Summary of Management

Communication: is the transfer and understanding of meaning. ? Transfer of meaning :if information or ideas have not been conveyed, communication hasnt taken place ? Understanding of meaning : the meaning must be imparted and understood so that communication can be succesful • Interpersonal communication : betweeen two or more people • Organizational communication: which is all the patterns, networks, and systems of communication within an organization. FUNCTIONS OF COMMUNICATIONS 1.

Control : communication acts to control employee in several ways through the hierarchy within the company -> 2. Motivate: communication motivate employee by clarifying the employees what is to be done, how well they’re doing, and what can be done to improve performance 3. Emotional expressions : through communications that takes place within the teamwork, employees can express their emotions of feelings and for fulfillment of social needs 4. Information : Communication provides the information needed to get things done in organizations 15. 2 METHODS OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION

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Elements of communication process A. A purpose, a message to be conveyed must exist. B. Passes betwen sender and receiver. C. Then message is converted into symbolics (encoding) and passed by way of some medium (channel) to the receiver D. Receiver translate the sender’s message (decoding) E. Result : transfer of meaning from one person to another -noise : diturbances that interfere with the transmission, receipt, or feedback message Ex: phonecalls, background sound of machinery or coworkers 12 QUESTIONS TO EVALUATE THE COMMUNICATION METHOD 1.

Organizational members can communicate with each other through email, instant message, social medias, and so on b) Wireless Capabilities: Wireless Capabilities such as Wifi and hotspots help to improve work for managers and employees who mostly use computing devices to keep in touch with work HOW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AFFECTS ORGANIZATIONS Employees need information to make decisions to their work and technology can significantly affect the way that organizational members communicate, share information, and do their work.

COMMUNICATION ISSUES IN TODAYS WORLD Managing communication in an internet world ? Employees are now regularly plugged in to blogs, social networks, wikis and other web services that create communication challanges. The two main ones are : 1. Legal and Securities Issues Managers need to be aware of potential legal problems and inappropriate usage of emailss, blogs, tweets. Electronic information is potentially admissible in court. ———————– message receiver medium message decoding encoding noise sender feedback



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