Structure and Strategy For Profit and Non Profit


Cancer Research UK is a non-profit organisation formed in the United Kingdom on February 4, 2002 in cooperation with The Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund ( ICRF ) .

Cancer Research UK ‘s primary intent is to set mortality down caused by malignant neoplastic disease through extended scientific discipline research. Cancer Research besides provides information on malignant neoplastic disease and organizes undertakings and activities to supply consciousness for the general populace in contending the combat against malignant neoplastic disease.

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The charity grew in a period of clip and in the following 20 old ages became one of the universe ‘s figure one malignant neoplastic disease research charities. Until the amalgamation, it made broad scope of parts to every country of malignant neoplastic disease research. It has established their research labs at Lincoln ‘s Inn Fields and after known as the Cancer Research UK.

In line with their strong finding in cut downing figure of malignant neoplastic disease patients every bit good as salvaging cherished lives, the organisation has committed to do their research scheme strong in the following five old ages through concentrating exhaustively on research, provide and expression for the proper environment where research is to be conducted and in conclusion, put in topographic point the right people who will make the undertaking in supplying first-class research.

Cancer Research UK Organizational Structure

Chief Executive

Executive Board

Scientific Executive Board

( CEO/Exec. Directors/Chief Scientists & A ; Clinicians )



Cancer Research UK is the universe ‘s prima charity dedicated to crushing malignant neoplastic disease through research. Its primary purpose is to salvage 1000000s of lives by detecting new ways to forestall, name and handle malignant neoplastic disease. For them to function the intent, they set 3 wide countries of work which are research, information and act uponing public policy. However, research is the primary focal point and best funded by the populace and through the generousness and committedness of protagonists with a strong finding to crush different sorts of malignant neoplastic disease.

The Executive Board which manages the organisation sets out the short term and long term scheme which covers everything from scientific research and fundraising to resources. They do proposals in puting the one-year budget to fund undertakings so submits it to the Council of Trustees for blessing.

Since research is the the chief focal point, the flow of work fundamentally trades with the Scientific Executive Board ( SEB ) which develops and implements the organisation ‘s scientific scheme and policy. Although they are non considered as a support commission, they closely interact with the Council Research Strategy Committee. They have the power to keep budget and have a strong influence in make up one’s minding whether a certain enterprise will be funded or non. Normally, their determinations are still reviewed by their ain support commissions. If it truly concerns a large and strategic undertaking profiting non merely malignant neoplastic disease victims but the populace every bit good, a good budget will be allocated and approved so that all irreverent work will acquire started and done.

Majority of their Support Committees are responsible to SEB in reexamining, measuring and funding each undertaking being undertaken by the charity. Among Cancer Research UK ‘s Support Committees are the following together with their corresponding functions:

The Biological Sciences Committee ( BSC ) – responsible for the research programmes and undertakings which concentrates chiefly on the basic apprehension of cancer.A

The Clinical Tests Awards and Advisory Committee ( CTAAC ) – reappraisal and financess malignant neoplastic disease clinical tests which includes feasibleness surveies for proving, clinical tests in footings of therapy and other sample aggregations.

The Translational and Clinical Research Committee – responsible for the research programmes and undertakings which concerns clinical and translational researches

The Discovery Committee ( DC ) – focused on developing research for the benefit of malignant neoplastic disease patients. .A

The Population Research Committee ( PRC ) – responsible for research programmes and undertakings grants in population science.A

The organisation is besides governed by the Council of Trustees which besides consists of the Board of Directors.. This organic structure supports and gives advise to the Chief Executive who is besides portion and leader of the Top Management Team in accomplishing the Charity ‘s vision and intent.

Last, the organisation is governed by its Members ( appointed by CRU ) and are similar to the stockholders of the company with the entitlement to go to all general meetings and carry through their most important responsibility of electing the Trustees. Each member possess high degree accomplishments, experience and professional backgrounds in their ain personal Fieldss ( concern, humanistic disciplines, political relations, finance and health care ) but work every bit supportive persons with a common end of accomplishing the Charity ‘s purposes and aims and non merely working merely to fulfill and stand for their peculiar Fieldss. If necessary, they must measure and dispute the premises from which scientific advise was formulated and ask accounts of scientific footings and constructs that are non clear to them to profit all the people concerned.

Key Stakeholders

Cancer research UK is charity organisation and its non profitable organisation and considered as the best charity in full universe in contending malignant neoplastic disease through research. Among the organisation ‘s stakeholders are the undermentioned:

Chief Executive:

They spend their clip, money and their scheme on all degree of research. They take all duty to set up their short and long term scheme to pull off everything like budget, scheme of research, implement on medical specialty. They take all information from the executive board and if they need money they send their petition to legal guardians for budgets.

Executive Board:

They do their occupation to better the organisation ‘s scheme and policy. They meet every month to turn their scheme and work out their jobs.

Scientific Executive:

Their function is most of import in this research because they give necessary advise to the executive board and they besides explain which scheme is successful for their work and they besides give the support to work out issues but job is that they meet merely one clip in a twelvemonth so because of this they have to be really careful because it ‘s a inquiry of people ‘s life. If they do little misidentify during their research, it is really unsafe for their organisation ‘s repute. They are considered the most influential organic structure in doing strategic determinations specially refering research surveies.


They give fiscal support to the organisation. They arrange the way of organisation. They maintain the stock of organisation. They besides play a large function when it comes to strategic fiscal determinations


Member is a chief portion of organisation because they have good cognition, accomplishments and experience from all Fieldss like wellness attention, concern every bit good as finance. They take personally involvement to convey the organisation in first figure.

Mission, Vision, Value, Objective & A ; Goal


They save people ‘s lives.They guarantee that to make medical specialty for tomorrow to handle the malignant neoplastic disease.

Cancer is spread outing more in last many old ages and because of this they have been at Centre of the procedure.

They give malignant neoplastic disease related all information to people.

They want to set the malignant neoplastic disease at the top degree of wellness docket because malignant neoplastic disease is non common diseases, many people is acquiring victim of malignant neoplastic disease since many old ages.


We will contend together to malignant neoplastic disease.

They want to concentrate on research.

They support good environment for research.

To give the work to the right people for research.


Their work is help to alter the manner of malignant neoplastic disease, which is found today.

Many of charities are registed. They drive by the charity committee ; along with they work with other charities and Government.

The most of import thing is in charity is Fund. Peoples give fund in different manner like on some juncture ( birthday, anniversary and marrying ) .They have more than 500 charity stores in the UK so people can purchase or donate the goods.

They have proud of their accomplishment because they are making implement on research, they want to assist that people who are enduring from malignant neoplastic disease.

They work in spouses with others to acquire the biggest influence in the universe to contend with malignant neoplastic disease.

Many people work together to assure that they create the right manner to utilize this fund whatever they receive and they want to convey to malignant neoplastic disease research UK in top degree of research in the universe.


Cancer research UK has established set of ends to acquire their success over following old ages to crush against malignant neoplastic disease.

Survival ratio for all common malignant neoplastic disease will derive.

Most of the people will acquire the information whatever they want for malignant neoplastic disease.

Cancer will be collapsed successfully.

They will hold all information to understand the impact of the malignant neoplastic disease in the organic structure.

They will hold more powerful research scheme and which degree of research they should use the scheme to command the malignant neoplastic disease.


To destruct the malignant neoplastic disease at the get downing degree it ‘s a really hard but they already accepted and they will complete their responsibility.

They want to inform the people, they find out their apprehension of malignant neoplastic disease and how to crush different type of malignant neoplastic disease.

They want to assist people to understand the procedure of malignant neoplastic disease, why and how it starts? And what they should make? And what they should non make?

Analysis of Current Strategic Plans

At present, Cancer Research UK is committed to develop and make a more comprehensive medical research activity still to back up their ultimate mission and vision. They are seting the right people in making these researches every bit good as giving them the proper and high engineering preparation. Re-arranging and doing farther betterments in their strategic programs on all foreparts like scientific, clinical are clearly stated in their programs at present and will be farther carried out in the hereafter. In making this, they will fall in other states ‘ scientists, research workers and physicians so they can acquire more indepth information in contending malignant neoplastic disease.

While they are to the full funded and supported by certain commissions plus the generousness of other people, the use of high engineering which is still in pattern will farther be improved by apportioning extra funds/budget. This manner, studies/research plants will be to the full supported and researches will be aided consequently.

Singularity of Non-Profit in Strategic Planning

Cancer Research UK is a non-profit organisation. They tend to concentrate more on affairs of board development, fund-raising and unpaid direction as comparison to net incomes. For net incomes tend to concentrate more on activities to maximise net income. Following ways of income for this non net income organisation.

i‚· High Value Relationships

Keeping a healthy relationship with its coporate spouses and good as the persons they are working for.


There are plenty stores and on-line shopping whose income goes to the malignant neoplastic disease research.

Local Fund-raising Groups.

There are many groups who work voluntary for fundraising.


Forming and keeping fund-raising activities.

Awareness for the Public

Concentrating on the demands of each person and giving solutions to their demands and wants


They have a strategy of recycling that is recycle your books, playthings, jewellries, etc. to raise financess for kids and immature people with malignant neoplastic disease.

Online contribution

Linkss with different most popular web sites for contribution

Everyday ways to assist

They have a scope of Everyday Ways which enable people to assist kids with malignant neoplastic disease every twenty-four hours, and at no excess cost to you.

Mention: ( )


History Of Coca Cola


The merchandise all started in 1886 when John Pemberton ( druggist ) cooked up a sirup and with the assistance of his helper used a carbonated H2O tried and tested it themselves by adding iced H2O. What they planned of bring forthing a medicative drink turned out to be a tonic/fizzy drink. Although they besides experienced losingss in the earlier portion and did n’t go an instant success, they did n’t stopped developing it that when consumers eventually accepted its gustatory sensation, the merchandise, Coca-Cola became the popular drink and consumed around the universe.

At present, it is the figure one maker and distributer of non-alcoholic drinks and markets the merchandise really good. Not merely do they produced bottled softdrinks but canned drinks every bit good. They are really successful in production utilizing dressed ores and sirups that about approximately 400 trade names are now in place in the market non to advert other merchandise lines such as athleticss drinks, tea and java. For more than 100 old ages, The Coca-Cola Company established its image in the planetary web runing in more than 200 states supplying satisfaction in every consumer ‘s oral cavity, which is the organisation ‘s chief thought.

It has two runing groups such as the Bottling Group and the Corporate Group and each are designed to transport out specific tasks/resonsibilities and operation goes down to the regional divisions. The chief purpose of the company is to increase gross revenues and net incomes and give satisfaction and value to clients by supplying high quality service and production of the best possible trade names.

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to keep a strong trade name name and trade name image globally and there ‘s no halting them from making it while they still strive difficult to mount even more high.

Coca-Cola Organizational Structure

Corporate Degree

Board of Directors



Division Directors

( Heads of each Regional Divisions )





Latin America

North America

Functional Level

The Coca-Cola Company is a large organisation who ‘s chief focal point is client satisfaction specially with the altering demands of its clients. It covers broad parts and each part has different ordinances, different consumer demands and different jobs to cover with. They realized that bulk of the company ‘s jobs are based geographically and this led them to force towards decentalisation in the 1890ss. The organisation has two operating groups called Bottling Investments and Corporate. There are besides runing groups divided by different parts such as: Africa, Eurasia, European Union, Latin America, North America, and Pacific. Each of these divisions is once more divided into geographic parts. With this divisions broken down, it allowed determinations to be made on a more local degree so that they can react fast to the of all time altering behavior of the market. and higher-level direction can concentrate more on long-run planning. However, for the company to explicate and concentrate on one planetary message, its selling and invention maps remained centrally located and farther tailored at the local degree.

Within the Coca-Cola Company most determinations are made at the top hierarchy and an illustration of this was when it decided to patronize the World Cup in 2002. However, all the advertisement determinations were left to the local divisions since they know really good how the market behaves specially custom-making each run stuffs that would appeal to the local market.

The company ‘s divisions such as finance, human resources, invention, selling and scheme and planning are centrally located within the Corporate division of the company. Some of these maps take topographic point at lower degrees in each of the parts of the company.

In 2004, when the company faced an highly low growing rate, they began utilizing a more complex integration mechanism wherein top directors created a solution through face-to-face meetings held on a regular basis at the local degrees so employees could stay informed. Besides the usage of squads and meetings, the intranet was overhauled to supply a beginning of real-time sharing of up-to-date information rapidly with each map of the company. With this move, employees feel more engaged and turnover has been reduced, it led to increased growing rates for the organisation every bit good as positive return on equity for shareholders at 20 per centum.

The Coca-Cola Company ‘s construction is a loanblend of both mechanistic and organic theoretical accounts. Mechanistic in the sense that the company maintains a high criterion organisation and organic wherein studies and interviews used by the company allowed information to flux from the bottom-up while the intranet allows for information to be exchanged laterally. It was a large aid for the company in prosecuting simplification and standardisation.

The Coca-Cola Company is driven by some regulations of corporate administration.

Elected by the portion proprietors, The Board ‘s function is to supervise the company ‘s long-run involvement and overall success of the concern every bit good as its fiscal strength. They give ultimate determinations of the Company but they do n’t touch more on affairs refering stockholders scope. They review and make certain take the best members of its top direction who in bend are responsible for carry oning the concern of the Company.

The CEO obtains information from other divisions through Presidents of each regional operating group every bit good as high executives like the Chief Marketing Officers, Commercial Officers and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer.

The Coca-Cola Company ‘s business-level scheme is considered as distinction. This is so because they have been successful prosecuting their focal point on how the company and its merchandises will be marketed strongly and remain competitory in the market. The Coca-Cola Company is known for advanced selling that invariably promotes their trade name names and at the same clip protect their spheres from rivals. It is tactical in construction because it supports and responds to the company ‘s strategic program on how the company will work good and remain on top of competition. The divisional directors ( caputs of each regional divisions ) , concern directors decides on how the company and its merchandises will turn and gain more net incomes through proper research and selling.

The selling section is the most powerful sub-unit in the organisation because it can pull clients who are the critical scarce resource. The heavy accent on selling will assist the company in happening ways to go more efficient in production

or distribution.

The lower degrees for each division are responsible for the daily activities of the organisation and they closely coordinate with their several seniors/team leaders in organizing and describing the effectivity and feasibleness of some operational determinations made. They are given the opportunity to propose and voice out if there are more effectual ways in implementing developed programs because they are the 1s involved straight in transporting it out. This manner they feel of import and engaged in their work every bit good as the organisation. Everyone is given a opportunity to be heard and it shows that even on this degree, sentiments and suggestions are being taken up to the higher degree which makes the flow of work within the organisation smooth and easy.

Key Stakeholders

The Coca Cola Company has many internal and external stakeholders. The undermentioned are its chief internal stakeholders:

Stockholders – they are the chief investors of the company who ‘s chief concern is to gain net income. They have the power to choose members of the board. However, The Board of Directors has influence in doing strategic determinations because they are responsible in supervising the company ‘s long-run involvement and overall success of the concern.

Associates – they work closely with the stakeholders as spouses but non influential in doing strategic determinations.

Employees – people working within the company with dedication and with a common end of carry throughing its purposes and aims to assist direction in doing the concern grow and remain in competition.

The Senior/Upper Management squad handles a hard undertaking of runing the concern in the right path devising certain all the gross revenues aims will be met and work done good following a systematic manner. They besides have the power to do strategic determinations specially that the company operates regionally with different regional behavior.

Aside from its internal forces, the followers are considered its external stakeholders:

Bottling spouses – they are in close partnership with the organisation for they provide the distribution, packaging and proper handling of merchandises.

Government – they are concerned with environmental wellness and the revenue enhancements they will enforce on the company

Suppliers – in close partnership with the organisation who supplies the stuffs they need but are besides concerned of doing the most money out of their merchandises

Consumers/Customers – they are the terminal users and the chief ground why the company exists. They possess different market behaviours all over the Earth which is the ground why Coca- Cola Company ne’er stops in developing market research and custom-make advertisement to fulfill their demands and wants.

Mission, Vision, Value, Objective & A ; Goal

Mission, Vision & A ; Values specify that what they are, what they sought to accomplish and how they want to acquire and they provide their clear direction for their company and they all are working together for the same end & A ; nonsubjective. Coca Cola is a more profitable company in the universe.


Coca Cola is making a strong feeling in the market. It announces that their purpose as a company to supply a standard trade name. Coca Cola wants:

To bring forth a merchandise which the client demands.

To give something new to universe for today and tomorrow.

They want to promote their hereafter success by constructing a strong trade name that has length of service.

To make value for investors but besides make a difference in the universe


They have established their ends, which they will work with their distribution channel for acquiring their mission.

Net income: Maximizing return to stockholder while carry throughing all duties.

Peoples: To make great topographic point to work where people are encouraged to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: Giving to the universe a portfolio of biggest drink trade name that satisfies people ‘s demands.

Spouses: Fostering a winning web of spouses and constructing common trueness.

Planet: To be a responsible in all over the universe.

Productiveness: Very advanced and fast direction in merchandise line.


To be a leader, they want to be flexible for their provider, purchasers and staff.

They are advanced in their merchandise procedure.

They put their entire focal point on their direction because they want a quality of being morally good.

They want to be foremost to the market in reacting to the altering demands of their consumers.

They want to join forces with their consumers everlastingly.


They want to spread out their planetary concern by making their consumer and they want to cognize who will bask their merchandise.

They want to stand out as a concern in the countries of wellness consciousness. Environmental protection, community engagement and workplace criterions.

To derive profitable portion of the market in the full universe.

They believe in edifice long term net incomes.


To be a first idea of client ‘s satisfaction.

Ad is the chief beginning of increasing client demands. Celebrities such as histrions, actresses and cricketers are playing a most of import function in monolithic advertisement runs.

Analysis of Current Strategic Plans

In line with the company ‘s ultimate mission and vision, Coca-Cola is still carry throughing it ‘s promise of presenting client satisfaction a cogent evidence that up to now they maintain a strong trade name name globally and still promises to be on top of competition even with the strong presence of rivals. They still exert attempt in developing market research and advertisement to analyze each and every consumer ‘s behavior every bit good as continuously introducing and distinguishing their merchandises to be alone and appealing to the general populace.

They maintain good concern relationships with their stakeholders, flexible with their consumers apportioning more financess for invention, engineering and fast distribution.

Coca-Cola is a really profitable company even from the yesteryear and are still committed to gain more net income at present and in the hereafter.

Regional divisions are implementing their undertakings in a more customized manner still following the organisation ‘s chief mission and aim in fulfilling clients demands and wants.

Singularity of Net income in Strategic Planning

The Coca Cola of the planning activities is frequently different to non-profits. The Coca Cola tend to concentrate more on activities to maximise net income.

The thing through which they determine budget, that is net income. They fulfill this precedence by different strategic planning as mentioned below.


Some major ways are as follows.

How to derive consumer ‘s involvement?

They increase the volume of gross revenues by intensive advertisement and establishing different merchandise spirits like Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Oasis, Lilt, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, etc.

How to pull people in taking portion with their activities/festival?

They offer different attractive things in their festical and through this, Coca-Coal gained high net income and ingestion increased during these occasions.

Among their activities are the undermentioned:

Coca-Cola Games

Coca-Cola signed a sponsorship understanding with participants. Coca-Cola recognizing the fact that games are really short manner to supply their trade name to consumers like Indian cricket squad who did contract with them. Having contract with squads besides created an image that Coca Cola can be a bracing drink and non merely an ordinary day-to-day drink.

Coca-Cola Concerts

Many famous persons signed contract with them as sole merchandise subscribers with the likes of Amir Khan and Aishwarya Rai.

Coca-Cola & A ; Nokia

Promotional type wherein people will hold a opportunity to win Coca-Cola branded cellular telephones ( Nokia 3310 ) , which made their gross revenues go high every bit good as their net income.

Analysis of Strategic Business Planning Model ( Coca-Cola vs. Cancer Research UK )

At present, both organisations are really much engaged in developing their ain Research works with a common end of functioning and fulfilling each 1s market. They might merely differ in such a manner that Coca-Cola ‘s research deals more of their merchandises which are consumable while Cancer Research UK is more inclined in scientific and clinical surveies to battle a deathly disease.

Both are concerned on the environment ‘s wellness and safety which is really much of import to end-users every bit good as malignant neoplastic disease patients or even the general populace.

Both can be considered as implementing invention and distinction in their ain Fieldss in such a manner that both are utilizing high engineering to better their merchandises ( Coca-Cola ) to be alone to rivals and research inventions ( CRU ) to find and delve more deeply in acquiring informations and information on how to crush malignant neoplastic disease.



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