Superman and Me Before I read Sherman Alexie’s essay

February 4, 2019 Media

Superman and Me
Before I read Sherman Alexie’s essay, I never heard anything about life on Indian Reservation. In my country only few people want to know about the Indian life because the Indian Reservation life isn’t very popular so the books or any media mass rarely talk about life on Indian Reservation. One day, I read a book that is talk about the Indian Reservation life. When I read that book, I thought that life in Indian Reservation was very bad. Bad technologies, inconvenient environment, and there are so many poor peoples with no jobs.

I can imagine the life in this essay. It seems like the book I read in my country, there aren’t any good technologies, dirty, many poor peoples, etc. But maybe some of people in that state are well-paid people so they can have a better life. Indian people in that Reservations seem don’t have any interesting activities, but not with Sherman Alexie and his father. He and his father loved reading so much. They bought so many books and his father made bookshelves and soon filled them with a random assortment of books. Sherman Alexie hungrily read many books- from novels to auto repair manual to cereal boxes to magazine because he was smart, arrogant, lucky, and refused to fail so that he can change his life from the poor family or standard family to a better family. He don’t want to live a life like his childhood and he want to be better than his father. After several years, Sherman Alexie became a writer. First, he didn’t expect to be a writer because writing and reading activities were beyond Indians. He also never recalls a single time that a guest teacher visited the reservation. He visits school as soon as possible and looks at the classroom. The classroom really crowd with Indian kids.

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The funny thing about this story is when Sherman Alexie could not recall which particular Superman comic book he has ever read and the villain that superman fought in that issue. It seems impossible and funny for me because if you read so many books of something, you should have known what series that you read or maybe you could remember one of the most interesting people in that story.


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