Supervised Industria

November 25, 2017 Management

Training is one method by we, students are given a chance to apply the theories and computation that we learned from the school. It also helps the student to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by performing in actual work setting. The students have to finish the SIT to be able to graduate. The work place becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about his chosen field and practice what he has learned from the school. The SIT benefits the student because the program provides opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific Job using real tools, equipments, and comments.

Knowledge (Principles, Theories, and Concepts) The things that I learned n University are Food Production, Supervision, and Food Management. Food Production taught me how much will cost a product, its quantity, techniques in cooking, and making recipe. When Vive taken up this subject, as a student, I thought that it wouldn’t help me in my everyday life, but as I taken up my supervised Industrial Training, I realized that the subjects that I had taken were big help as I work as a trainee on a restaurant.

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During the time of my work as a trainee, y boss once asked me about the new product of the restaurant, how much it will cost and will it caught the attention of the customers. Of course he Just asked me because he knew that I am a Nutrition and Food Technology student. With the help of my subjects, I know already how to answer his question because in school, my past professor tackled the lesson about costing of product and the other subjects, Food Production and Meal Management. Without the knowledge that I had learned before, I think my boss will be disappointed if I come up with emptiness in mind.

Taking the abject Shop Supervision, even the work of my co-workers was sometimes questioned by me. Sometimes, when my boss weren’t in the restaurant, he assigned me to check whether his employees were doing their tasks or not. I experienced being a supervisor before in the school when my professor assigned me, and with that experience, I have an insight and ideas how I will handle the situation. The restaurant that I had been working also accepts catering services wherein sometimes, I am included in employees that are responsible for setting up the place of event. Also, I am in charged in the table set up.

Using the basic knowledge that I learned in school, it is actually implied in my workplace. And now, I already knew the importance of the subjects that I had taken In the university because it is implied in the actual setting. 2. Skills (Applied and Developed) The skills that I learned in school that was applied and useful in the Job are: preparation for bulk orders, plating, supervising, and cooking. It is useful because working in a restaurant isn’t an easy Job; there are lots of customers that are very sensitive of course our product is food, that’s why it is understood if they critique the laity and service of the restaurant.

The orders were loaded and I am the one who’s in charge of the preparation of the food and sometimes serving the orders of the customers. In this scenario, I applied the skills that I had learned in plating, being artistic and considerate is needed. In preparing the bulk orders, I am patient enough because I know how to handle the situation. As my training continues, new idea and knowledge also continues to be broad and widens.

The things that I mentioned that was learned from school are now applied and at the same time, new knowledge were encountered and also applied in my work place. My performance, behavior, and attitude towards customers and even co-workers were improved because of the ongoing training at the restaurant. As I bring new ideas in Job, I may be able to contribute fresh new insight about certain product. This may benefit both the company and me. In the company that I currently been working, the skills that I learned were Just the same as what I had learned from the university.

It is Just that my impression to the subjects I had taken totally changed because I’m at actual tuition right now that I implied the skills that I learned and actually learned something new like the behavior, attitude, and my performance. As I continue my Job, I learned new knowledge in everyday activities in my workplace. Especially during our catering services, new insights about the set up of the place of event, styles and designs of the table were encountered and I hope that these new knowledge will also help me to find better Job. 3. Values (Learned and Applied) When I undergone the Training Program, a lot of values had gained from it.


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