Summarise key aspects of legislation

May 10, 2018 Teaching

Summarise the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your subject and type of organisation within which you work My role as a dementia awareness trainer and assessor requires me to have an understanding of the wide range of legislations and codes of practice affecting my work role. These provide guidelines to protect staff and learners, whilst in the teaching environment. As an assessor, I need to ensure the welfare and safety of learners, whilst supporting their development and here the legislations provide guidance.

The Children Act 2004 also known as ‘Every Child Matters’ is aimed at children, young people and vulnerable adults, but many of its provisions are applicable to adult teaching. Its key aims are: be healthy, stay safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being (Teachernet, 2009). The following legislations help me to achieve this. The Health & safety at work act 1974, states you are responsible to ensure the reasonable safety of yourselves and others.

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I provide learners with information for safety in the classroom including the location of fire exits and emergency fire procedures. My employer carries out a risk assessment or HASP of all learning zones, ensuring the safety of assessors and learners before the learning commences. As directed by the I. S. A. (independent safeguarding authority) a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check is carried out on me, for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults, who I may come in contact with during my work.

I must recognise diversity and not discriminate in respect of disability, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs. (Morris, 2007) Suggests making appropriate and positive arrangements and changes to my teaching, where necessary, which I agree demonstrates the provider’s and my own commitment to equality and diversity. Legislations in relation to this include, The Race Relations Act 1976 amended 2000, Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Human Rights Act 1998, Equal Opportunities Act 2004, Equality Act 2010.

These acts are about acknowledging and respecting the individual needs of the learner, helping and supporting where appropriate (Gravells, 2007) which I do, by not discriminating, offering my full support, providing fair and valid assessments of candidates work regardless. I maintain confidentiality in accordance with The Data Protection act 1998. Paper based or computer held data is kept and processed in a confidential manner. I keep candidates portfolios safe as they contain personal data.

I ask candidates to maintain confidentiality when discussing cases, by using initials rather than names when referring to third parties. My subject is Dementia awareness and it is necessary I keep updated on relevant legislations, such as: •Mental Health Act (1983) •Disability Discrimination Acts of 1995 and 2005 •Care Standards Act (2000) •Mental Capacity Act (2005) (including, Deprivation of liberty safeguards (2009) •NICE-SCIE Guideline on supporting people with dementia and their carer`s in health and social care.

As my candidates need to demonstrate knowledge in these areas. Consideration must also be given to the codes of practice of City & guilds awarding body. This gives guidance on operational quality assurance procedures and systems ensuring professionalism in NVQ programmes are upheld. To summarise legislations and codes of practice are varied and important and are generally to protect people and to improve their lives. They provide the right to challenge and enforced rights and ensure those rights are upheld. (495 words)


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