Summary of ARISE: A Destination-for-a-Day Spa Essay

August 6, 2017 Management

ARISE is a company which operates in watering place industry. ARISE offers its clients a “destination-for-a-day spa” with spa interventions. health. beauty services and besides personal coaching related to nutrition. fittingness and emphasis decrease. ARISE is distinguished from conventional watering place centres with its aim of edifice strong client relationships by engaging a staff of full-time professional watering place specializers. These specializers are called personal health managers ( PWC ) . who are responsible for both presenting forte interventions and coaching-related activities. Besides. ARISE provides particular preparation Sessionss and patterns for its employees. ARISE’s scheme is to supply high quality services and installations while maintaining monetary values somewhat lower than the rivals and offering its staff a modest wage with scheme of “Hire the best and maintain them for less” . However. company provides its employees other benefits like large tips. calling development. professional intervention. wellness insurance. free watering place interventions and fillips.

Although clients are largely satisfied with their overall experience with ARISE. ARISE have issues of HRM. high turnover and consequently a fiscal public presentation which is lower than expected. In spa industry. turnover rates are really high but low turnover rate is really of import for the success of ARISE. When a PWC quit. ARISE loses an norm of 55 % of that PWC’s clients because of the fact that there is close interaction and high communicating between clients and PWCs of ARISE. In add-on. most of the engagements in May. June and July 2009 came from clients who had experience with one of the PWCs. Management thought that compensation bundle and benefits were really attractive for occupation appliers and employees. Nevertheless. employee studies show that employees are non satisfied. The chief issue for them is that company raises the outlooks of employees offering high tips but tips don’t meet employee’s…

Arise Spa Essay

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Established by Kristen Chambers in 2009.
Focused on chief services of pedicures. hair titling and manicures. Vision: To set up a twenty-four hours watering place that had a feel of a finish installation. Emphasis on wellness benefits of watering place interventions.
Originally hired 12 PWCs.
Increased to 32 full-time PWCs.

“By taking clip to develop our PWCs about new wellness and well-being patterns. we’ll be role-modeling the type of training we want them to supply to their clients. ” In add-on to supplying interventions. PWCs besides provided training to the clients. Chambers wanted to engage the best employees and wanted to maintain them for less. PWCs were encouraged to maintain up to day of the month with new services and merchandises.


High Employee turnover.

Low tips.
Recruitment & A ; Selection.
Lack of employee preparation.
Compensation & A ; Benefits non sufficient.
Lack of public presentation direction system.


Recruitment & A ; Selection
Orientation & A ; Training.
Leadership Development
Compensation & A ; Benefits.

Team Building.
Organizational Structure
17 % turnover in first 3 quarters.
37 % Employee turnover at the terminal of first twelvemonth.
63 % of the PWCs hired in first two old ages quit the occupation.
Expected tipping rate was 25 % when the watering place started.
Compensation from tips were 50 % lower than expected.

No specific enlisting process.
Merely Highly-Experienced campaigners were hired but. were non given a high wage rate. No occupation descriptions and specifications were provided.
About no clip devoted for preparation.
No plans in topographic point for preparation and development.
Highly experient staff was hired without sufficient wage of benefits. Bare-bones benefits bundle.
No formal public presentation assessment system in topographic point.
Employees were straight appraised by the manager.
Management should keep quarterly meetings.
An HR forces should be hired.
360-degree assessment method should be followed.
PWCs schedules…


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