Stuff is not salvation Essay

July 22, 2017 General Studies

Anna Quindlen’s “Stuff is Not Salvation” tells her experience and her position of consumerism of today’s clip. She frequently inquiries how people indulge in consuming and are “mesmerized by inexpensive consumer electronics and discounted playthings. ” I agree with her oculus opening position points it even made me exam my ain urges. We don’t need materalistc “stuff” because we are merely replacing theses things and make fulling a nothingness where existent felicity should travel. For illustrations

I had a uncle who would travel to the local gas station and would purchase Dunhill visible radiations coffin nails which costs $ 4. 25 a battalion in which he would smoke that in a twenty-four hours and over a month it will be him $ 127. 50 and over a twelvemonth it will be him $ 1530. 00. The coffin nails have become an dependence for him. it was like every clip I saw him he ever had a coffin nail in his oral cavity. He could hold donated the money to a charity. or a church or even saved the money for a showery twenty-four hours.

I have to acknowledge. I am no different to frivolous disbursement. Just last hebdomad I stayed in line outside a best bargain for 16 hours waiting for the new iPhone 5 to be released. After buying the phone for $ 650 dollars I immediately got purchaser compunction. To me it looked merely like the iPhone 4 with merely a bigger screen. it made me believe. “Why did I need a new phone? ” My old phone was merely all right. It made me inquire what could I have done if I saved that $ 650.

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After reading this short narrative it made me look at my life in a new visible radiation. I am no longer traveling to purchase the latests electronics or the new fad to do me happy. It made me appreciate what I have now and look at life what truly affairs and thats household. friends. laughter. non acquiring angry over the little things because in the terminal money is non everything merely expression at steve occupations wealth couldn’t non purchase him wellness.


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