Studying The Lyrics Of Hotel California English Literature Essay

The wordss from Hotel California serve as a satisfactory going point when diging into the complexnesss of the Lacanian theoretical account of subjectiveness. Using the wordss we can place three of the registries that Lacan utilizations in his theoretical account of subjectiveness and how each of them maps. The amnionic is a registry that deals with centripetal experiences and the line, “ they stab it with their steely knives ” , can arguably be seen as a mercenary gesture. Linked closely to the amniotic is the fanciful, the universe image we construct of ourselves ; the thought that we are ever looking back to our “ existent ” in order to explicate an effectual self-image. The lines “ I had to findaˆ¦place I was before ” , efficaciously correlates this impression. Finally we will cover with the symbolic, the large “ Other ” as referred to by Lacan. This registry concerns itself with discourse and the stimulations that affect and act upon our day-to-day lives ; a adjustment words is, “ ‘relax ‘ said the dark adult male, we are programmed to have ” . Furthermore we will look at the interrelation of these elements and how we can utilize them to better understand our day-to-day lives and the topics we are.

Harmonizing to Lacan, the topic is comprised of three inter-linking dimensions of the ego, each moving upon one another in a changeless pull-push relationship that invariably fluctuates in making an individuality that conforms to a society from which it receives its values. Owing to the complexness of the theoretical account, Hotel California touches on each three elements and forms a decision that identifies with the complexness environing the subjectiveness theoretical account. Using the Borromean Knot, viz. ; The Amniotic, the Symbolic and the Imaginary, we can break understand each component that concerns itself with the creative activity of a human individuality. Looking at the Character of Dexter Morgan from Dexter, one can successfully use the Lacanian theoretical account to his life and infer a complex set of values that cover the manner in which he conducts himself daily. In order to accomplish a coherent and contextual reading, three episodes of this series will be expanded upon. I will interrupt down each portion of the theoretical account, while besides sing the importance of the passions every bit good as the libidinal manners that surround these, and use the parts individually and conclude with a incorporate analysis of the linking between the three.

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The Lacanian theoretical account serves as an effectual theoretical account to develop a better apprehension of how people interact on a day-to-day footing and why they behave in the mode in which they do.

Christianity is based on a individual God consisting of three elements that are inseparable, with neither being more of import than the other, viz. , God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Lacan utilizes this same construct within his theoretical account, neither the Amniotic, the Imaginary nor the Symbolic have greater value than the other. Each portion is equal and creates a incorporate being, missing one portion ; it is arguable that the nature of being human is lost.

Harmonizing to Lacan, the amnionic trades with the experience of the senses ; it is an intrinsic non-learnt behavior. One can non larn to wish the odor of decomposing meat or larn that the odor of aroma is delighting. The amnionic therefore trades with materiality and our experiences with certain esthesiss whether they are enjoyable or unpleasant. This sense of materiality gives rise to the passion of ontophilia, which harmonizing to Hurst is “ a general concern for physical and metaphysical being ” ( 248: 2010 ) . Ontophilia is a passion that drives people to make a universe that is whole. Ontophilia stems from a deficiency within the topic, a topic that lacks nil will hence hold no thrust for an ontophiliac temperament. Hurst describes ontophilia as a “ thrust to get the hang things and constructions in my physical or metaphysical environment ” ( 277: 2009 ) as “ my stuff or metaphysical comfort zone has become questionable, insecure or senseless ” ( 277: 2009 ) . Coupled with ontophilia are three libidinal manners: paranoiac, hysterical and self-contradictory. Embedded within the amnionic is the thought of Jouissance ; explained by Kristeva as “ entire joy or rapture ( without any mystical intension ) ” ( 16: 1980 ) . This jouissance is the impulse for entire inexplicable pleasance that seeks to fulfill our amnionic. When covering with the amnionic the thought of the low becomes prevailing as an abject is frequently arguably formed by one ‘s negative experience to a peculiar entity.

Following the amnionic is the fanciful. Zizek, composing about cheat explains the fanciful in footings of the overall game of cheat ;

The manner in which different pieces are shaped and characterized by their names ( male monarch, queen, knight ) , and it is easy to visualize a game with the same regulations, but with different fanciful, in which this figure would be called ‘messenger ‘ or ‘runner ‘ or whatever ( 8-9: 2006 ) .

The fanciful trades with self-image ; the manner we appear and conduct our lives. Hurst outlines the fanciful as “ a registry [ where ] we construct a coherently perceived, spatio-temporal and phenomenal world ( i.e. both a synchronous image of the manner the universe fits together, and a narrative history of what caused and followed what ) ” ( 247: 2009 ) . Harmonizing to Hurst we build up our “ personal individuality by seeking to do sense of the existent in ourselves ” ( 276: 2009 ) , from this personal individuality we seek proof from the people around us. The fanciful is hence a set of fanciful ( semisynthetic ) ideals that have been constructed to let us to be portion of a community and map efficaciously within a community. Fink provides an disposed description of what the fanciful registry entails, viz. ;

As the topic as such is basically a placement in relation to the Other. As Lacan ‘s impression of the Other evolves, the topic is reconceptualized as a stance adopted with regard to the Other ‘s desire ( twelve: 1995 )

Owing to this registry is the passion of autophilia which is concerned with personal individuality. As the society is constructed of assorted fanciful others, one ‘s individuality is this fragile and unfastened to assail. The autophiliac passion is sparked on by an onslaught at your individuality. As your individuality is rooted in values that are non clearly your ain, you will confront a crisis to which you will necessitate to respond. This crisis is called the existent ; an event that contradicts and interrupt down your constructed individuality.

The concluding dimension of the Borromean Knot of Lacan ‘s theoretical account of subjectiveness is the Symbolic. The symbolic is everything that drives us, from the economic system to spiritual meta-narratives. For a being to be in the existent, it must travel back to a phase before it received external influences. It can be argued that as a kid is born it is populating in the existent, but the 2nd it sees or hears person say or do something, that existent is lost and can ne’er be found once more. The kid will from that clip build a world that encompasses all external stimulations into a consistent life. Lacan refers to the Other in footings of the symbolic, this Other can be faith, the province or any observations that the topic will do. The symbolic is an order of discourse and as such focal points to a great extent on the “ concern for the communal, including both communicating and human community ” ( Hurst A 267: 2009 ) . For this ground the order of the symbolic has a passion rooted in people/community: Anthrophilia. Anthrophilia defined by Hurst is, “ the anxiousness of cognizing that ‘we are non as we should be ‘ , [ which ] triggers the passion for societal reform ” ( 277: 2009 ) .

The Other created through the symbolic is in some fortunes a pillar of normality. Trauma strikes human existences on a day-to-day footing, how we handle trauma ( the Real ) is a little glance into the “ existent ” individual that we are. The Other is, during these traumatic times, an flight to something that is consistent. A figure of spiritual discourses subscribe to an thought of an hereafter where everything maps in harmoniousness. This thought can therefore be drawn upon to remind the person that although a injury has happened, they are still on the way to something much greater. The symbolic order and the complex number are closely linked. A chief subject of the symbolic in a South African context is that of Ubuntu. You do what is good for the community. If it means giving something, it must be done.

Each individual ‘s world differs by the mere fact that every cultural and spiritual group, subculture, household, and set of friends develop its ain words, looks and idiosyncratic significances ( Fink 25:1995 ) .

The life of Dexter Morgan exemplifies considerable actual manifestations of the Borromean Knot and hence provides us with an acceptable going point when understanding a Lacanian topic. For coherence, three subsequent episodes of Dexter will be drawn upon, viz. ; Season two, episodes one through three. Within these episodes, a theoretical account of subjectiveness can be applied to his day-to-day life and societal interactions.

I ‘m floating. I eventually acquire a opportunity to kill and I ca n’t make it. Then a 2nd opportunity and he gets off. And now, all my secrets are drifting to the surface. Where is the orderly controlled, effectual Dexter? How did I lose him? How do I find him once more? I ‘m floating, but non to kip ( Dexter 7 October 2007 ) .

Dexter ‘s amnionic is rooted in killing people to carry through a pleasance thrust that has been built-in since his female parent ‘s ghastly farewell. Dexter, as evident from the three episodes, takes great pleasance in his violent deaths and when he is non able to kill, he gets agitated, as seen in episode two when he is unable to kill a adult male, “ 39 yearss 22 hours and 18 proceedingss since I ‘ve killed my brother, I AM Cursed ” ( 7 October 2007 ) . Dexter, after being unable to kill the adult male, says to himself, “ How make I happen him once more? ” mentioning to the amnionic Dexter, the ordered and controlled individual. Apart from Dexter ‘s necessitating to kill to experience alive, he experiences “ normal ” other desires. He enjoys being entirely on the ocean in his boat every bit good work outing offenses. He is a blood spatter analyst, the perfect screen for a consecutive slayer. Due to his deficiency of being able to recover the ability to kill after killing his brother, Dexter shows a true illustration of a paranoiac ontophiliac as he says, “ where is the orderly, controlled, effectual Dexter? ” ( Dexter 7 October 2007 ) . When Dexter kills his victims, they are strapped down to a tabular array that is in a room wholly covered by plastic. This trait shows a paranoiac ontophiliac. When covering with the amnionic, one must briefly look into the abject. Dexter is a blood splatter analyst, nevertheless, in episode one he is presented with a ghastly offense scene with blood covering the floor of a hotel room. Dexter alternatively of thriving, falls down in a minute of terror as this reminded him of his childhood when his female parent was murdered. For Dexter, this scenario is a scenario that he wishes ne’er to be placed in.

Following from the amnionic is Dexter ‘s Imaginary. Unlike most human existences, who imagine a universe that is similar or based on their amnionic, Dexter ‘s complex number is literally the manner he conducts his day-to-day life apart from his violent deaths. Dexter fakes human emotion to suit into his society. From an early season we learn that his Guardian Harry Morgan, told him “ in order to suit in Dexter, you have to feign that you are holding merriment ” . Dexter embodies this thought as he can merely respond to state of affairss that he has learnt to respond to. In the scene where his girlfriend wants to do love to him, he makes excuses as he is non certain of what to make. He has non learnt the manner to manage that state of affairs. As stated in the debut, the complex number is a “ semisynthetic ” building. Dexter ‘s life is made up of a set of codifications that he learnt from Harry.

Dexter ‘s complex number is non merely a agencies of making a personal image that appears to follow societal norms. His complex number is a whole other individual, as the footing of his fanciful, the amnionic, is non natural human behavior. In a sense it can be argued that although Dexter is a human and does make a personal-image, the personal image he creates is a far more constructed and luxuriant character than that of an mean human being, it is created as a prevarication to do people believe he is non a “ monster ” as he calls himself. Dexter is hence classed as a paranoiac autophiliac, as he is stiff in his ways and applies a set of regulations to every state of affairs he encounters. When presented with a state of affairs that he has non had earlier, he experiences a crisis as he is non able to do self-generated determinations, once more as evident from Rita ( his girlfriend ) , desiring to hold sex with him on legion occasions. By being a paranoid autophiliac Dexter tries “ to germinate into the complete individual [ he is ] intended to be ” ( Hurst A 283: 2009 ) , nevertheless, Dexter does this non for personal sophistication but for an air tight mask to conceal his “ dark rider ” ( Dexter 14 October 2007 ) .

Indeed there are many people who sense that they are unable to hold intimate dealingss with other people, those other people being little more than peripheral props for their phantasies and scenarios ( Fink 12: 1995 )

The symbolic for Dexter, is embodied in the manifestations of his step-father Harry. On several occasions when Dexter is in an unfamiliar state of affairs or stressed, his step-father ‘s image appears to him and ushers him along the right way, or reminds him of certain truths he may be burying. The character of Dexter is a semisynthetic building, trusting to a great extent on what he has learnt turning up. Harry taught Dexter a codification that trades with how to kill people and non be caught and at the same clip how to intermix in and map in society. For Dexter, his Big Other is Harry who has the most influence on him. Other factors influence Dexter every bit good, in episode three he pretends to be a drug nut and uses pre-learnt behavior as a manner to suit into the group.

Fink explains the existent as a clip before an “ baby ‘s organic structure comes under the sway of the symbolic order, before it is subjected to toilet preparation and instructed in the ways of the universe ” ( 24: 1995 ) . Dexter was discovered sitting in his female parent ‘s blood locked inside a container, it is merely after Harry takes him in as his kid that he begins to larn the manner of the universe. The existent for Dexter is embodied through blood as this took topographic point before the Other started act uponing his life. The Other, Harry, merely provided a system to get by better with the impulses that Dexter receives.

However, although Dexter is a serial-killer, he, with the aid of Harry, puts his killing to good usage by merely killing felons. In episode two Dexter wants to protect Rita from her hubby Paul. Dexter wants to kill him but decides that directing Paul back to prison would be a safer option. Again this behavior to protect Rita is shown in a ulterior season of Dexter, which leads one to believe that Dexter ‘s passion is a Paradoxical anthrophiliac as he is a blood spatter analyst, but besides a slayer, of felons. Hurst describes a self-contradictory anthrophiliac as person that understands “ both the duty for establishing societal constructions and the freedom to modify them on appropriate evidences ” ( 296: 2009 ) . He will non stand in the manner of the establishment as it does justness to felons, but at the same clip believes in a more rapid attack. This nevertheless is in itself a paradox as he frequently selects victims on the footing of whether he needs to kill to fulfill his impulses.

Provided with the above reading of a Lacanian topic, it becomes apparent that it is close impossible to divide the three registries ; amnionic, fanciful and symbolic. The theoretical account that has being provided by Lacan makes it possible to analyze a individual or event in footings of the three registries and to explicate an appropriate decision as to why this event is taking topographic point. We understand from the above reading that Dexter, although holding cravings to kill people is wholly normal in a sense that he possess all three registries every bit good as a passion in each of these registries. Bing a slayer has nevertheless made his world well more complicated, but by life in a paranoid passion, he is able to competently suit into his society and map, although a small stiffly.

Although the Lacanian theoretical account of subjectiveness serves as a base to understand the topic more efficaciously, a concise and elaborate analysis of Dexter Morgan is possibly non possible, as the classs provided by Lacan leave the reader with a set of criterions that can be applied to all world. The character of Dexter therefore, harmonizing to the Lacanian theoretical account, can non be adequately represented as many traits and idiosyncrasies have to be omitted in order to suit a theoretical account that caters for a bulk of the population. This nevertheless is so acceptable as a thorough analysis of a topic would necessitate a deeper more elaborate and efficient set of criterions.



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