Sumazau Dance Essay

September 18, 2017 Music

Sumazau dance is a popular cultural dance from Sabah. This traditional dance has ever been correlated to the folk of Kadazandusun. a folk that populates and settees in Sabah. The locals from the territory of Penampang are well well-versed in this type of dance. Bing the most celebrated dance in Sabah. it has besides become the “symbol” of Sabah. Hence. it can be meditated as the province dance of Sabah.

Additionally. Sumazau dance is oftem performed as a Thanksgiving to the God and the liquors for the ample and generous crop during the Harvest Festival. or normally known as Pesta Ka’amatan in the province of Sabah which is celebrated every May of the twelvemonth.

It is besides performed as a Thanksgiving for activities related with the rejection of the ground forces. the spirit of worship and to bring around diseases. Apart from that. although its chief intent is to welcome the rice spirit. “Bambaazon” . it can be normally seen to be performed in societal assemblages. marrying jubilations. amusement occasions. welcome very important persons and other of import maps other than gay occasions. Therefore. most of the people would hold with the fact that a Sabah cultural show is considered imperfect without the public presentation of this well-known dance.

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As a description for this popular dance. it is performed by provincials comprises of both work forces and adult females. It has the distinguished features of a slow rhythmic motions of the heels’ of the terpsichoreans while their arm gestures float gracefully at about the shoulder degree with a little bending of their cubitus and carpus which are similar to that of a bird surging up to the sky. Alternatively. their weaponries are swung quietly like a pendulum and analogue to the sides of their organic structure. Besides that. this dance is farther accompanied with a gong ensemble. These tam-tams which are made up of six pieces of different sizes are played to present the music.

In add-on. the costumes of Sumazau dance are truly Kadazan and are usually black in coloring material. These simple looking yet elegant costumes are made from stuffs of velvet type enhanced and adorned with suited accoutrements. For the male terpsichoreans. they wear an embroidered headdress named siga. a long-sleeved top named gaung and a brace of black pants which is known as souva together along an extended vibrant girdle. Furthermore. a grass-like material which is comprises of thenar foliages is wore by the work forces by binding it on a rope and strung over their shoulder.

It is said that this corsage of dried hisad thenar foliages are able to trail away the evil spirit. On the other manus. the female terpsichoreans wear a sleeveless blouse named sinuangga along a full-length sarong named tapi ( which indicates that she is still individual ) . Then. this costume is complete with a figure of rows of Ag coin belts which is known as himpogot and up to three weighty belts comprises of single brass rings which is known as tangkong.


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