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November 29, 2017 Music

James Reese Europe and Will Marion Cook were leaders of the most popular “Syncopated” music groups of the day. TRUE Mary Lou Williams was the most important female Violinist in the century. FALSE Count Basis is credited with inventing a piano accompaniment style, the name is derived from the words “accompanying” and “Complementing” known as Coming One of many mutes used by brass players to change the sound of their instrument is known as Plunger Mute In 1938, promoter John Hammond put together a concert at Carnegie Hall, which featured 3 boogie woozier piano masters Made Lug Lewis, Peter Johnson, and Albert

Ammo’s. TRUE Coleman Hawkins played what instrument? Saxophone When 2 or more musicians play the same notes together it is called a “unison” TRUE Some of the best known Kansas City musicians played in what early KC group? Benny Motto Notes which, when played together, cause tension, sometimes because they sound like they are different keys at the same time are known as Dissonant. TRUE Lester Young gave Billy Holiday the nickname Lady Day What year did drummer Joe Jones and Saxophone Lester Young Joined the Count Basis Band. 1938 Boogie Woozier pianists often played in Bars, Saloons, Brothels, and noon-tons.

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TRUE Recordings by the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra of arrangements by Don Redeem and Fletcher Henderson are some of the earliest examples of the use of “Swing Feel” in early Big Bands. Who was the first great bass soloist in Elongation’s band? Jimmy Blanton Bassist Walter Page led a group known as the Blue Devils Voicing means the way the notes of the chord are stacked by the piano player. TRUE A musical term describing how an arranger might write different notes to accompany a melody, choosing notes which fit the harmony of the song.

Harmonize A number of reveling groups from Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denver, and other mid- western states were known as “Territory Bands” TRUE Bobby Mille, Rexes Stewart, Cootie Williams, and Clark Terry were Trumpet players in Elongation’s band. During the change of the styles from Early Jazz to Big Band or Early Swing style, saxophones became less prominent. FALSE Louis Armstrong Joined Fletcher Henderson group in the late ass’s as a featured soloist. TRUE A technique which is the same as a shout chorus, with everyone playing together, but playing very softly is known as “Whisper

Chorus” TRUE “Rhapsody in Blue” was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald FALSE Cootie Williams played the trumpet. TRUE Certain sounds Elongating wrote were ONLY playable by the individual performer it was written for TRUE Duke Elongating was said to have gotten his nickname “Duke” because of his impeccable manners and good taste” TRUE Four of the most important musicians in the Moment Band, and later the Count Basis band were Count Basis on piano, Joe Jones on drums, Walter Page on Bass, and Freddie Green on Guitar. A famous soloist with the Elongating Band was Johnny Hodges and he played the

Trombone. FALSE Walter Page is known for the “Walking” bass style of playing quarter notes, one note on each beat. TRUE Lester Young was given the nickname Pres by Billy Holiday. Art Tatum’s harmonic mastery inspired what movement in the ass’s? Bebop What was “Duke” Elongation’s first name? Edward Early Big Bands of the ass’s became the model for the Swing Era bands of the ass’s and the ass’s TRUE The Cotton Club in Harlem was Elongation’s most disappointing periods in his music career. FALSE “Shout Choruses” are an arranging technique associated with the Fletcher Henderson Group.

TRUE During the ass’s, popular dance bands played what was called “Syncopated music” TRUE The Fletcher Henderson group began to move toward a more arranged sound, which featured this arranging technique Sectional Writing Bill “Count” Basis was born in Ohio in 1904. FALSE Duke Elongating led one of the longest running Jazz groups from 1923-1974 TRUE Fletcher Henderson led a society band in what city? New York Doublers are musicians who play more than one instrument TRUE Pianist Art Datum is known for his ability to take a standard Jazz tune and turn it into an adventure of reiterative.

TRUE Who was dubbed “King of Jazz” in the ass’s Era, even though he is probably not considered a “Jazz” musician today? Paul Whitman Duke Elongation’s first band featured 6 or more horn players and they were called The Washington’s One of the “Jungle sounds” used in Duke Elongation’s arrangements for the Cotton Club shows were made by brass players who would hum or vocalizes while playing a note. This was known as Growl The shout chorus is usually a High Point in a Big Band composition. Lester Young is considered one of the most significant tenor saxophone lost of the ass’s.

TRUE A technique used by wind instrumentalists that causes the tuning of a note to slightly become “sharp” and then slightly “flat” in a regular rhythm is called vertigo. FALSE The change from New Orleans style Jazz to big band style Jazz had several characteristics. One development is that musicians became more technically proficient and good reads, as reading music became a requirement. TRUE In the early big band era, those musicians known as the “Hot Jazz” players moved Jazz improvisation forward as an art form. TRUE


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