Successful and Unsuccessful Learning Experiences Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies


When I was about 14 old ages old I wanted to travel on a skiing trip to Austria with my school. my parents said they would pay for the for the disbursement money I was salvaging my rewards from my portion clip occupation assisting the milkman. I had one major job. I couldn’t ski! ! !

I didn’t want to go all the manner to Austria and so larn to ski. my train of idea was that if I was traveling to Austria. I wanted to be able to travel up to the top of the mountains and see all the fantastic positions. I besides wanted to able to ski freely all hebdomad without being watched over by the instructors or skiing teachers and I knew this would non be a possibility if I was unable to ski.

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So I had to happen somewhere where I could larn to ski before we left and the topographic point would hold to be near to Coventry because I would be depending on public conveyance to acquire at that place. I enquired at my school about any commissariats that they were taking to learn the students how to ski. from this I learnt that the school was traveling to run a class of skiing lessons at a dry ski incline in Birmingham. at the Ackers Leisure Centre.

I attended the categories with the school and rapidly realised that because of the size of the categories and the mental attitude of the students around me that I was ne’er traveling to larn adequate before I went on the trip. so when I went place that dark I spoke to my parents and we decided that I needed to take affairs into my ain custodies. So I telephoned Ackers and asked about having personal. one to one tuition. I explained the state of affairs to the teacher over the telephone and the clip bound I had to work within. The teacher was really helpful. and so arranged to run into for my first lesson. This was expensive but I knew it had to be done if I was traveling to hold the skiing vacation I wanted. This went great and the one to one lessons worked magnificently. being able to work closely with one other individual in comparing to the large crowd was such a difference.

I took to the skiing lessons like a duck to H2O ; my male parent. who had antecedently tried these lessons and he merely couldn’t acquire the whole reconciliation on two skies thing at all. so when I came place and told my parents how it went my pa was amazed. I suppose skiing is the same as any other activity or athletics. you either can make it or you can’t. In these lessons the teacher would ski down the incline in forepart of me backwards. steering me all the manner down the incline. Thinking about it now. this was likely to halt you falling over. This is the biggest fright for people larning to ski. this was non the instance with me. I didn’t attention if I fell over or non I was so determined to ski that I felt nil was traveling to halt me.

I advanced so much from the first lesson ; I was skiing down from the top of the incline at the terminal. When I stepped out onto the incline an hr antecedently I couldn’t even work out how to stand up in the boots! After my first lesson the teacher and I had a confab about what I truly wanted to be able to make by the clip I went to Austria. I told him about desiring to ski freely without being watched over and being a skier he merely seemed to understand instantly. He suggested that I had another lesson with him the following hebdomad. which I was more than happy to pay for ; after all I could now see my end penetration.

The following lesson I was taught assorted bends and even the teacher said that he hadn’t of all time seen anybody acquire the bent of it every bit speedy as me. looking back I suppose this encouragement and positive attitude of the teacher helped me more than I every even knew. Some how I felt like I had known this adult male I’d merely met everlastingly. we gelled truly good. which helped me larn much quicker. over the following few old ages are friendship would turn and turn but I didn’t cognize this so.

After the 2nd lesson the teacher was convinced that I was more than ready for Austria and advised me non to pass anymore of my difficult earned money on one to one lessons. Alternatively merely to come on my ain or with a friend at the weekends and maintain practicing. At the clip my best friend was David Young and I’d been stating him all about this new found exciting athletics that I was making. David used to travel swimming most weekend which was a athletics I could ne’er take part in. but I will speak about that later.

I talked David into coming to Birmingham with me and giving it a spell. now we had another job. David couldn’t ski. so when we got at that place and you hire out the equipment for the hr or two. they ask you can you ski. good I merely got David to state yes so we could acquire out on the inclines. Then I mirrored with David what the teacher shown with me. I held his skis and told him to stand like the teacher had showed me and we were off. After a twosome of falls. I had David traveling off the top of the incline with me. This was a spot hazardous but it was great at the clip. That was it so. David and I would travel to work and so at the weekend we would be over Birmingham all twenty-four hours skiing. it was great.

Finally the clip came to travel to Austria. I didn’t truly advert to anyone about my excess lessons and merely went along with the crowd. when we arrived at the topographic point in which we were traveling to remain for the following 10 yearss. a topographic point in the mountains near Salzburg called Mantendorf. I was put in the beginner’s category with all the other people that had attended the small preparation class the school had run. This was non traveling to be the topographic point I intended to pass my vacation. I was non impressed at all with this small hill they had taken us to and was straight over to the teacher for a word in his ear. I said to him “I shouldn’t be in this category ; I could ski down that hill backwards. ” To this the teacher gave me the reply I was waiting for. his answer was “okay. if you can ski down that backwards I’ll put you in the top group. ” Thank you I thought and off up the hill I went. acerate leaf to state ten proceedingss subsequently I was heading up the mountain to the top to run into up with the top group much to the astonishment of my friends who still couldn’t hold on how managed it.

My vacation in Austria was all and more than I could of of all time dreamed of. this was likely the best vacation I have every been on. and if that wasn’t good plenty for me. on the last twenty-four hours we were invited to a elephantine downhill slalom race that was being held by the locals. We all jumped at the opportunity to vie with Austrians at their ain athletics. I was picked 2nd last to travel and my biggest challenger in our group was last. He was one of the teacher’s boies. his male parent was Gallic and his female parent Swiss. they had a vacation place in Switzerland and he had been skiing since he could walk. It was really nerve racking and our group had already decided that none of us were traveling to crush the Austrians at their ain game and that we should merely travel for the best clip out of the group. When my clip came to travel I could hardly stand. I had worked myself up into such a craze I couldn’t even think. I stood at the top of the ‘run’ and looked down at everybody watching me. Judgess with stop watchs the proper timer gate that started the clock. everything was there it was like watching the Olympics on telecasting. but I was at that place and I was following. I shut my eyes and I could see my teachers face. he said to me “you know you can make it kid” . and I went!

After I had taken my spell on the incline. I watched the teacher’s boy make his. There was tonss of whispering and checking of times and that was it. the Austrians thanked us for being good athleticss and the teacher took us off back up the mountain that was it finished and we carried on skiing for the remainder of the twenty-four hours. I didn’t truly give it another thought when we started skiing once more. That dark was our last dark in Austria and we where all called into the dinning room for a small group talk. I knew something wasn’t right. merely so the Austrian justice walked in. It was merely so we all thought about the race. the times and what was he making here?

The instructors announced that three of our skiers had really beaten all the Austrians times. we couldn’t believe it. Then we were informed that the Austrian justice had come to give the victor and the smugglers up a certification. and a decoration for their attempts. Panic and exhilaration filled the room and merely to maintain up the force per unit area he so said that he was traveling to read out the victors in rearward order. In 3rd topographic point had came one of my school friends Matthew Lee. he was shocked but we all knew that if anybody had won it would hold been Simon. the instructors son. I knew I’d had a good clean ‘run’ but a couldn’t of perchance beaten Simon. Second topographic point was Simon! I couldn’t believe that he hadn’t won. and started acquiring really excited. Then it dawned on me what if person else was faster than Simon that wasn’t me. What if I hadn’t even came 3rd. The justice rapidly put me out of my wretchedness by
denoting that the victor has beaten Simon by seven seconds. which in skiing is a really long spread and that the victor was in fact me! I couldn’t believe it. I could barely stand up to travel to the forepart to have my decoration. but I did. And those yearss to me were the best yearss of my life. and by far the best successful larning experience I could of all time believe of. I went from a kid who was unable to stand up on skies to winning a gold decoration in Austria at elephantine downhill slalom in about three months. I still have my decoration and certification and it the most proudest accomplishment in my life. other than holding two fantastic kids. I merely hope I’ll be able to watch my two skiding down them slopes one twenty-four hours.


Well. what can I say about swimming. hopefully non every bit much as I said about skiing! But as learning experiences go you can ever state more about a good or successful learning experience instead so a bad or unsuccessful one.

When I was a immature male child we lived near a river. being childs we used to travel down to the river a batch. One twenty-four hours. that I’ll ne’er forget. I fell into the river and was rapidly washed downstream. My older brother couldn’t swim at the clip and felt wholly incapacitated as he watched me contending to maintain my caput above H2O. He ran along side the river bank. and when he saw his opportunity jumped into the H2O and dragged me out. I have no uncertainty in my head if I’d of been on my ain on that twenty-four hours I would non be here composing this essay. Obviously this experience frightened the life out of me and from that twenty-four hours forth I was determined to be able to swim. When we got home and the narrative came out to my parents. my female parent had a wholly different mentality on the state of affairs. She vowed that I was ne’er to travel close H2O once more. I was certainly in my caput I was ne’er traveling anyplace near the river once more but I knew this was something I had to get the better of.

As clip went by my brothers and sister learnt how to swim. my sister learnt when she went on a trip to America and she came back and taught my brothers. I was left out of these household swimming lessons on my mother’s orders. Again clip went by and I was left behind in the liquid side of things. so the school started swimming lessons and against my female parents wishes I attended these. I went with all the other non swimmers and stood in the pool and got severely taught what we were supposed to be making. I tried my upmost to acquire the bent of this thing. By this clip I was about 12 and my friends would be traveling swimming after school and at the weekends. all I wanted to make was belong to that group of childs that had such merriments plunging off boards and sprinkling approximately. So the finding was at that place. I merely couldn’t cleft it. Thinking back now I couldn’t truly set my finger on the ground that it was that stopped me larning. possibly embarrassment of non being able to make it. while my school friends were at the other terminal of the pool making things that got them badges and certifications I was stood in H2O that merely came up to my waist feeling stupid. So the embarrassment of the whole thing was likely the factor that stopped me larning as a adolescent.

This went on for sometime and even when I realised that I would hold to get the better of this embarrassment if I wanted to larn. Looking back I suppose I should of sorted out one to one lessons for this. but even the idea of me being 14 and being watched by childs seeking to larn to swim was likely a large plenty hindrance non to prosecute this option. I did seek several other options that all ended unsuccessfully. both my brothers tried to learn me to swim. This entailed happening out when the Coventry swimming baths were at their quietest and holding my brothers hold me while I tried to acquire to clasps with it. Strangely my will to larn to swim has ever been at that place. but I think deep down I have convinced myself that I’m ne’er traveling to be able swim unaided.

My brothers rapidly would go impatient with me and this was ne’er traveling to assist me larn. I asked my sister to assist me larn how to swim. this was hard for my sister at this clip because she was raising a household. but we arranged times and we gave it a spell. I thought that I was traveling to be able to be taught by my sister. I knew she would hold more forbearance than my brothers and I besides knew that she had taught them how to swim. This made me confident that I would check it this clip. I feel I have any fright of the H2O. I have no job of acquiring moisture or seting my caput under the H2O. but alas everything my sister tried with me I merely seemed to drop.

I gave up seeking for about eight old ages. working and raising my ain household distracted my adequate to set this to the dorsum of my head. I was working as a store fitter with a friend’s hubby. called Terry and I mentioned what I was making at the weekend. so I asked him what he was making. When he informed me that he helped out at the Kenilworth swimming baths at the weekend my non swimming job came up. At this Terry said I’ll Teach you how to swim. I’m a trained lifesaver. I agreed to run into him at the swimming baths after work and I tried once more. I done everything Terry asked me to make to the best of my ability but to no help.

I merely seem to drop ; even Terry couldn’t understand the grounds why I couldn’t swim. I can swim if I have my small finger on a float but if I let travel of that float down I go. now I know that this could be a mental thing. Somewhere inside my caput I have likely told myself that I was ne’er meant to swim. I haven’t every tested since so. if a lifesaver can’t learn me to swim I can’t see anybody that can. In the terminal I merely gave up. I believed through the deficiency of assurance that I was ne’er traveling learn.

I think the grounds why the two acquisition experiences were so different were because of all kinds of factors. one was decidedly the one to one tuition that I received for the skiing. Thinking about it now. I may hold besides had it in the dorsum of my head that the swimming was something I could populate without whereas at the clip of larning. the skiing wasn’t. I do repent non larning to swim and I haven’t ruled out giving it another spell. but I would merely seek and larn with one to one instruction from a trained swimming teacher. I have tried many times to larn to swim and I think every clip I tried was another clip when I likely thought I am merely unable to hold on this. This idea in head. the opportunities of get the better ofing the deficiency of assurance to make it has merely become harder.

I don’t experience that acquiring my brothers to learn me was of all time traveling to work. unlike the skiing instructor’s learning techniques they merely seemed to seek and learn me because I asked. The skiing teacher truly made me experience like that he wanted to learn even me more than I wanted to larn. This positive attack to learning truly worked for me. Besides the fact he didn’t cognize me seemed to assist. whereas I found that people who do cognize you seem to lose their forbearance with you quicker. This experience besides learnt me at an early age to hold forbearance with others that may non be able to make something that you find easy. So I really managed to larn something from neglecting to larn something.


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