December 14, 2016 Teaching

Discuss the strengths you have that will enable you to become a successful teacher. Show how each strength will help you .

Some of the strengths that will enable me to become a successful teacher will involve understanding, motivation, a good senses of humor, patience, professionalism, organization, consistency, and caring for the students.

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First, having a good sense of humor is one of those traits that will help me become more comfortable working with students. The ability to think as a student will be very helpful in teaching. I believe that one of the greatest gifts I as a human have is the ability to laugh at myself. I think that most problems can be avoided through humor. If I have a good sense of humor I will be able to teach my students to laugh at any situation that happen in life inside of taking things so seriously. .

Another very important strength that is within me is organization. Organization is an essential asset that will help me become a successful teacher. This is an important qualification by knowing before hand what is going to be done is essential and useful skill. I will have a lesson plan made for one subject. I will try to list my objectives, material’s list, opening statement, and practice procedures. For example, in my objective I will try to teach the students a certain subject. I will also list my materials” list – things that are going to be used during my lesson plan. My opening statement will let the students know they will learn about the subject. Also, I will try to check for understanding. After introducing a new idea I will make sure that all the students understand the lesson before going on. Then, I will introduce the first assignment for the day. I will teach and explain the assignment step by step so students do not get confused.

Also another strength that will enable me to become a good teacher is the care for others. I will teach my students to respect all living things.


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