Supernatural Extract Analysis Chapter 3 Wuthering Heights

April 1, 2018 General Studies

Such as in most Gothic fiction novels, there are references to the supernatural throughout Wuthering Heights. However, in this novel the references to ghosts and spirits are presented in such a way that makes it ambiguous as to whether they truly exist or not. In this particular extract, Catherine’s spirit appears to Lockwood, although it could be interpreted as merely a figment of Lockwood’s imagination whilst he experiences a nightmare. However, it is Heathcliff’s response which is the focal point of this extract – the way that he seems to crave the attention of this ghost, almost as if he wants it to haunt him. Although Heathcliff’s undeniably authentic reaction implies that he believes that Catherine really did appear, for the reader, the supernatural citations embody the manifestation of the past within the present, and demonstrate how long-ago past events still manage to pervade people’s daily lives.The weather, an important theme of the novel, often mirrors the bleak and oppressive characters and the dismal events that are yet to unfold. In this extract, the weather aids in the establishment of the disorientated and eerie atmosphere surrounding Lockwood’s nightmare. The fir-bough is described to ‘repeat its teasing sound’ whilst the wind is ‘gusty’. These sinister examples of personification animate the surroundings and make them seem alive, whilst the auditory imagery helps the reader to experience the literature and feel part of the situation. Another use of personification is used when describing ‘Terror’. The capital ‘T’ humanizes the inanimate feeling and makes it seem alive, thus even more terrifying. Lockwood then goes on to vividly describe the disturbing experiences that occurred that night. He recounts of how he ‘pulled its (the child’s) wrist on to the broken pane, and rubbed it … till the blood ran down’. This malicious and gruesome action seems incredibly uncustomary behaviour for Lockwood, who is, although sometimes irritating, a…


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