foreign markets where the autochthonal rivals lack those goods and services.


The purpose of the study is to help Metricum in the reappraisal of the international scheme that it should explicate so as to let entry into the Ukrainian market. The following would sum up the findings of the study and supply recommendations for concern enlargement in Ukraine.

Ukraine has amended its foreign investing Torahs to let foreign investors assorted province warrants, the most critical being the unhindered and immediate repatriation of net incomes at the clip of investing. Over the past few old ages, Ukraine has eliminated most licensing demands, reduced ordinance, liberalized its markets and eliminated major limitations on foreign exchange.

The findings suggest that the Ukrainian market is unfastened to foreign investors and houses in the sector but there are certain barriers to market entry in Ukraine.

Importers face troublesome imposts, licensing, and enfranchisement processs. Local companies are capable to high paysheet revenue enhancements and unjust revenue enhancement aggregation patterns. An developing market for fiscal assets, weak protection of ownership rights and a immense shadow economic system pose obstructions to the efficient usage of capital. Corruptness is a important job throughout the authorities. A deficiency of a comprehensive legal model leads to jobs in guarantying and implementing private belongings rights. Attachment to contractual duties and corporate understandings is another issue coupled with uneffective corporate administration.

Ukrainian authorities is all set to turn to these jobs by cut downing the revenue enhancement load on international concerns and have introduced favorable conditions for investing activities such as grants and merchandise sharing understandings. The concern environment is complex presented with great chances for investors who align their ain demands with that of the Ukrainian market.

Business in Ukraine is largely based on personal relationships. The regulation of jurisprudence is non yet steadfastly established in the economic system, the deepness and quality of cardinal concern relationships are the best protection against loss and the key to a successful market entry.

Choice of a local spouse is likely the most of import determination a company has to do in its market entry scheme. A foreign company get downing concern here has the pick of organizing a limited liability company, a wholly-owned subordinate, a representative office or a joint stock company. A representative office can transport out selling, promotional, and other subsidiary maps.

Looking at the Ukrainian market, the study does non urge franchising as a feasible option for market entry. The study besides does non urge joint venture as a feasible construction for concern development because of the rawness of Ukrainian and Western concern spouses and failings in the Ukrainian legal system more likely to

Licensing a merchandise for local industry, on the other manus, is a really feasible market entry scheme, but one that has non been widely attempted. Ukrainian makers can frequently offer low-priced production plus an already established set of clients and distributers both in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. Intellectual belongings protection is weak, nevertheless, and U.K companies should avoid sharing critical engineerings.

The study recommends the puting up of a entirely owned company in Ukraine if Metricum intends to transport out fabrication procedures.

Rather than seeking to enforce gross revenues policies used in the western economic system a flexible and concerted attack, oriented toward a long-run presence in the market, is much more likely to convey coveted consequences.


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