Summary: Sense and Sensibility

January 1, 2017 General Studies

In this book, we will see how two girls can change their sense to sensibility. When they finally become sensible, they get what they desire. Sense and Sensibility opens in Sussex, England. Mr. Dashwood had past away and the will was presented to the family. What must be understood was Mr. Dashwood had two families, his former wife and their son (John Dashwood) and his present wife (Mrs. Dashwood) and their three daughters (Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret). Unfortunately, Mr. Dashwood never updated his will and his first family received all the benefits from the will. Therefore, John Dashwood and his possessive, controlling wife (Fanny) got the house that the Dashwood’s (Mrs. Dashwood and her three girls) lived in. John Dashwood intended to financially supply the Dashwood’s some money (at least A? 500), but his wife convinced him not to. John and Fanny took the Dashwood’s home, leaving the Dashwood’s to find somewhere else to live. John allowed the Dashwoods to stay in the house until they found somewhere else to go. During this time, Fanny’s brother, Edward Ferrars arrived at the house for a visit. The daughters became acquainted with Edward. Elinor was attracted to Edward, and so was he to her. Fanny did not like this at all and made a horrible comment to Mrs. Dashwood in regards to their lack of money and how Edward could never marry someone poor. Mrs. Dashwood was hurt and later that day she got news that John Middleton had a small cottage for her and her three daughters. Mrs. Dashwood immediately accepted. .

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The cottage was suitable and the Dashwood found it comfortable. John Middleton and his late wife’s mother (Mrs. Jennings) are their generous and friendly neighbors. This is where the Dashwoods met Colonel Brandon, a landowner (he secretly is attracted to Marianne). One day, Marianne took a walk in the countryside and sprained her foot. A young man named Willoughby brings her home.


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