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April 18, 2018 Religion

In Simon Young’s essay “Universities, Governments and Industry: Can the Essential Nature of Universities Survive the Drive to Commercialize? ” Young implies many universities increase their focus on commercializing rather than focusing to increase a higher branch of learning for university students. Throughout the essay Young voices his concern for this issue through the use of statistics, concrete facts, research and by acknowledging the issue Young is able to inform his readers about the increase rate of commercialization from universities which he believes is a universities purpose.

Young notes 40 years of his life were spent at Universities and this allows the gain of credibility. Young’s audience are members of psychiatry and neuroscience members, perhaps researchers and or professors. Throughout the essay Young compares universities in the past to universities present. He notes similarities and differences that he has noticed and uses this to inform his readers about significant change. Comparisons made from past and present univeristies allow Young to justify his belief that universities are in fact changing. However, in spite of marked differences, there are similarities between what happened then and what is happening today,… then the dogma of religion, now the dogma of business-threatening to change the activities of the community of teachers and scholars” (217). He believes that universities in the past were focused on student interests and suggests that present universities are interested with profit that can be made through commercialization. Young quotes noted public figures ie: President Bush.

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By stating Bush’s quote in his essay, Young is able to support his belief that the government is funding research programs for universities through commercialization. Young summarizes Bush’s quote and keeps a neutral opinion. This allows the reader to think for themselves about this issue. By writing Bush’s opinion Young is able to suggest that the funding needed from the departmental chairs has decreased and an increased funding through from the government. It also suggests that the relationship between departmental chairs and students can be the cause of a decreasing relationship.

Young in his essay presents statistical facts “… with a 126 per cent increase in revenues from licence royalties between 1999 and 2001. Most major universities have now a technology trasnfer office… ” (218). By stating a formal opinion Young is able to show commercialization has had an icrease throughout the years and justifies this by presenting statistical facts. Young also implies that universities are interseted in commercialization whenever there ae profits to be made. Young also describes a report from the Canadian Association of University Teachers which suggests that academic medicine in danger.

By describing this report Young is successful in showing that researchers are interested in anti-depressants because they make more money vs. psychotherapy which Young writes have the same effect on treatment. By including this report in his essay Young is able to show his concern for the decreased attention in psychotherapy which can possibly jeopardize the ethics behind research. Once again Young shows that research advocates would rather make profit through commercialization. Young begins his essay by defining the word university from a dictionary.

Young uses this definition to remind his readers about what a university should be and later uses concrete research to explain why that definition cannot be used today because of significant changes that continue to occur in universities. Overall, Young is effective in informing his readers about the change in universities by using concrete facts rather than stating his own opinion. Young is affirmative when presenting concrete facts although in the end of his essay he is not confident that universities can continue to hold their original purpose with continuous outside influences.


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