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July 11, 2018 Geography

Subic Bay Freeport Zone ( SBFZ ) has a entire country of 67. 452 hectares both land and H2O ( H2O country has a sum of 12. 350 hectares and a land country of 55. 102 hectares as defined by Proclamation No. 532 of the Subic Special Economic and Freeport Zone SSEFZ ) Metes and Bound. It is comprised by the City of Olongapo. Subic Town. San Antonio in Zambales and the former US Naval Reservation.

The earliest predecessor to the USFAC Subic Bay was an un finished Spanish Naval Station. acquired by the U. S. in 1898. following the Spanish American War. During World War II. most of the original station was destroyed by American rear guard action and aircraft bombardment onslaughts. Following World War II and the accomplishment of Philippine independency. a determination was made to set up a U. S. Naval Base at Subic Bay. Substantial building attempts were begun and accelerated during the Korean Conflict. ensuing in the constitution of the U. S. Naval Base. Subic Bay. in 1954.

Much of the country now occupied by the Freeport was antecedently occupied by the City of Olongapo. At that clip. the Commanding officer of the Naval Base was besides in control of the City of Olongapo.

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During the Vietnam Conflict. building of the installations was once more accelerated. and with the enlargement of the Seventh Fleet. Subic Bay became the busiest port in the Western Pacific. In February 1979. the Military Bases Agreement transferred control of the U. S. Naval Base. Subic Bay to the Filipino authorities. The Agreement expired in September 1991. The installations have since been turned over to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority as portion of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone ( SBFZ ) . SBMA and SFA were created on February 5. 1992 through Act No. 7227 of the Republic of the Philippines.


SBF is located sou’-west of Luzon Island in the Philippines. The seaport lies between the Zambales Mountain Range at the E and Subic Bay at the West and opens up to the South China Sea. It is north-west of the Bataan Peninsula and southwest of the Zambales Province. The SBF is 110 kilometres north-west of Manila. Manila Bay and Bataan Peninsula separate SFZ from Manila. Adjacent LGUs to SBFZ are City of Olongapo. Municipalities of Subic and San Antonio in Zambales. Morong. Hermosa and Dinalupihan in Bataan.

Aside from the physical location. Subic Bay is besides:

•Located in the bosom of Asia Pacific. the fastest growing outstation of hi-tech economic system. SBF is accessible by air within four hours from any Asiatic capital ( Japan. Korea. Singapore. Taiwan ) . It is besides merely 110 kilometres by land from the Philippine capital. Manila.

•A gateway of international transportation and air lines. Almost half of the world’s container fleet base on ballss by Subic Bay’s room access. SBF is a critical entry point to over 500 million ASEAN markets. Meanwhile. messenger elephantine Federal Express ( FedEx ) operates its regional distribution hub at the Subic Bay International Airport.

•Has an first-class timezone derived function of merely 12-15 hours from the East/West Coast of the United States ( No demand to pay dearly-won every night premiums ) .


The planning country is situated in the northwesterly corner of the Bataan Peninsula. sandwiched between the countries ‘two major natural characteristics ; the Zambales Mountain Range and Subic Bay. The mountain scope separates the composite from the Central Luzon Plain. and protects the base from the monsoons and trade air currents from the nor’-east. Subic Bay provides an first-class. well-protected seaport which opens up to the South China Sea.

The geology of the Subic Bay part is most to a great extent influenced by lava flows and pyroclastic sedimentations from two volcanic centres: Mount Balikibok. about 10 stat mis to the North. and Mount Natib. 11 stat mis to the sou’-east. Mount Santa Rita. a blowhole located to the nor’-east of the U. S. Facility. Subic Bay. besides influences the country geology.


The Subic Bay Freeport is located at the toe of the foothills of the Zambales Mountain Range. The terrain around Subic Bay is cragged with comparatively steep inclines widening about to the water’s border. Peaks within the country exceed 150 metres ( 500 pess ) in tallness. The developed countries have literally been carved out of the hills or created by make fulling low lying countries.

Development costs on steep inclines are by and large higher than on degree land. due to extra site work needed and particular design considerations to forestall harm from dirt eroding and landslides caused by heavy rainfall. In general. countries with inclines of up to ten per centum can be used for all types of development. and as a consequence. are developed foremost. Much of the easy developed land in the country has already been developed.


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