Studying The Stranger By Albert Camus English Literature Essay

May 7, 2018 English Literature

I have ever wondered what the intent of our life on this planet is. On one manus I feel, have we been sent to earth as trained automatons to populate a life that had been predestined by God or on the other manus, sent to accomplish something in life ; something of a higher naming. When I read the alien and the metabolism, and after holding analyzed the narrative, I realized that one of the most of import constructs presented in the book was to make with the intent of life. Of class they have been presented in different ways in each of the books, but this construct was with no uncertainty, nowadays in both of them.

I therefore felt since I have ever wanted to cognize more about the topic, as in discover how others felt about this construct, I figured I could derive more cognition in the signifier of my World Literature Assignment. Therefore, for the exclusive intent of acquiring to cognize more about life and the construct of it holding a intent, and besides looking at it in a manner as described in each of the books, I have written my World Literature Assignment for the ground mentioned above.

Writing has for a really long clip been a manner to convey a peculiar message to the general populace, or an single, or the full population as a whole. The message might be political, or in the signifier of local and international intelligence, or an thought that an writer wants to show. Equally far as the look of thoughts are concerned, writers write narratives or verse forms or even dramas to show them. One of the thoughts of great involvement to me that 2 writers have tried to show in their plants is the construct of existential philosophy. From the two pieces of work that I have analyzed, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and The Stranger by Albert Camus, I have come to detect that both writers, characteristic supporters in such a manner that arise existential philosopher values.

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To understand the extent to which the writers express this construct, we must foremost get down by specifying it. Existentialism is a doctrine that emphasizes the singularity and isolation of the single experience in a hostile or apathetic existence, respects human being as unaccountable, and stresses freedom of pick and duty for the effects of one ‘s Acts of the Apostless.[ 1 ]From the above definition, we learn that existential philosophy is a doctrine ; a doctrine or a belief that an person is free and alone in his actions. It besides emphasizes the political orientation of freedom of pick that people are free to make what they like. It besides nevertheless stresses the fact that one must pay the effects of his ain actions. To sum this up, existential philosophy is a belief that an person is free to make as he pleases and that the inquiry of his being is unquestionable. But, for every action he performs, he must be wage.

After holding defined existential philosophy, we now know that this subject deals with the fact of life, and it holding a intent. After holding related the two – existential philosophy and life, we need to understand how in each of the books, this construct has been presented so that we can infer the similarity.

In The Stranger, the narrative begins with Meursault having intelligence about his female parent ‘s decease. Maman died today. Or yesterday possibly, I do n’t cognize. I got a wire from the place: “ Mother asleep. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours. ” That does n’t intend anything. Possibly it was yesterday.[ 2 ]This is grounds of existential philosopher beliefs. We see Meursault showing the fact that someday, we will all decease. If non today, we will finally tomorrow. It is merely a affair of when and how. So our being is merely the physical presence of us – like it is for animate beings. From this point and throughout the full narrative, we see Meursault populating a attention – free life where he cares the least about what ‘s go oning around him. He does non oppugn the current happening of events neither does he care about what is traveling to go on in the hereafter, he merely ‘does things ‘ .

More grounds is seen through his interactions with his neighbour Raymond where it ne’er occurs to Meursault that the society present around him did non show any feelings of indifferences towards his actions and interactions with him ( Raymond ) . Further into the narrative, towards the terminal of chapter 2, we see short sentences used by the supporter. This is done so as to avoid any conveyance of emotion towards his milieus. At the same location where the old quotation mark was mentioned, we see farther grounds of existential philosophy ; ` … one more Sunday was over… nil had changed,[ 3 ]we once more see the fact that Meursault lived his life meaninglessly because harmonizing to him, clip merely went by, and all those events that took topographic point that hebdomad were n’t something new or even particular, or once more even deserving mentioning, that hebdomad was merely like a passing cloud.

All this is clear grounds of the non-caring and nonmeaningful life that he led, merely like animate beings do, as mentioned earlier. All in all, Meursault was an existential philosopher and lived his full life this manner. However, amidst of all this indifference and existential philosopher behaviour, we see a turning point ; right when he shot the Arab after which he was incarcerated and sentenced to decease. At this point he realizes that, despite his doctrine about life being meaningless, he still has to pay for his actions. But now he has trouble in accepting these facts as this clip, it meant decease. But once more, the of import portion is, he wants to alter his ways from nonsense to usefulness, from existential philosophy to really holding a intent in life, it ‘s excessively late nevertheless. But the enterprise to alter is at that place.

Franz Kafka ‘s Metamorphosis is every bit expressive towards this belief. The narrative is about a human transformed into a mammoth insect who finally dies because of this great transmutation. Gregor, before the transmutation, is known to be a travelling salesman. He lives life meaningfully and earns for his household like an mean grownup would make. He was a dedicated adult male. Surely, on reading the narrative, one would decidedly come to an apprehension that Gregor was in fact the exact antonym of an existential philosopher. All this nevertheless alterations after the ‘great transmutation ‘ .

After alteration with his physical ego, things started altering with his household and society around him. They now begin to take him as a load to them and worst of all, they forget he was like them one time upon a clip and literally get down handling him like we would to a plague. Gregor now begins believing that he will of all time populate a normal life once more. He thinks about how he is traveling to populate his life as a transformed insect. He thinks about how he will gain a life, go forth his room like a normal individual and wo n’t frighten anybody with his insect like nature. Because of this therefore, he starts fring hope and ‘just lives life the manner it was ‘ . In other words, he had no purpose in life anymore and besides, he felt life was useless. He starts to bury his yesteryear normal life. He begins to cleanse his life of the sense of purpose it contained and began populating it aimlessly. This clearly, is an look of existential philosophy and the nature that Gregor develops is existentialist and it greatly becomes a portion of him till he dies.

We have now analyzed both state of affairss in both the narratives and have come an understanding how both the writers ‘ of The Stranger and The Metamorphosis present the construct of existential philosophy. In both the narratives, the supporters in some manner live their lives with no significance as an existential philosopher would make. It is greatly seen in the alien where throughout Meursault ‘s life ; there has ne’er been a clip when he really felt purposeful. We see him ‘doing things ‘ that I must indicate out is really much similar to the life of animate beings that merely eat, procreate and slumber. This was Meursault throughout his life.

We see the existentialist nature in Gregor excessively, but before his meaningless ways, Gregor was different. Before the metabolism, he was a responsible adult male who cared and loved his household and he proved it by gaining on their behalf. Because of Gregor ‘s duty, his male parent took clip off work and retired at some point in the narrative. After the metabolism nevertheless, he loses out on hope and significance in life and lives it in such a manner, that Meursault did and finally, Gregor dies this manner.

Having read and gone through both the narratives, we conclude that both of them define the construct of existential philosophy where in each of the narratives, the supporters express the deficiency of concern for the importance of life. But we must understand, nevertheless, that the writers present it in different portion of the supporters ‘ lives. In The Stranger, we see it presented throughout Meursault ‘s life but desires change on being sentenced to decease and in The Metamorphosis, we see Gregor populating his life meaningfully, until his metabolism after which he loses out on all hopes of of all time transforming back to a normal human being and accepts the existentialist manner, and finally dies because of it.


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