Summary of Turkle’s article “Stop googling. Let’s

March 24, 2019 Communication

Summary of Turkle’s article
“Stop googling. Let’s talk.” is an article published in The New York times written by Sheeery Turkle at Sep 26th, 2015. Turkle pointed out that the use of smartphones has negatively affected people’s way of communication. According to the article, Turkle claimed that the overuse of smartphones hurts people’s ability to interact and communicate with others face-to-face. The smartphone users have become lack of empathy, and feel a sense of loss. However, Turkle not only presented those problems but also solutions. The most significant point of Turkle’s solutions is solitude. As he said, we can learn to recognize and concentrate ourselves in solitude. After we learn those skills in solitude, we get better self-understanding, and it also help us to understand others better during a conversation. Turkle also gave out a tip that is set up a digital device-free space at home.


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