Summary of Needs

June 22, 2018 Marketing

The Riordan Manufacturing model has an intricate Active Directory Design for the organization. With special attention paid to the decisions regarding forests and domains and the positioning of the Domain Name Service (DNS). There are several different network services like sendmail, httpd, nfsd and ypserv (, 2009). The entire concept of DNS is to apply a server to all clientele with both sides needing configuration.

To configure a service that can store large amounts of data via multiple computers within a company, a Domain Name Service (DNS) is used. The IP addresses are issued to the network and communications can be easily managed from computer to computer, from executive to staff member. For any network-based service, the network  daemon will analyze the message or files that are intended for communication throughout the company or organization.

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Riordan’s Active Directory system involves the use of a domain forest in which the Corporate executives comprise the highest domain, and the sub-domains include the plants located in Albany, San Jose, China, and Pontiac. The Corporate domain will also hold a subdivision for Global Groups for its international market. This forest structure allows all of Riordan’s assets and plants to be headed by one large corporate domain.

Summary of Needs
This company needs a comprehensive renovation of its computer networking system. After the success seen from Riordan active directory, this company should follow their example to benefit from the system they have created. There are many steps involved in the set up, and the following business proposal will outline the process.

Executive Summary
The Task

To set up the DNS server, there are several components that will need to be set up. The first is the descriptive name to be assigned to the server. These are the names for the machines, which are followed by the distinguishing IP address. At this point, a named configuration file will create the boundaries that are directed toward the domain database information. Next, the hint file, also known as the cache file, is set up to include the name of the root server which will provide a backup system in case the machine’s name is not found in the user defined zone. All configurations require a localhost database address (, 2009).

DNS management will provide new jobs for an IT Management team. The management will allow the maintenance of DNS records. The transfer of services from server to server is essential to competing businesses. Domain management and website content will constantly be updated.

Adopting the Riordan Active Directory Model
The first step is the implementation of the new Active Directory Model after the removal of the 2003 servers. By installing the active directory model in each individual plant, network managers will be able to efficiently communicate among the different plants. Servers, laptops and other components of the companies computers will be managed from a centralized console belonging to the system administrator. The communications delivered through the Active Directory are automatically managed to ensure maximum efficiency as well as stability.

This company will be structured as the domain forest where the corporate headquarters in main cities will have sub-domains that contain the international and national interests of the business. Global productions such as the sales and marketing department will account for every employee in each of their respective area of management.

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