Studying Robert Frost And Tc Boyle English Literature Essay

Every narrative that is written has a specific significance, but it can be interpreted otherwise from individual to individual. When reading literature, it is normal for the one reading to pay close attending to the secret plan and the manner that the characters develop that secret plan. The scene plays a major function and is besides a cardinal component to any narrative. Whether it is completely fiction or a narrative that has been experienced by the storyteller, it is being shared all over the universe through authorship. In Robert Frost ‘s, “ Acquainted with the Night ” , the symbolism, such as the dark and the metropolis streets ; sets the phase for the scene. It plays out the writer ‘s feelings and emotions. In “ Greasy Lake ” by T.C. Boyle, symbolism and nonliteral linguistic communication such as the ocular diction of the H2O in the lake being murky, the broken bottles on the land and the empty beer tins, exposes one to the scene. Painting a image for the audience to assist them understand the milieus can lucubrate the narratives significance. Every narrative has a scene, but what many do non cognize, is the consequence that it has within the character develop of world in our society. A puting depends on its characters because it shapes them and characters frequently end up in scenes compatible to their ain personalities.

The narrative “ Acquainted with the Night ” is filled with unhappiness and depression. Frost references the dark, the metropolis and the visible radiations to clear up the solitariness that is being felt from within. The description of the dark portrayed in the verse form makes it come across as creepy. If the imaginativeness comes into drama while reading this narrative, one can about visualize the scene in inquiry. Frost spent most of his grownup life in London, England, so this verse form could stand for a clip when he walked down a metropolis street in England. The streets of London are known to be soiled, filled with rubbish and clay. Bing the one to hold, “ Walked down the saddest metropolis lane ” ( Frost 818 ) , could be in mention to the environment around him. Is he already depressed in his head or is the puting around doing these feelings of unhappiness and depression come alive? Upon walking down that street, the storyteller comes across a “ watcher ” . “ The word ‘watchman ‘ relies on the sense of sight, which is the sense that composes the individuals ‘ milieus ; the dark, the furthest metropolis visible radiation, the saddest metropolis lane and the eyes ” ( Murray ) . So Frost can obviously see the mayhem and the devastation on the streets around and it would put heavy on his psyche. “ The metropolis and the societal order portrayed in ‘Acquainted with the Night ‘ seem designed to torment a adult male. The supporter hears the voice of one individual and sees another – the dark watcher, whose responsibility compels him to be on the street at dark – but these glances of humanity merely reenforce his ain disaffection ” ( Bolton ) . This portrays Frost as being utterly entirely on the street and perchance even in the universe around him.

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Throughout the whole verse form, we are taken on a journey through the streets and deep within the storytellers mind. Read the poem several times and it will get down to come to life. “ The journey motive in this verse form asks its readers to analyse the allegorical facets of the verse form. This same journey into the poets ‘ inner egos may stand for the poet ‘s geographic expedition of the unknown district, a poetic experimentation that characterizes the tallness of American modernism of Frost ‘s clip ” ( Amano ) . Think about the clip from when Frost was alive. Bing born in the late 1800 ‘s and deceasing in the 1960 ‘s, Frost lived in a clip to see many great alterations to the universe around him. Many alterations to the landscapes and new edifices were being built. New engineerings being reproduced such as autos and telecasting sets. The alterations in American modernism were amazing and the major developments began at the terminal of Frost ‘s clip and go on to be modified today and will be good into the hereafter. The engineerings of today seem to hold made things more interesting in our society ; there are more “ playthings ” to play with. While Frost was alive, many of these engineerings did non be. Therefore he may hold felt a sense of solitariness because there was n’t much to make. Or perchance because the alterations around him made him experience depressed.

In the short narrative, “ Greasy Lake ” , Boyle develops the word picture of the adolescents in comparing to the adolescents of today ‘s society. In the narrative, there are many symbolisms that the writer explains. The term “ Greasy ” this could intend messy, dirty, and non clean. The term “ Lake ” this could intend clean and pure. The narrative takes topographic point at the site of a lake, and the visual aspect of the lake develops and apprehension of how the environment and milieus can hold an consequence on character development.

The country of the lake is described, “ Now it was foetid and murky, the mud Bankss glistening with broken glass and strewn with beer tins and the charred remains of balefires ” ( Boyle 125 ) ; this sounds like a topographic point where the rebellious adolescents can run off from their mundane lives and be boisterous. Like the characters in the narrative who were imbibing and smoking pot, the adolescents of today ‘s society do the same things. Destructive behaviours, along with the scene of the lake make these a battalion of “ bad characters ” . Being in an ambiance such as this would do the imaginativeness go wild. Visualizing the beer tins and broken bottles cluttered all over the land gives a sense of being dirty. Being soiled allows the head the think bad ideas, and hence bad actions would follow.

The storyteller tells us, “ We were bad. At dark we went up to Greasy Lake ” ( Boyle 124 ) . This clarifies that the milieus in which the characters put themselves into is really of import to the image that they portray. Those traveling out at dark demonstrate that they were lone wolfs and they wanted to conceal in the shadows of the dark so that no 1 else can see. The images that are projected are that of the male childs being bad, and that is all that they care about. Tearing up the leather jackets and take parting in the pickings of drugs and imbibing intoxicant is really rebellious and bad behaviour. It about appears as though the storyteller of the narrative is being led by the other 2 “ oily ” characters.

The lake itself is being used as a party site by these adolescents. “ It may be a party site, but it is associated with the decay and devastation ; it is a one time beautiful environment desecrated by the white civilization that displaced the ‘Indians ‘ , to whom it was a clean lake ” ( Grace ) . Back when the “ white adult male ” foremost came to the land which is now known as the United States of America, it was of course landscaped with trees, workss and colourful flowers. The Indians had been here for 1000s of old ages before we came, and took attention of the land. Over the old ages it has been the devastation of world that has changed the environment that we live in.

The male childs are out and make up one’s mind to play a buffoonery of a friend. When they arrive at the lake, they believed that their friend is inside his auto holding sex with his girlfriend. It turns out that it is non their friend and a major battle interruptions out. The adult male is hit on the caput with a tyre Fe and is thought to be killed. The male childs so turn their sights to the adult male ‘s ‘ girlfriend, in which they are believing about ravishing her. This would expose the actions of desperate and brainsick adolescents looking for attending, but stoping up perpetrating a offense. Another auto comes in and the headlamps startle the male childs. They end up concealment in the shadows on the lake. “ One common subject as in that human existences, when stripped of their technological props and the conventions of modern-day life, are, at the nucleus, crude animals who are whether quarry or marauder, or as in nature, both, depending on the fortunes ” ( TC Boyle ) . In this instance they have become the marauder, out to acquire what they want and rape the miss, a ritual that could stand for a triumph of some kinds.

There is great amplification in the contrastive use of words between the land and the H2O. “ The scene establishes this for us: the transition of the supporter from H2O to land, and

from the dark to forenoon analogues his transition from ignorance to knowledge, from pandemonium to order, from naivete ‘ to understanding ” ( Walker ) . On land the male childs are in the affray with the adult male that they end up hitting over the caput with a tyre Fe and the confederacy idea of ravishing the miss. After being scared off from the nearing headlamps, the rebellious adolescent runs into the H2O. In the H2O a dead organic structure is found, and this makes the immature adult male see many things. It ‘s about as though he has a new mentality on his life, a kind of “ epiphany ” and he wants nil more than to travel place where it is safe.

The male childs in this narrative are characterized as the “ oily ” persons of today. But non merely are the male childs characterized this manner, but besides everyone else that comes to the lake is referred to in this manner.

It is true that the environment around oneself can hold a major consequence on the individual that one bend out to be in life. These two literature pieces both come from different backgrounds. “ Acquainted with the dark ” trades with the emotions of one person and “ Greasy Lake ” takes on the function of multiple word pictures. The milieus that we put ourselves take its toll on the persons that we are today. Mankind relies on the ambiance around us to develop our ain personal word pictures. Opportunities are if person resides in a healthful environment, they become a clean monster and respect authorization. If person lives in a dirty and desolated environment, they would go more susceptible to offense and be rebellious.



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