Study On The Spanish Conquest History Essay

During the 1500-1700 the way of planetary history alterations dramatically due to Western Europe. Merchants and other colonial powers connected the continents in ways ne’er before realized devising this the morning of a new period of planetary interchange. The Americas were transformed culturally and demographically due to the influences Europeans. The Aztecs on the other manus conquered and ruled over Central Mexico and their civilization was rich and they had a affluent life. The Spanish and Aztecs had different point of views from each other. They had spiritual differences, technological and of the conquering.

When the Europeans arrived, they were honored as invitees by the Mexicas. Upon the reaching, Spaniards were astonished by the promotion of their metropoliss. “ Gazing on such fantastic sightsaˆ¦there were great metropoliss, and in the lake of all time so many more, and the lake itself was crowded with canoes, and in the causeway were many Bridgess and intervals, and in forepart of stood the great City of Mexico. ” ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 133 ) . The indigens were besides startled by the Spaniards. “ Their war cogwheel was all in ironaˆ¦ And they wrapped their organic structures all over ; merely their faces could be seen, really white. Their faces were the colour of limestone and their hair yellow-reddish. ” ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 97 ) The indigens offered them gold, gifts, nutrient, and even adult females. The Mexicas viewed them as greedy. The Mexicas offered them gold and this made them hungry for more. This conquest itself had a positive consequence. The Spaniards and the Aztecs were able to merchandise with each other. They exchanged goods such as harvests, faith, thoughts, domesticated animate beings, and even diseases. The Europeans viewed the Mexicas as barbaric ; the Mexicas disfigured their faces and pierced their full organic structure with decorations. Disease was one major factor that influenced the autumn of the Mexica Empire. The Spaniards spread variola, which wiped out, half the population in the part because the indigens in the part lacked unsusceptibility to the diseases brought by the Europeans. These few factors helped Spaniards conquer Tenochtitlan.

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The swayer Montezuma and his people viewed the Europeans particularly Hernando Cortes as a God ( Quetzalcoatl ) . Religion was a major constituent in their lives. They had different Gods and goddesses who dealt with different countries of their lives. For illustration they had a God for agribusiness, God of war ( Huichilobos ) , Sun God, their chief frequenter divinity ( Huitzilopochtli ) etc. When the Europeans first arrived they viewed their heathen faith as immoralities. The Europeans despised the immense statues of their Gods in the temples. Human forfeits were major portion of their faith. Aztecs made captured victims of war as their slaves and these slaves would subsequently be sacrificed alive and they sacrificed victims for calming. The Spanish could non digest such inhuman treatments. “ And many Black Marias of Indians that they had burned in fuming their graven images and everything was so clogged with blood, and at that place was so much of it, that I cursed all if itaˆ¦ ” ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 151 ) Along with bondage and forfeits they practiced cannibalism. For Aztecs faith explained the unaccountable. Their Astronomic cognition led to really extremely accurate calendars, and higher apprehension of mathematics. “ Extensive pantheon was honored through the annually spiritual calendar by complex ritual and ceremonial activities of banqueting, fasting, dancing, repentance, and forfeit. ” ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 9 ) On the other manus the Spaniards practiced Catholicism. The Spaniards believed in the three and in the fact of “ One true God ” . They besides gave high mention to the Virgin Mary and other saints. The Europeans believed that it was their responsibility to distribute Christianity to these autochthonal civilisations and when they tried to change over the Aztecs, Montezuma kindly refused. “ I have understood your words and argumentsaˆ¦ here throughout all clip we have worshipped our ain Gods, and thought they were good, as no uncertainty yours are, so make non problem to talk to us anymore about them at nowadays. ” ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 139 ) .

The Aztecs were known for building of the metropolis called Tenochtitlan, a metropolis physique on an island in the center of a lake in Central Mexico. The metropolis was dominated by spiritual constructions like the great rock pyramids and statues of Gods and goddesses. They had permanent and safer life constructions. The metropolis was constructed with edifice and great memorials and they had booming markets. “ At the great market topographic point, called Tlalteloco, we were astonished at the figure of people and the measure of merchandiseaˆ¦ ” ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 147 ) They were based on an agricultural society. They built irrigation works that increased production and therefore supported a really big population. The civilisation depended on cultivated nutrients such as beans, maize, murphies etc, but they had few domesticated animate beings ( llamas and Canis familiariss ) . Warfare was another of import facet of Aztec society. Their metropolis Tenochtitlan was to a great extent defended metropolis and they excelled as great warriors. The Aztecs were one of the most powerful Indian groups at the clip of Spanish reaching. Spanish at the clip was extremely structured. The Spaniards were extremely advanced than of the Mexicas. The Spanish had a greater advantage when compared to the Aztecs. They had Equus caballuss, blades, pieces, explosives, armour, and cannons and on the other manus Aztecs had two handed blades and pointers. The indigens were intimidated by their arms. “ It particularly made him conk when he heard how the guns went off at [ the Spaniards ‘ ] bid, sounding like boom, doing people really to faint, barricading the earsaˆ¦..he grew concerned and disturbed. “ ( Stuart B. Schwartz, Victors and Vanquished, 97 ) . The Mexicas were greatly afraid of the Equus caballuss and arms they possessed.

In decision, the Spanish conquering of Tenochtitlan changed the point of view of one another ‘s civilization. Besides from negative consequence the conquerings besides had a figure of positive results for illustration thoughts, workss, animate beings etc. Within twosome of old ages, Spain conquers most of the new universe, with the aid of native Alliess, better arms, transcribers, and diseases.



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