Strength of Hong Thai Travel Essay

October 2, 2017 Media

Strengths means that the features of the concern or squad that give it an advantage over others in the industry and the internal capablenesss that may assist a company make its aims

Hong Thai Travel has been a celebrated travel service agent for 45 old ages up to now with the maximal figure of subdivisions throughout Hong Kong. The major purpose of this company is supplying high quality and professional services to clients.

By and large. there are different merchandises provided by the company. A assortment of merchandises is to turn to a assortment of different demands. Hong Thai Travel offers high quality advanced Tourss to clients which make them believe that it is able to make anything for you. For illustration. there is a particular offer called “Your Own Tours ( YO2 ) ” . supplying people with the chance to be after their ain personalized circuit harmonizing to their demands and budgets. This can assist increasing customers’ satisfaction. Therefore. many people would wish to fall in the Tourss of Hong Thai Travel to bask their vacation. That’s why Hong Thai Travel becomes a well-known trade name in Hong Kong now and even in the hereafter.

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In add-on. Hong Thai Travel is given different sorts of awards. such as “Maximum Numberss of participants in Hong Kong” for 10 back-to-back old ages in harmonizing to Nielsen Media Index Hong Kong Report 2001-2010. “The Best Brand Enterprise Award” awarded by Hong Kong Productivity Council. which these are the quality confidence in client service.

Furthermore. there are different sorts of advertizements used by Hong Thai Travel. By Television advertisement. newspapers. magazines and so on to advance its concern every bit good as construct up its trade name consciousness and image. which allow more people to cognize the latest publicities and intelligence of the company and therefore pull different people to fall in their merchandises.

The higher the monetary value of a merchandise. the better the quality is. As the tours monetary value is sometimes higher than its rivals. Hong Thai Travel provides higher quality Tourss with better services such as higher quality lodgings. preferred travel path. and better repasts. Peoples so can bask more comfy vacations.

Hong Thai Travel besides focuses on uninterrupted service betterments and wages more attending to the challenges being presented by other rivals or alterations of market. For case. Hong Thai organized a recruitment twenty-four hours to pull great campaigners. to present bright endowments to the company. Besides. Hong Thai Travel provides assorted staff preparation plans to fit their staff with accomplishments and resources necessary to efficaciously supply the best services to clients.


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