Sun Tzu Describes Five Major Qualities English Language Essay

September 28, 2017 English Language

Leadership and direction are the two Fieldss we are being invariably bombarded by new crazes, some utile and some non so utile. In recent old ages we have seen many types of leading manners being practiced such as magnetic leading, transactional leading, transformational leading, degree five leading, emotional intelligence ( EQ ) and now spiritualty. These are all utile theoretical accounts and without them we would be hard pressed to do sense of the complexnesss of modern administrations and the people who lead them. These theoretical accounts do non emerge from some kind of primeval soup, neither people sit down in their offices and carefully build them but they all have appeared in our ancient history.

2. If we look back in antediluvian times Sun Tzu ‘s ‘The Art of War ‘ , a 2,500 twelvemonth old book on military scheme, we find that most of his instructions are still relevant even in todays technologically advanced modern twenty-four hours war. The ‘Art of War ‘ written by Sun Tzu is regarded as one of the best and most successful certification of military schemes.

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3. Sun Tzu said that “ a general must see and cognize entirely, intending that he should be able to see and cognize what others can non. Sing what others do non see is called glare, cognizing what others do non cognize is called mastermind. Briliant masterminds win foremost, intending that they defend in a such manner as to be impregnable and onslaught in such a manner as to be resistless ”[ 1 ].

4. Sun Tzu ‘s ‘Art of War ‘ mainly trades with the aim of winning conflicts with minimal attempt, minimal struggle, lower limit losingss and maximal operational efficiency, which are besides the slogan of modern corporates. In the book Sun Tzu has mentioned that best winning is to win without contending which has become really of import in leading schemes.

In his book Sun Tzu had mentioned that: –

‘if you know yourself and your enemy, you ‘d certainly win ‘

‘if you know yourself but non your enemy, you may either win or lose ‘

‘if you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you would lose ‘[ 2 ]

5. While there has been a great trade of accent on the personality of the leader in modern leading literature it is neither a new nor a fresh thought. In fact, the leading traits of an effectual leader were described by Sun Tzu over 2500 old ages ago and when one adds the dimensions of the follower and the state of affairs to the leading equation, “ the Art of War ” becomes a enchiridion for leading. A leader takes a really critical function in winning a war and Suntzu promotes leader as the cardinal point in his last chapter[ 3 ]. The strong qualities and capablenesss of a leader determine the success achieved in war whereas his failings will take his followings into licking. This war scheme is already really old but it is still relevant in discoursing the function of leaders in technologically advanced modern twenty-four hours battlefield trasperrency.

6. Sun Tzu describes five major qualities/traits of an effectual leader which in bends describes the character of an person. Leadership is a affair of intelligence, trustiness, humaneness, bravery and sternness[ 4 ]. A leader must possess the strength of character to guarantee he takesA all these qualities into consideration to be effectual and animating others. Leadership is the chief constituent of guaranting a unstable determination doing rhythm and Master Sun laid a batch of accent on a leader to pattern these basic qualities to cut down clash.

( a ) Intelligence. The intelligence and professional competency of a leader and his ability to utilize his intelligence and gained cognition to be after and finish the professional undertakings at manus is really critical.A leader must be technically adept and tactically sound so that his followings develop full religion and follow him without oppugning. Leading by illustration is a powerful tool and if a leader is professionally competent and have equal cognition of his occupation the people follow. Reliance on intelligence entirely will ensue in defiance. Leaderships are in procedure of constantA acquisition and germinating assorted methods to get by with the altering environmental, conventional and unconventionalA menaces we face. A leader must be able to efficaciously pass on and set fwd his ideas, must be able to understand the nature of struggle and the manner it unfolds.A The leader must understand scheme and indispensable tactics in order to observe, avoid, and decide struggle, and do a sound program to win.A The jurisprudence enforcement and security leader must cognize the regulations of battle, and the Torahs regulating these regulations, the hazard interest involved in these brushs and still react efficaciously. Another of import constituent to a leaders cognition is that Sun Tzu ‘s theories are based on winning without struggle. Master Sun laid batch of accent on winning without contending and said that those who win every conflict are non truly adept — — — — — a good and intelligent leader has sound and effectual programs to render the other ground forcess helpless without contending. Sun Tzu said that “ To contend and suppress in all your conflicts is non supreme excellence ; supreme excellence consists in interrupting the enemy ‘s opposition without contending ”[ 5 ]. The leaders cognition of scheme and tactics must take into consideration, de-escalation techniques, clime and positioning based on the environment. Decisions must be made as to which members on the squad qualifies, and placed in the place, with the best opportunity to decide the affair by first reduction and so deciding the state of affairs without escalation of struggle, if possible. Leaderships must besides see eventualities and fix for a more dynamic response by positioning other members of the organisation if escalation is necessary.

( B ) SunTzu said that “ generals are helpers of the state. When their helper is complete, the state is strong. When their aid is faulty, the state is weak ”[ 6 ]. Ho Yan Xi farther amplifies his statement where he describes the word ‘complete ‘ which means the ability, thoroughness and intelligence of the generals. A state is safe and strong if its generals are exhaustively able, intelligent, have sound cognition of advancement of operations. The generals must hold in depth cognition of all the scientific disciplines of warfare before they command their ain soldiers in conflict and be able to measure the battleground intelligence, conflict formations to set and appropriately modify at that place programs. A wise commanding officer is able to acknowledge altering fortunes and act efficiently to his ain advantage.

( degree Celsius ) Trustworthy. To be honorable and consecutive forward is one of the most of import traits those being led respond to. If we as a leader fail to be honest, we lose regard of those whom we lead and organisational productiveness and overall mission is put in great hazard. A leader must develop trust and assurance of his work forces which develops with feelings of grasps and common bonds between leader and led established in the head of people in the beginning. Master Sun brought out the importance of wagess and penalties merely after the personal fond regard to the leading is formed. “ If military personnels are punished before their loyality is secured they will be disobedient. If non obedient, it is hard to use them. If military personnels are loyal, but penalties are non enforced, you can non use them ”[ 7 ].A It is astonishing what people will accept wages and punishmentsA when they sense it comes from a just and trusty leader. Trustworthiness in a leader, leads to coherence and develops common trusts and bonding.A Mutual trust takes topographic point and shows itself in an organisation where the leaders exhibit full religion and trust on their frontline soldiers to carry through the mission and those frontline soldiers do hold full religion and assurance that they will be supported by their leaders in all aspects in finishing the mission. Developed “ common trust ” is paramount to guaranting integrity and focal point which leads to single penetration, imaginativeness and enterprise. It leads to optimal situational consciousness and critical determination devising, which in bend leads to allow action.A

( vitamin D ) Humaneness. A leader must be caring and human in his traffics. He must love world, sympathises with others and appreciates their work. A leader must see his soldiers as his kids, & A ; they will follow him into the deepest vale ; look upon them as your ain darling boies, & A ; they would stand by you even unto decease. Leaderships frequently get places of authorization and bury this critical constituent. We must demo we care about our people and their feelings if we are to animate and make advanced people. By caring a leader should demo an uncommon committedness to the organisational ends and the ends of persons in the organisation. We do this by making the best people, through sharing information, preparation and educating our people so they can be effectual at the clip and topographic point required. Caring for members of the organisation is besides shown through the two antecedently discussed traits intelligence and trustiness. Sometimes despite our best purposes things go incorrect in het dynamic brushs faced by jurisprudence enforcement and security professionals. All organisations face failure and errors but in our military profession that error can intend the difference between life and decease, human life and decease. In these minutes a leader must be courageous and imperativeness on and face hardship which involves hazard. Mistakes, failure is frequently seen in merely a bad visible radiation, but the true strategian, tactician and leader understands, more is learned from failure and that failure is portion of helter-skelter dynamic brushs. It takes true strength of character and bravery to progress and finish the mission despite hardship during and in the wake of an brush.

( vitamin E ) Courage. It can be shown physically by confronting physical challenges of an armed person and resolution that menace consequently. If a general is non brave he will be unable to suppress uncertainties or to make great programs. Courage is besides internally, known as moral bravery where you as a leader base up for, support, your people in an attempt to demo the well intending purpose of your organisation. It besides means acknowledging errors and disputing others to larn from and accommodate the lessons learned to future jobs. In today ‘s clime where explicit replies are sought even for dynamic brushs that require inexplicit judgements ‘ in quickly altering fortunes a leader must be brave and “ make bold what seem like the impossible ” and face the hardship caput on.

( degree Fahrenheit ) Strict. To carry through our ends as an person or organisation, Sun Tzu says we as leaders must be rigorous. We must be willing to make what needs to be done. This includes a deep expression into ourselves as leaders, a ego appraisal, to guarantee that we are so the best leader. We must be willing to take even in unpleasant state of affairss, after all that is when a true leader shows the material he/she is made of.A You must be at that place to take and be seen taking charge in a assortment of state of affairss. This has a enormous consequence onA the focal point of an organisation. So acquire out in forepart and be in charge, suffer the adversities and presume the hazards and portion the triumphs and lickings. You will be amazed at how this affects the morale and overall integrity and focal point of an organisation in run intoing its ends.

7. Sun Tzu had discussed in chapter 8 about nine discrepancies which describes five failings of a leader, which are utile agencies to measure and measure the quality of our leaders. These five failings[ 8 ]and their impact on leading manners are enumerated below: –

( a ) A Foolhardy Leader Might Get Killed. In a war, bravery is one power a leader must hold. But, bravery with no consideration comes with considerable hazards of falling into licking. Courage is non merely a finding covered with foolhardiness. A leader who manages to travel to war with neither construct nor scheme is doomed to black foolhardiness.

( B ) A Cowardly Leader Might Get Captured. A leader holding a pretty psyche laden with concerns and frights will ever waver in doing determinations. If he keeps this attitude in any of his action, enemy would easy expect his moves. So in any chance he would fall into enemy ‘s custodies.

( degree Celsius ) A Temperamental Leader Might Easily Be Provoked. Anger will merely drop a individual to the “ grave ” of his self-importance which so easy immerse him into problems. Emotional or temperamental attitude of a leader will to the full expose him to aggravation. This will finally take him into moving recklessly and gulling himself so a temperamental leader could really likely autumn trapped into some “ mud-hole ” ready to destroy him.

( vitamin D ) A Megalomaniac Leader Might Easily Fall Victim To Slander. If a leader is excessively dying to support his honor and to laud his position and place, it might do him an easy mark of slander. Such a leader, particularly in prosecuting higher rubric, might be given to move recklessly to accomplish his aspiration. In such status he might be accused of selfishly advancing himself while reglecting the true kernel of his battle.

( vitamin E ) A Submissive Leader Might Be Disappointed. Compassion is a baronial character that must be steadfastly retained. Nevertheless a leader who is excessively easy to demo compassion could merely be disappointed. An overly inconsiderate compassion for his people will merely do problems. Any policy decided merely after much opinion is likely to blow so much clip as to lose any good opportunity coming along at the clip.

All these five traits mentioned above are serious mistakes in a general and in military operations are calamitious. The ruin of a ground forces and decease of the general are inevitable consequences of these defects. They must be profoundly pondered.

8. Sun Tzu discussed several ways to actuate & amp ; lead military personnels in conflict which incl taking by illustration, sharing the common soldier ‘s batch, bettering morale and deputing authorization. Sun Tzu believed that if an ground forces is led by its leader from forepart he will win the support without extorting it and derive fondness without ask foring it and wins trust without demanding it[ 9 ].The best manner to turn out one as leader is to demo character where he leads by actions and non by words. Schemes, missions and orders are imp and must be followed and supported by actions by the leader in order to direct a truer and clearer monosodium glutamate to his soldier. A leader must make his best to guarantee that military personnels are good fed, good armed and difficult trained. He should run into with little unit commanding officers, not commissioned officers and single soldiers to larn their concerns and demands. A leader must cognize the units capablenesss, take suited steps to better and beef up the unit ‘s morale. A leader must non honor often as it shows terminal of his resources and non penalize often as it shows that he is in acute hurt.

9. Erwin Rommel, both as a little unit leader and as a field marshal, ever lead in this mode. As a pl & A ; demure cdr he would frequently take the adv elements and take lookouts to perforate behind en lines. Rommel besides believed that a leader “ must be foremost in the labors and fatigues of the ground forces, ” sharing non merely the ground forces ‘s victory but besides its tabular matters which establishes a bond and increases their moral doing them stronger in the face of war.

10. Leadership, as practiced by general WU Chi, is all about to cognize your work forces, eat with them the same nutrient and wear the same apparels as the military personnels do, on the March he did non mount his Equus caballus and carried his modesty rations. He shared axhaustion and acrimonious labor with his military personnels. This was to an extent practiced by Gen Norman[ 10 ]Schwartzkof in American Div at Chu Lai in Viet Nam as Bn commanding officer.

11. Leadership is a cardinal to effectual determination devising and the overall public presentation of persons and therefore the organisation. Peoples in an organisation depend upon leaders, so we must perpetrate ourselves to the leading qualities Sun Tzu describes, and inspireA entire committedness from others. Make non allow deficiency of leading be the clash in your organisation, there is adequate uncertainness, pandemonium and complexness and new information being processed in dynamic brushs to do determination doing hard plenty. The will to win starts with the top. Take charge and be the leader you know and build a booming organisational civilization.


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