Strategy Of Thuong Dinh Footwear Company In Vietnam Marketing Essay

August 23, 2017 Marketing

II. Background

Vietnam had taken stairss to incorporate into the universe economic system. Besides the development of universe economic system, Vietnam economic system has been turning quickly and it has created violent competition among companies. Constructing up a good selling scheme in concern is a really of import mission for a company in developing and staying its place on the market. Nowadays, in a enormously competitory market, a company wants to last and develop, it should cognize how to take full advantages of chances every bit good as its available capablenesss and resources in order to accomplish the aims. Through a good selling scheme, a company will show a better public presentation. The company can better its competitory advantages and travel on the right path of making attractive chances on the market over its rivals. Besides that, selling scheme besides help the company research and happen out what clients need and what they want in order to fulfill their demands. Marketing scheme is considered as the key of making company ‘s success.

The function of selling is non every bit new as earlier. Most of people every bit good as the companies know how of import it is. Therefore, understanding how to develop a good selling scheme and how to use it in running a concern efficaciously is a affair that a batch of companies need to concern about.

THUONG DINH Footwear Company was established 1975, specialized in bring forthing Canvas places, Sport places and assorted sandals. After about 50 old ages of operation, THUONG DINH Footwear trade name has been able to confirm its good place in the market. Its merchandises occupy 20 % to 25 % of the domestic market portion and distributed by one subdivision in Ho Chi Minh City, three sweeping agents in the North, cardinal portion and South of Vietnam and 45 salesrooms and retail stores in many metropoliss and states nationally.

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Besides staying and developing domestic market, THUONG DINH Footwear ‘s besides spread outing concern to international market by exporting its merchandises to Malaysia, China, Singapore, and some of European and America states.

The Footwear of THUONG DINH trade name has ever been voted among Top Ten merchandises about quality and monetary value, or merchandises most beloved by clients. The company has besides received plentiful awards for good monetary value and quality.

THUONG DINH Footwear Company is one of taking companies in developing selling scheme in Vietnam. I would wish to do a research on marketing system of this company to clear up the of import function of marketing scheme toward a company in Vietnam. Furthermore, this research besides points out the positive and negative sides of THUONG DINH Footwear Company in developing and using selling system in concern. Some solutions will be recommended for the restrictive sides of the company in order to hone its selling schemes in the hereafter.

III. Research Objectives

To analyze how a company plans its selling schemes

To understand how of import to a company when be aftering its selling schemes.

To detect how a company in Vietnam develop its schemes

IV. Research Methods

This undertaking will run through the reappraisals of literatures and articles on THUONG DINH Footwear Company in order to develop research hypotheses. So, literature reappraisals, articles and instance surveies about marketing scheme of this company will be collected and analysed.

On the other side, a study will be set based on questionnaires that should be sent to clients. This study is expected to convey back the clients ‘ feedbacks about THUONG DINH Footwear Company ‘s services and merchandises. The feedbacks of clients will be the cardinal to analyze the positive and negative public presentation of the company through its selling scheme.

The study besides will happen out how the company approach its clients and present the image of merchandises to them.

For illustration, some of questionnaires for clients like:

1. Make you frequently choose THUONG DINH ‘s merchandises as your usual pick of purchasing a brace of places or sandals?

2. What are the chief factors that can do u decide to purchase THUONG DINH ‘s merchandises?

3. What do you believe about the merchandises and services of THUONG DINH Footwear Company?

4. Does the monetary value and quality of merchandises satisfy your demands?

5. How frequently do you have publicity from THUONG DINH Footwear Company?

6. Would you urge THUONG DINH ‘s merchandises to your household and friends?

Based on these questionnaires, a chart will be created to do more clear apprehension every bit good as comparison the differences of the thoughts from clients.

Furthermore, in fact I ‘m besides a regular client of THUONG DINH Footwear, so I have created the observation on the company. Through a batch of times I come to THUONG DINH every bit good as my cognition about Vietnamese market, I believe I will hold full advantages when researching and analyzing the selling scheme of THUONG DINH Footwear Company and achieve the aims that I have given for this research.

Harmonizing to the actions above, all the necessary information and stuffs should be gathered. Then, informations analysis will be carried out under the statistical trial by utilizing SPSS package.

V. Timescale



15th January 2010

Complete and submit Project Proposal

15th Jan to 14th Apr 2010

Literature reappraisal

15th Apr to 14th May 2010

Research design

15th May to 14th Jun 2010

Data aggregation

15th Jun to 14th Jul

Datas analysis

15th Jul to 30th Jul

Complete 1st bill of exchange -report

1st Aug to 15th Aug

Finalise the final-draft, complete study

VI. Mentions

1. Hoskisson, R. ( 2007 ) . Business Strategy Theory and Cases, South-Western, a portion of Cengage Learning.

2. Marken, G.A ( Andy ) , ( 2003 ) . Marketing Schemes, Tactics, and Technique, a enchiridion for practicians.

3. THUONG DINH Footwear Company, website place page:

hypertext transfer protocol: // do=intro

I had a expression at your proposal and these are my remarks:

1. You need to foster develop your research methodological analysis: You mentioned ‘charts ‘ – you need to explicate as to what make you intend by this ; what informations are you traveling to roll up and how are you traveling to analyse them?

2. You need to hold mentions within your proposal – it is non plenty to hold them merely at the terminal of your proposal.

3. Your sentence construction and English must be improved.

Vietnam had taken stairss to incorporate into the universe economic system


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