Study On The Book O Jerusalem History Essay

The book ‘O Jerusalem ‘ is a thorough literary gem which has focused on the ‘historical ‘ alteration that took topographic point on a land claimed by the three major faiths ‘ followings to be their belongings. The writers have significantly contributed toward the constitution of the complete scenario of how the map of the universe changed and what triggered that alteration. The deficiency of teamwork among the Arab Muslim World and the absence of being proactive are the two facets of this book which are helpful in understanding the true kernel of ‘change ‘ .

The book begins instantly after the divider determination of Palestine was announced. Observing their success, the Jews flooded the roads, countries and streets of Palestine. However, the Judaic leaders were cognizant of the alteration taking topographic point and the result of the alteration in the short-run period and hence instantly began be aftering for war. Ehud Avriel, the individual responsible for the bend of events was sent to Prague to purchase weaponries and ammo in the name of Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the Jews who ne’er had the resources built an ground forces and an air force from abrasion. The Judaic airy leaders, like David Ben-Gurion, knew that, due to military defects, the struggle could merely be won through intelligence and oblique warfare as it had been antecedently through support and backup of international confederations.

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The success of ‘change ‘ ever happens by being proactive. The writers have discussed the deficiency of proactive behaviour among the Arabs at some points in clip. Change does non take topographic point successfully until there are people who are willing to accommodate with the hereafter and are unfastened to ‘change ‘ . The writers farther describe ; as the celebrated day of the month of May 15 drew closer to the event of divider, the two peoples persistently continued fixing for war. However, the Judaic intelligence learned that, although the authorization was decided to run out on May 15, the British were be aftering to go forth one twenty-four hours earlier on May the 14th. Prepared for the early going, the Haganah, the Judaic militant party, mobilized rapidly and managed to capture many British edifices before the Arabs even realized that the British had left. Not privy to this intelligence, the Arab ground forcess activated on May 15. The Judaic fatherland of Israel was declared on May 14, 1948. After the termination of the authorization, war befell the part. The Arab ground forcess underestimated the Haganah ‘s strength and were non prepared for a strong enemy. On June 11, 1948 a UN sanctioned armistice began. By cease-fire understanding, neither ground forces was allowed to rearm itself, but the Haganah was able to purchase weaponries through the black market. The Arab ground forcess, nevertheless, were non. The writers suggest that being prepared is the most of import facet of ‘change ‘ .

The immediate intent or the short term end of the British monarchy was to win for the Allied cause in World War I the support of Jews and others in the combatant states and impersonal states ( such as the U.S. ) In long-range footings, the motivation behind British and, policy as set Forth in the missive rested on the immediate importance of Palestine as a strategic point on the land and sea paths to India and above wholly, as the end point at the Mediterranean Sea of grapevines from the rich oil-bearing parts of the Middle East. Just like the impression, ‘All wars have a business/ pecuniary ground behind them ‘ , this one was no different. The constitution of a Zionist province under British protection would hold given Great Britain ownership of the desired award, while at the same clip seemingly implementing the Allied motto of “ self-government of little states ” . The long-range British program met with success. In 1922 the declaration was embodied in the League of Nations authorization for Palestine, which set Forth footings under which Great Britain was entrusted with the impermanent disposal of the state on behalf of its Jewish and Arab dwellers.

The writers have accomplished few of import constituents needed to convey a sustainable alteration ; one of those of import factors is to non perplex a state of affairs more than it should be. The most of import factor toward the failure to ‘change ‘ by Palestinian arabs mentioned is the failure to make a alliance guided strongly and sufficiently by all the Arab states. The following most of import challenge toward ‘change ‘ has been the underestimate of the power by the Arabs toward the vision of the individual who became the premier curate of Israel subsequently, Ben Gurion. The vision of Ben was well-communicated and the Arabs besides permitted the Jews to do all the alterations necessary whether structural or cultural and they did non do adequate attempt for short term wins, which is why the ‘change ‘ took topographic point against them and the Israelis won. The alteration that took topographic point in a state on a national and international degree has been really good painted by the writers after ample research.

A Nation becomes a Puppet:

The writers have described the use and victimization of a state by associating it to the failure of being cognizant of the existent facts and figures and blindly believing in the words of another powerful entity that has its ain docket. The book describes ; Palestine was being held as a pawn for some other state ‘s aspirations of territorial/ concern enlargement that is the Germans seeking to penalize the British for seting big districts of their huge colonial imperium out of Germany ‘s range for export of their high quality goods by imposing heavy imposts responsibility on their exports which made them much more dearly-won compared to the similar material exported by Britain to their settlements with barest lower limit usage responsibilities being levied. The Germans fought that war most valorously and that excessively with lone Austria siding with them. However the axis managed to bring down such heavy losingss and drove the Allied forces to merely outside Paris and their following assault would coerce them to put down their weaponries and accept licking in the war. The writers have made their point clear while adverting that the crafty unscrupulous Jews, on the abetment of every bit oblique state, the British, got the Jews in Germany who were stamping most of the trade brotherhoods, to acquire the labour working in the ammo mills to travel on work stoppage. Net consequence was that although the ground forces was poised to establish an assault that would hold annihilated most of the Allied Forces in the field but they found at the dent of the minute that they did non hold the ammo to establish that assault and therefore lost the war. The writers, at this point, explain the importance of integrity and teamwork to pull strings an external alteration to self involvements, by adverting that how hapless Palestinians were played over by the carelessness of the Arab states, who were supposed to be a squad against the enemy of their land. The writers imply that Palestine was non owned by the British. The Arab population and Jews lived on most amicable footings.

Making ‘Change ‘ Happen:

In 1922 the British authorization to regulate Palestine became official. For about two decennaries the British by and large supported the Judaic cause, in which Ben-Gurion remained active. In 1921 he became the general secretary of the Histadrut, a alliance of Judaic workers that was in consequence a Judaic province within a province. In 1930 he formed the Mapai, the Zionist labour party and by 1935 he was president of the executive commission of the Judaic Agency for Palestine, official superintendent of the Jews in the Holy Land. In 1939 Great Britain made a major alteration in policy ; Judaic in-migration was to be badly limited. A decennary of Zionist warfare began. Throughout World War II, Ben-Gurion continued his ain conflict. The writers have specifically mentioned Ben-Gurion with much involvement with the belief that this adult male was the politically active agent who continued toward his cause with continuity, committedness and dedication to the aim. Finally, his dour finding won out ; the democracy of Israel was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 with Ben-Gurion as premier curate. He welded the disparate belowground forces into an ground forces that defeated the invading Arabs. He had extreme leading accomplishments by which he would take everyone under his influence and he earned trust of the Judaic people, who made him their premier curate. The British authorities as usual did non populate up to its exalted promises. In Arab eyes, the Balfour Declaration had been an act of pure imperialism, mortgaging by Britain of the hereafter of a land to which she had no rightful claim, without any attempt to confer with the wants or the desires of the Arabs who had constituted 92 per cent of Palestine ‘s population when the declaration was issued. The writers have clearly made a noticeable differentiation between the Arabs who believed the British without being even somewhat proactive to the ‘change ‘ taking topographic point and Ben-Gurion who was persistently engaged in his airy activities.

Lack of Awareness to Change:

For the Arabs, the Palestinian struggle was the branch of an epoch purportedly laid to rest in World War II, an epoch whose surpluss now had to be righted ; that epoch was that period in which the colonial powers of Europe felt free to dispose of the fates of the nonwhite people of the Afro-asian universe.

The writers of this book, while explicating ‘change ‘ , have clearly mentioned the universe renowned fact of the British ability of selling the most unheard of thoughts such as holding Muslims putting to death Muslims and holding the same blood battle with the same one, the clear reference is of the fact that, the British fomented an Arab rebellion against Germany ‘s Turkish Alliess. Great Britain pledged her support to Arab claims to a huge independent province in return for an Arab rebellion against Ottoman Turkey. The pledge was contained in an exchange of eight letters between Britain ‘s Resident in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon and the dominant religious leader of the Arab universe, the Sharif of Mecca. Remarkable for A the diplomatic impreciseness of their A linguistic communication, A McMahon ‘s letters failed A to advert the word Palestine, but their tone left the Arabs persuaded that it was included in the country promised them for their province. In 1916 spurred by T. E. Lawrence they launched their rebellion. The book shows the reader, how deficiency of positive attitude and committedness to teamwork consequences in the biggest of wars and the worst of terminal diseases for an organisation or a state.

As the Arabs fought the Turks, Britain on the other manus was engaged in secret dialogues with France and was in the procedure ofA well thining the promises her Resident in Egypt had made to the Arabs if Ottoman Empire was to be dismembered after World War I, the Gallic insisted on their portion of the spoils. A secret pact known as Sykes- Picot was signed without the Arabs ‘ cognition of it. Feeling betrayed by the British and the Gallic, their claim to A Palestine thwarted by the Balfour Declaration, the Arabs went through a ill-mannered waking up in the wake of World War I. As was possibly inevitable, the focal point of their rage became the Zionist return to a land the Arabs felt had been promised to them. The sheer deficiency of consciousness to ‘change ‘ and good sighted facts led to the division for Arabs.

The writers have taken a spiritual mention and point of position at one point when they mention the spiritual historical event by adverting that theA Jews entirely were ne’er the exclusive residents of Palestine. In any instance to claim it as their Home Land is rather pathetic. The writers mention that the Arabs even today justify their statements by stating that Prophet Moses brought them out from Egypt in a marvelous manner. When he arrived at the bank of the Red sea and he struck the Egyptian side bank of the Red sea, with his walking lodge the sea H2O split go forthing a steadfast way for him & A ; his followings to walk over to the Arabian side Pharaoh Ramses II was in hot chase of Prophet Moses & A ; his followings besides stepped on that way before him, but when the last individual in the prophesier ‘s party stepped on to steadfast land, the Waterss of the sea joined up, submerging the Pharaoh and his ground forces. It took Prophet Moses merely a twenty-four hours but it took the Jews Forty Years to happen their professed place in Palestine. Everybody believes Jerusalem to be a holy topographic point & A ; hence no 1 has of all time hindered them in traveling at that place for pilgrim’s journey. This construct provided by the writers in this book can be explained in a one-liner that the Arabs have been claimed to hold said, harmonizing to the writers, when they talked to an Arab while research of the book, he reportedly said, “ Us Muslims set out for pilgrim’s journey to Mecca & A ; Medina because our Prophet ‘s mausoleum being in Medina & A ; Mecca has been claimed by our prophesier as house of God. But we do non claim to see it our right to travel and forcibly get down populating at that place ” . Mentioning such events in the book has given it a ‘human ‘ touch, nevertheless ; it somehow lacks professionalism, but the writers have been successful in intermixing ‘change ‘ and recent events together in the book. The writers farther mentioned in explicating the events that led to ‘change ‘ by detailing that the British were kept busy in Palestine in keeping peace between the Jews and Arabs for two old ages after the war had ended, but the state of affairs was deteriorating twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Britain had to therefore manus over the job to the UN, located at Flushing Meadows, New York.

None of the states recommending Partition of Palestine as a solution was as severely pressurized as the United States by the most influential Jewish community in the universe. America ‘s jurisprudence shapers had let split a inundation tide of requests for unrestricted in-migration of displaced Jews into Palestine, therefore foisting a one-fourth million migrators on 1.2 million Arabs and merely accepting 4,767 refugees into U.S.A.

By direct order of the White House, the United States had every signifier of force per unit area available on those states opposed to divider or hesitant in its support. President Truman had warned the United States delegate to the United Nations, Herschel Johnson to “ curse good present the divider ballot or there will be hell to pay ” . His advisor Bernard Baruch had shocked France ‘s United Nations delegate Alexander Parody with a blunt menace to cut United States assistance if France opposed divider. Despite these attempts, protagonists of divider were faced with the chance of licking on the twenty-four hours originally set for the General Assembly to vote-Wednesday 26 November 1947. A two-thirds bulk was required to go through the declaration ; the Judaic leading felt that they fall short by 4 ballots. They felt that they had to procrastinate in order to wheedle those four vote states, viz. Greece, Haiti, Liberia and Philippines were subjected to a flood of diplomatic force per unit area and threats if they voted against divider. The Britain, crafty as of all time, abstained in the vote, feigning to rinse its custodies of Palestine at the most important minute to greatest advantage of the Jews.

Jamal Hussaini, the representative of Palestine ‘s Arabs waited impatiently for the vote to get down. A few proceedingss earlier in the delegates gallery he had reiterated his menace that if General Assembly voted divider, the Arabs of Palestine supported by the Arab provinces would travel to war against its determination every bit shortly as the British left.

The Palestine Broadcasting system received and broadcast at midnight that breakdown of Palestine had been decided by a ballot of 33 in favour, thirteen against out of which ten were abstinences. This intelligence was received with great joy giving blowhole to great exultation in all Judaic quarters. In the Arab quarters of Jerusalem, reverberations of Judaic exultant calls ran like a toxin through the abandoned streets.

Both parties were cognizant of the mayhem all this was traveling to do and they tried to fix as they could, Arabs seeking to avail little weaponries clandestinely from European states such as Poland Czechoslovakia which had entree to caches of arms abandoned by the Allies every bit good as the Axis forces which the local population had collected and hidden off on the decision of the Great War. The most of import ‘change ‘ factor mentioned in the narrative line is the component of surprise. ‘Surprise ‘ as told by the writers is ever a failure toward the entity being affected by it. Change lone favours those who are ready for it and are able to pull off it harmonizing to their involvements.

Lack of Teamwork and Spirit:

The writers critically analyze in a disbelieving tone the concluding events by depicting the manner Judaic people got Parliament organized in the shortest clip, naming it Knesset and Government in place in 1948, Whereas, the Arabs could non acquire their leading set due to miss of Unity. The seven member states of the Arab alliance represented 45 million people spread over 3 million square stat mis, an entity 30 times more thickly settled and 20 times larger than Palestine, had five regular ground forcess at their disposal in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, yet they managed to make nil due to miss of integrity and absence of teamwork. At the concluding phases of the book, the writers portray the in-born nature of Americans and the British historically to date_ being Proactive, by explicating that the Muslim states around the universe wasted clip in their old wont of braggart talk. At the terminal, the book describes that had the Arabs acted in clip they could hold pushed all the Jews into the sea and the Americans would non hold gone about being such a threat to the universe. They behaved in the most atrocious mode with the Shah of Iran and so got Iraq involved into a war with Iran. Then incited Iraq to assume Kuwait and therefore gave drift to ‘Desert Storm ‘ and happening plentifulness of high class crude oil at that place, found an alibi to ‘Colonize ‘ that autonomous state.A

This book suggests that if a individual is willing to accommodate to the alteration taking topographic point around him, he will surely be able to acquire his point of position or sentiment and determination across successfully, but if otherwise, he shall merely be a marionette with his strings in person else ‘s custodies, and hence will ne’er be successful in life. ‘Change ‘ is the most indispensable component of success and is indispensable to life ; therefore it must be obtained and adhered to or brought by if aims are to be met.


To reason, this book is a really thorough attempt toward explicating ‘change ‘ and all its elaboratenesss. The reader does acquire somewhat bored at some points when the history is stretched excessively far, but that is besides a good facet of the book because in these 717 pages, everything is wholly elaborate.

Conceptually, the Arab states ne’er were ‘proactive ‘ and surely lacked ‘planning ‘ , the two necessary agents of ‘change ‘ . They could non see every bit far as the British proverb. The autumn of the Ottoman Empire was caused by the exact same attitude, when Ottoman regulation declined in Turkey, the last province where Caliphate was kept alive. The states around the Earth knew the failing of the Arab alliance which favored them in utilizing ‘change ‘ to their involvements. The size, finance and power of all the Arab states individually was above the finest of what the British or the Jews had, but even when they all combined they could non defy the alteration that was coming from the West, due to the deficiency of Leadership and the sheer deficiency of Teamwork, the two most of import factors to boom ‘change ‘ . Not merely alteration but alteration for good. To this day of the month, Arabs are being used by the West for the rich resources they possess, and the deficiency of integrity and squad spirit among them has ne’er let them boom in a true economic manner, as compared to Europe, which has made a European Union and all the states in that continent whether little or big, have been booming economically, socially and every bit.

I feel that this book is one of the gems of literature, and it should be read by people from all walks of life, because ‘change ‘ is inevitable, and the traits necessary for conveying or utilizing any alteration are mentioned in the book with all their pros and cons with a present real-life illustration.



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