Summary Of The Shawshank Redemption Film Studies Essay

October 27, 2017 Film Studies

This film is an American play movie which was directed and written by Frank Darabont in 1994. It is based on Shawshank Redemption and the Stephen King novelette Rita Hayworth. The movie histrions include Tim Robbins moving as Andrew “ Andy ” Dufresne with Morgan Freeman moving as Ellis Boyd “ Red ” Redding.

It shows Andy holding to pass about twenty old ages in a fictional penitentiary named Shawshank State prison in Maine and his fellow inmate Red. Though there was a hapless response that could non cover the budget, this film received positive reappraisals and has ever enjoyed singular life on media. It is placed extremely among great films and postulating for first topographic point in the cyberspace films.


In 1947, Andrew “ Andy ” who is a banker is convicted of perpetrating slaying to his married woman and the secret lover, under strong grounds. He is hence sentenced to two life sentences which were to be back-to-back at Shawshank State Prison in Maine, which is run by Samuel Norton ( Bob Gunton ) being the warden. He is quickly befriended by Red an inmate in the prison who is functioning a life sentence and has failed to derive word. Red acquires contraband from the exterior for the other inmates which he has connexions with and to get down with Andy asks for some stone cock which could assist him to keep his avocation of stone aggregation used in forging his local cheat set. Andy so asks him for some posting of Rita Hayworth for the wall.

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As Andy works, he overhears Byron Hadley ( Clancy Brown ) , the captain to all the guards kicking about paying revenue enhancement on an approaching heritage. He risks penalty by traveling in front to explicate to the captain on how to avoid the revenue enhancement legally of which the captain agrees to and honor the friends with beer and reprieve. Other guards within the same prison and others from the adjacent prisons sought Andy ‘s advice on fundss and hence he is allowed to work in their money affairs as he maintained the library in the prison together with an older inmate named Brooks Hatlen ( James Whitmore ) . Through this good will Andy is able to spread out this library. The sisters which is a pack led by Bogs ( Mark Rolston ) attempted to sexually assail Andy but Hadley delivered a barbarous whipping to their leader which left him paralytic and the remainder of the pack left Andy entirely. Andy being cognizant of the lone parturiency that he would have for a minute of cloud nine goes in front and plays an opera named Marriage of Figaro which had been donated, over the system of public reference for all his chap inmates.

Warden Norton so creates a strategy which uses prison labour in public plants therefore cut downing cost of skilled labour and in secret having private kickbacks for the secret plan. Andy launders the hard currency with a false individuality hence being allowed to hold his ain cell and continues to keep the library. Brooks was freed on word and is non able to get by with the universe and ends up hanging himself and so the library being expanded is dedicated to him. Andy dedicates the expanded library to him. Subsequently on in 1965, Tommy Williams ( Gil Bellows ) is imprisoned in Shawshank due to robbery charges and joins the Red and Andy ‘s coterie of friends and is assisted by them. After larning what made Andy be imprisoned, Tommy revealed that Elmo Blatch ( Bill Bolender ) , another prison mate, claims that he committed slaying similar to the 1 that Andy had been charged. Andy is put into parturiency after Norton feared that he would expose his illegal concerns incase he was released. Tommy is so killed by Hadley and claimed he was seeking to get away. Afterwards Andy is released from the parturiency and Norton threatens that he would convey down the library unless he continues washing the hard currency for him.

Sometime after, Andy tells Red his dream of passing his life in Zihuatanejo, a Pacific-Mexican coastal town, he thenceforth instructs Red that if he is of all time released that he should travel to a specified meadow in Buxton and happen something that he had kept at that place. During axial rotation call the following twenty-four hours, the private cell of Andy is found empty. Due to anger, Norton throws one stone of Andy at Welch ‘s posting which is lacerate uncovering the tunnel Andy had dug utilizing the cock twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours given by Red. This tunnel allowed him to get away the prison with his cheat set, civilian apparels and Norton ‘s books which he had swapped with shams the old dark. Using his false individuality, Andy withdraws all the Norton ‘s hard currency and there after sends grounds to the local daily. When the narrative is published, the constabulary arrive at the prison and apprehension Hadley. Norton so commits self-destruction.

After functioning 40 yeas in prison, Red attains parole and starts a food market shop merely like Brooks. He so decides to see Buxton as directed by Andy. He finds a good sum of money and a note stating him of Zihuatanejo from Andy in the specified meadow. He so travels to Mexico against his Parole and they reunite merrily on the seashore.

The rubric of this film additions its significance as the film comes to an terminal, Andy is saved through the experience he had in the prison. He learns more about life in prison and besides taught others. His salvation comes after the flight from prison. In this film the chief techniques and thoughts carried in it include being illuming, H2O and walls. Andy is trapped by nonliteral and actual walls, foremost trapped by a nonliteral one of losing his married woman so in prison he was trapped by the walls. In his cell, there are names inscribed in the walls which make him believe of scratching his in the wall which so gives him the thought of burrowing out. The walls in the library are worn and cracked which can besides stand for the province of the heads of the captives with an illustration of Brooks. In the beginning they hate the walls but subsequently on they become familiar and they even rely on them such that they provide strength an illustration being Andy when he talks about his dreams in Mexico and thenceforth flights through the same wall. The lighting plays an of import function including the recedings, shadows and the partial sunshine stand foring nebulose moral and mental province of most of characters. When Sun shines it merely shines in the back side of the character and this shows that they know more about their truths merely partly. Darkness in the prison reflects that it was highly dark in the lives of the characters as they had their ain ideas. The decease of Tommy happened during the dark demoing the avoiding of the truth. After Hadley commits the offense he walks to the light screening that he someway realizes the incorrect he had committed. At the terminal of the film everything is seen as it is as Andy and Red meet at the beach. Water on the other manus has the purification consequence, as Andy escapes the H2O we see represents physical, religious and mental purification of Andy. When all the three thoughts are connected, they create a flow of the current which shows a deeper significance of the film. The pick of the names of the character reveals more about the character for illustration Tommy has behaviours that are tommy intending fighting between evil and good. Symmetry is used where similar things happen but show contrast at the terminal an illustration is the freedom of Andy at the beginning and at the terminal of the film, in the beginning he was free but his married woman was incarcerating him because she is unfaithful whereas at the terminal he is to the full free and able to carry through his dreams. The usage of colorss in a scene gives it a deeper significance like in this film, ruddy as a coloring material is really of import. The married woman excessively Andy is in a ruddy frock demoing her exposure to the passions of wickedness. The ruddy and bluish trunkss worn by the inmates stand foring struggle between the worlds that they are in prison and the desire to be free. The ruddy and white coffin nail package represents Tommy ‘s desire of stating the truth and Norton ‘s choler seeking to maintain it a secret. As Norton commits self-destruction he is in a ruddy tie stand foring his pride. When in prison about everything is dark blue or grey stand foring hopelessness but when bluish appears in the terminal of the movie, it is vivacious and bright reflecting a new start of life. Injustice is shown by the white people in Red ‘s hearings and they can besides stand for moral rightness the board should judge and stand for. White at the terminal of this film reflects justness being served by Andy. The green moss on the walls represents Andy ‘s enviousness to those that are free. Green is besides seen when Red works at the greengrocer he wears the green duster to demo that he is non wholly free which makes him covetous. He so bought a green compass screening that he was non yet where he wanted to be in footings of freedom. Black usually represents evil but in the instance of Andy it reflected his goodness.

There is sarcasm in this film. The first regulation is that there should be no blasphemy, ironically the warden himself blasphemies all that he comes across including that he used Andy in washing the hard currency. He ordered the deceases of Tommy and Bogs. During the wardens first meeting with the inmates he talked of dedication to the bible and subject but believes in a kind of command and he does non follow the Torahs stated in it. Other minor symbolic significances are really of import, the stones and the cheat demo his refined and punctilious nature. His pick of music shows hope and freedom. His postings on the wall demo some concealment of existent truth. His flight symbolizes an terminal to an unfair and long conflict that he was forced into. The Mexican metropolis symbolizes Andy ‘s life which he deserves and dreams of. Through the usage of all these techniques the spectator can see true character of the histrions. Much can be taken from it when the spectator understands the deeper significance of the film.


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