Study Material for Class X Compulsory English Elti Bikaner, Rajasthan

June 28, 2018 English Language

They should encourage the pupils to read it properly, making their best efforts and then going to questions given below the passage. (2) The students should be made familiar with the wh . words and their proper answering ways. (3)The students should be taught the proper way of locating answer of question in the passage with help of the indications of wh. word and the other words used in the question.

They should be taught writing the answer of a question as: Q. what +h. v. + subject + action? A.. Subject + verb + action + relating clause from the passage. Q. where +h. v. + subject +live/stay? A.. sub+ verb + relating clause from the passage. Q. why + h. v. + sub+ m. v. + other words? A.. sub+ verb + other words+ because +relating clause from the passage. Q. how+ h. v. + sub+ m. v. + other words? A.. sub+ verb + other words+ by+ relating clause from the passage. Q who + verb+ other words? A. relating noun/ pronoun from the passage + verb+ other words. Q when + h. v. + sub+ m. v.? A..sub+ verb + time showing clause from the passage Similarly some other patterns can be taken to clear the way of answering the questions. (5) Sufficient one word for groups of words and antonyms should be learnt by the students so that they will be able to answer this kind of questions from the passage. English Language Teaching institute, IASE, Bikaner (Rajasthan) India Prepared by: Narendra Agarwal, PGT, Academic Support: RG Sharma, Chief Resource Person, ELTI, IASE, Bikaner – [email protected] com 2 Writing Informal or formal letter in Q . 3 (1) There will be asked both type of the letters.

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