Strategies And Processes Designed To Identify Information Technology Essay

DSI Samson group is one of the taking companies in being in SriLankan. Its chief merchandise is footwear, but it produces some other gum elastic merchandises every bit good. It was found in 1962 by the late Samson Rajapakse. His purpose was to take his company to the figure one place among all the footwear companies. The company ‘s chief aim was to supply good quality to the clients. The company ‘s powerful rival is Bata, which is the most popular footwear merchandise in Asia, but in SriLankan DSI Samson group has a better market. DSI was able to capitalize the market by its quality and good client service.


Data and information

Datas are natural facts stand foring events such as concern dealing. Information is bunchs of informations that have been processed into meaningful signifier. Data is like natural stuffs which should be processed if them to be utile.

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Beginnings of information can be internal or external, primary or secondary or formal or informal.

Internal information

Histories records are internal and primary information. They give the inside informations of minutess that took topographic point in the old twelvemonth, and which can be used for the hereafter planning.

Records of the people employed in the administration such as how much they are being paid with, their makings and personal inside informations. This information can be used when delegating them the undertakings. This is besides primary information.

Datas from production section such as care of machine and inside informations of fixs. From this information a company can come to a decision whether or non to maintain those machineries.

External information

Tax inside informations and the actions that should be taken against them will be taken from external beginnings.

Business should be cognizant of legal restraints such as wellness and safety issues, environmental statute law and employment jurisprudence. These in formations besides being taken from external beginnings.

Information refering the market in which the concern operates are being collected from the external beginnings and which is important to a concern to carry on its selling successfully.

Purposes of information

Planing – resources, timely graduated tables, likely results

Controling – public presentation, stock, resources

Recording dealing – for grounds, legal intents, future operations

Performance measuring – single and overall, comparing, budget, profitableness

Decision doing – truth, relevancy, timelines



StrategiesA and procedures designed to place, A gaining control, construction, A value, A purchase, andA shareA anA organisation ‘s intellectualA to heighten itsA performanceA and fight. It is based on twoA critical activities: ( 1 ) gaining control andA documentationA ofA individualA expressed andA tacit cognition, and ( 2 ) itsA disseminationA within the organisation.

Knowledge direction is an of import portion of an organisation in order to carry on its concern successfully. This plays a immense function in deriving competitory advantage. Knowledge managing will be helpful in a invariably altering universe.

Tacit cognition

The inexplicit cognition used by organisational members to execute their work and to do sense of their universes. This can non be articulated.

Tacit cognition is difficult to verbalise because it is expressed through action-based accomplishments and can non be reduced to regulations and formulas.

Explicit cognition

Knowledge that has been codified officially utilizing a system of symbols, and can hence be easy communicated or diffused.

Explicit cognition may be object-based or rule-based.

Cultural cognition

Cultural cognition is that the shared premises and beliefs about an organisation ‘s ends, capablenesss, clients, and rivals.

These beliefs are used to delegate value and significance to new information.


Communication is an exchange of feelings, thoughts and information. These can be exchanged by talking, composing, signals or behaviours. When people sharing feelings, information and thoughts, they non merely utilize speech production and authorship, but they besides use gestural communicating. Communication is an indispensable facet for a concern to be successful. Many concerns suffer to last because of hapless communicating.

Poor communicating can be attributable for low morale, confusions, misgiving, lower productiveness and absenteeism. Communication will be effectual when the receiving system understands that right. The medium which carries the message is communication channel and which should be handled decently to pass on efficaciously.

The engineering development has made the communicating much easier and efficient. Latest mediums such as e-mail, Fax, voice mail and text message have made the communicating more efficient. Nowadays in many organisations there is a common web which can be accessed by all the employees. This made a immense difference in communicating as it enables the employees to acquire all the information from their computing machine. In order to maintain all the employees up to day of the month, organisations have to carry on meetings and acquire feedbacks from them.

Information ‘s impact on selling

Information plays a immense function in carry oning the selling activities successfully. By roll uping information, an organisation can come to cognize about the market, clients ‘ demands, and rivals. This will assist them to derive competitory advantages. The information sing the market is being collected from external beginnings such as concern magazines, company web site and intelligence paper. This will non merely do the administration understand the present state of affairs of the market, alternatively it helps them to understand the hereafter potencies, by this the administrations can set themselves and convey the alterations to their activities harmonizing to the information.

Most significantly, the information that is collected about the rivals has a great impact on the success of the concern. If a company get the information about its rival, it can be after the actions to be taken to defy the rival.

At the same clip information helps the administrations to increase its gross revenues through doing an consciousness of the merchandise or services that are produced by the administration among the populace. At this clip the information is conveyed from the administration alternatively being acquired by the administration. In order to convey the messages and the information to the consumers, administrations use several Medias such as Television, Radio and Internet.

Communication ‘s impact on selling

Communication is of import to an administration in many ways, particularly in selling. When an effectual and efficient communicating exists in an administration, the direction of the administration will have messages and information, and acquire the feedbacks easy. This will assist them to capitalize on the market by conveying up new selling schemes. Front line employees are the people who straight deal with clients, so that they are the people who would be good cognizant of clients ‘ demands and desires. The messages and information sing this should make the strategic direction in order to do determinations. This would be impossible unless the administration has effectual communicating.

What function Information, Communication and knowledge drama in deriving competitory advantage for a concern?

Information gathered by DSI Samson Group

DSI Samson Group is an administration with tonss of selling schemes. They handle the information in an effectual manner to capitalize the market. The primary information is collected by the administration, through carry oning interviews, experiments and observations.

The secondary information is collected from one-year studies, authorities records, broachers and manuals. They carry their determination devisings harmonizing to the information that is collected from these beginnings.

They gain competitory advantages by comparing them with their rivals, by utilizing the information released by the beginnings such as magazines, broachers and one-year studies. They collect the information refering authorities restraints such as revenue enhancements from authorities records. The information that is collected from the authorities records helps to understand the demographic factors, and this will be a great strength to the administration when it does the cleavage for selling. DSI Samson Group chiefly mark at the childs, so that they need to cognize in which country they can spread out their concern. These all information is collected from external beginnings.

Communication at DSI Samson group

Communication is an of import tool to an administration to acquire all the employees involved in the determination devising procedure, and it is really of import to carry on selling in an effectual manner. They conduct meetings, carry studies and acquire feedbacks to do certain everyone ‘s part is in the determination devising procedure. In order to do the communicating within the administration easier, they have created a net work within the administration and made that easy to entree. All the staff in the administration can entree it and portion all the thoughts and sentiments with others.

The external communicating plays a immense function in deriving competitory advantages. If an administration to be success in a certain market, it should pass on with clients, providers and rivals. DSI Samson group has so many providers all around the state, as a gum elastic merchandises company it has been keeping good relationship with gum elastic mills. These relationships exist because of the effectual communicating. This is an advantage to them which increases companies dickering power.

To pass on with the clients, the company has formed a client service section which ever keeps the clients in touch by pass oning over the phone calls. They give the response to any call from clients in no clip and the feedbacks besides being received by the same section.

Wayss of pass oning

Board meetings


Meetings with providers



Communication tools used by DSI Samson group

Electronic mail

Tele phone

Sms ( Text messaging )

Company web site

Leaflets & A ; broachers

Annual study


Knowledge is besides an of import facet that plays a critical function in deriving competitory advantages. A company can merely win in the selling when it has a good cognition about the market, merchandise and rivals. DSI Samson group has employees who have a good cognition about the merchandise. As a gum elastic merchandise company, they give the precedence to the people who live near by the gum elastic estates in the enlisting procedure. The people who live in gum elastic estates have got really good cognition about gum elastic merchandises and rubber natural stuffs.

DSI Samson group provide developing to their employees to increase the cognition in the market and merchandise. They use the cognition to introduce and better. Their concern is more about the comfortable of their clients, so that they keep introducing by utilizing cognition. This uninterrupted invention additions them the competitory advantages.

What directors are making to better determination devising by utilizing information and cognition internally and externally to better determination devising and pickings?

Information, cognition and communicating play a critical function in the determination devising of an administration. DSI Samson group is a taking company which utilises information, communicating and cognition in an effectual manner to better their determination devising.

They collect the information from both internal and external beginnings to better their determination devising. This information is used to do determinations in selling, production and Human resources sections. They collect the information about the market, rivals and clients, and they make determinations in their selling.

They get the sentiments and advices from their stakeholders by go throughing information to them. This besides brings some advantages in determination devising. In this both information and communicating play an of import function.

Directors in DSI Samson group are really acute to acquire the feedbacks from employees in all the managerial degrees. They hold meetings frequently to discourse on cardinal issues and roll up all the information sing concern public presentation and future planning.

The company enroll new employees and allow them undergo a preparation plan to better their cognition. This is really of import for an administration to better cognition in order to do good determinations. Whenever they plan to convey a alteration in the concern, they make the employees understand the intent of alterations and give them clip to see about that and give their ain sentiment. This scheme of DSI Samson group directors helps them to better on their determination devising to a great extent.

What are the schemes to increase personal networking to widen Employees ‘ Engagement in the decision-making procedure?


Personal networking is that a group of persons interacting with each other. This can be either formal or informal. The web with friends and household are informal webs and, whereas the webs built within the administrations are formal webs.

Personal networking plays a critical function in internal communicating of a concern. Personal networking enables all the stakeholders of the concern to be in touch with the administration and be updated. If the personal networking is effectual, the engagement of the employees in determination devising will increase. In order to increase the engagement of employees in determination devising, it should be easy to entree all the information sing the concern. To do that easy and accessible, administrations should utilize the latest engineerings and make a web within the administration which should be accessible to all employees.

Features of personal networking

Interaction with the people inside the administration and outside the administration

Exchanging of information, information and managing paper work.

Pull offing activities such as planning, commanding and determination devising.

Human resources activities such as motivation, preparation, and pull offing struggles.

Effective networking

Efficaciously communicate

Keep gait with developments and tendencies in their Fieldss

Be prepared and willing to portion information

Keep in touch with others

Raising friendly relationships and relationships

Listen carefully and demo involvement in what others are stating

Exhibit curiosity- ask inquiries

Continue to learn- it is a life-long procedure

Stay visible- attend industry and community maps

( Lecture notes MCIK )

Advantages of personal networking

Personal webs can steer the ego determined individual as they solve jobs and back up them when of import determinations are made.

Peoples from the personal web aid learn new accomplishments as ends are achieved.

The ego determined individual learns to be after and organize their lives with the aid of these of import people.

Members from the personal web provide more and more chances for the ego determined single to do determinations and larn new accomplishments on their ain.

Personal networking helps placing people in occupations that you can speak to and do questions of. Find out more about types of jobs/sectors/career histories.

You can derive farther experience and develop contacts- everyone you meet is a possible contact and beginning of farther contacts.

Talk to people of the administration in assorted professions and roles- even 1s that do non involvement you.

Schemes to increase personal networking

Pick a Profitable Business Networking Event or Group

Talking to other professionals in your industry will help you with happening the most moneymaking concern networking groups for your intents, such as conferences, trade shows, associations and talkers. Additionally, think of where your possible clients will pass the most clip from a concern position, locate those events or organisations, and go a member. For case, a author may desire to fall in their local place based concern association to acquire leads from local startups in demand of copywriting stuffs, or a existent estate adviser may desire to reexamine franchise groups.

Quality Means More than Quantity for Business Networking

The largest events may non turn out the most profitable and sometimes the most intimate of assemblages garner leads like no other concern networking event. Try to avoid groups where the focal point is simply on garnering concern cards, but instead the creative activity of new concern relationships. If you do happen yourself at a concern networking assemblage where measure is valued over quality, attempt and curtail your interactions to merely three to five new contacts so that you can truly acquire to cognize them, and their demands better.

Business Networking is All about First Impressions

There are few things every bit of import as your organic structure linguistic communication when you foremost run into person new, and concern networking chances are no exclusion. Make you cognize what sort of first feeling you make? Think about your handshaking, smiling ( or any other facial looks for that affair ) , oculus contact, address forms and vesture picks. Do they exudate assurance? Are you accessible?

Focus intently on the other individual when meeting for the first clip. Can you articulate their name? What is their oculus coloring material? Is at that place anything about them that you can link to them that will help you subsequently in retrieving who they are and what sort of concern they run? As an illustration: a adult male with SLATE eyes called Mike runs a Dating concern. Joan in BLUE runs a Swimming pool care company.

Perfect Your Business Networking Blurb Beforehand

Can you depict yourself and your concern in 30 seconds or less in a memorable manner that encompasses the bulk of what you do? If non, work on your introductory patter until you do. This one-liner is indispensable to your net incomes down the route, and it needs to flux off your lingua effortlessly and incite inquiries. For case, “ My name is Bonny and I help little concern proprietors increase their net incomes, ” ( copywriter ) or “ My name is Isabelle and I assist new parents in the first few hebdomads ‘ of their kid ‘s life ” ( labor coach ) .

This one-liner is n’t rather adequate nevertheless ; you ‘ll besides hold to hold memorized a short and information-filled reply to the inevitable inquiries that ensue. Try to include the sorts of consequences your clients will or hold seen after utilizing your merchandise or service. For illustration, a labor coach could state, “ Every parent gets tired those first few hebdomads after birth ; I make certain everyone is comfy, healthy and happy by replying inquiries, supplying aid and medical aid where needed, and maintaining the place tidy and presentable for visitants. ”

Follow Up After All Business Networking Events

For about one hr after your concern networking meeting, take the clip to handwrite a thank you card to each individual you met and interacted with for more than a surface conversation. Make certain to include your concern card and any pertinent information relevant to your contact. Besides advise them that you ‘ll do contact in the following hebdomad or two to run into for an informal tiffin or meeting to further discourse any outstanding points. Then, direct out the cards every bit shortly as possible and do a note in your contriver to give them a call in a hebdomad or two to follow up.

On the follow up call, do it clear that you ‘d wish to speak further in a insouciant scene – without any reference of gross revenues or net incomes. This is to acquire to cognize your concern networking contact better, see what their demands are, and if you ‘d be able to assist them in any manner achieve their ends utilizing your merchandise or service. The focal point should be on relationship edifice and nil else, where possible. By making this you ‘ll engraft you and your concern into several different organisations, with the purpose of doing contact when either of you need the others ‘ merchandises or services.

Develop a communicating procedure to better the determination devising and organizational cognition for your chosen administration.

Communication procedure

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( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Collect all information and information, and convey up the thoughts against the gathered information and information by utilizing cognition.

Convey the thoughts into a meaningful signifier that can be understood by all and direct them to the stakeholders of the administration by utilizing communicating tools.

Get all the feedbacks from all the interest holders and see about the alterations that should be brought up by utilizing cognition.

What function Knowledge Management plays in pull offing administration strategically?

Knowledge plays a critical function in all facets of direction and it is of import to the public presentation of the concern. Particularly, knowledge pays its influence on planning, gauging, determination devising and selling. Information and informations need to be processed into meaningful signifier to be understood, cognition is really of import for this.

In order to implement the schemes against the information and informations those are collected by the administration, cognition should be applied. Knowledge direction plays an of import function in pass oning and networking ( taking communicating tools, prioritizing the contacts ) . Knowledge direction influences the HRM as the directors have to take the right individual to the right undertaking.

Areas in which cognition direction influences


Decision devising


Managing employees ( HRM )

Communicating and networking



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