Supply Chain Management In Emirates Airline Commerce Essay

August 5, 2017 Commerce

The air power industry is the fastest turning sector worldwide that has enhanced the going experience of riders across the Earth. With breakthrough innovations go oning in the air power industry, the concern environment has become tough and competitory for the air hoses runing in present times ( Shieh, 1740 ) . Recently, the outgrowth of low-cost air hoses has badly impacted the concerns of those air hoses that have been taking the air power industry for decennaries. However, these new entrants still lag behind in the development of an effectual Supply Chain Management ( SCM ) system.

In the last few old ages, the organisation constructions of many air hose companies have undergone drastic transmutations to integrate the challenges encountered during the tough economic clip that have been predominating since 2008. Since the air power industry has become dynamic and competitory, every participant in the market has to guarantee that it meets the demands of its mark market efficaciously ( Bolstorff and Robert, 40 ) . In the air hose industry, merely those companies can last that have a competitory border in their SCM procedure which will guarantee that they are supplying premium quality services at competitory rates to their clients.

Emirates Airline is among those companies that entered the market with the purpose of going the leader in the air power industry worldwide. It is among the top-ranked air hoses available in the market which has been supplying first-class scope of services to its clients runing from leisure to concern going bundles. Emirates Airline was the innovator in presenting the construct of on-line engagement and e-check-in system in United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) . In order to transcend the outlooks of its clients, the direction squad has developed a separate division ‘Emirates Engineering ‘ for developing an effectual SCM model ( About Emirates Engineering, 3 ) .

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Soon, Emirates Airline has a well-designed and strategically developed SCM system but there are some countries that need to be addressed by the Procurement and Operations section of the organisation to efficaciously pull off the prospective challenges in the air power industry.

Background of Emirates Airline

Emirates Airline besides known as Emirates is the top-ranked air hose that is based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, UAE. It is considered to be the largest air hose in the Middle Eastern part that has been runing about 2,500 flights on hebdomadal footing from Terminal 3 which is its cardinal hub. Emirates is offering its services in 122 metropoliss that are spread in 74 states ; it is the main subordinate of the Emirates Group and employs more than 50 thousand employees. The air hose is owned by the Government of Dubai and its lading activities are performed by the Emirates SkyCargo division of the Emirates Group ( The Emirates Story, 4 ) .

The primary purpose of this air hose since its origin is to supply high quality services to the clients ; measure is ne’er an of import factor for public presentation rating of the air hose. From regional travel finishs, Emirates Airline has evolved into an international air hose that carries 1000000s of riders to assorted finishs on annual footing. Emirates has divided its air hose concerns into three wide classs i.e. international lading division, air hose IT developer and fully fledged travel and touristry finish direction division ( The Emirates Story, 23 ) .

Emirates has an sole scope of wide-bodied aircraft fleet that comprises of three chief aircraft households i.e. Boeing 777, Airbus A380, and Airbus A330/A340. It has set a policy that it will ever maintain a immature fleet which stands as 6.7 old ages on norm and it ensures that the fleet is renewed often ( About Emirates Engineering, 30 ) . In order to hold effectual operational installations for its aircrafts, Emirates has developed an full new division ‘Emirates Engineering ‘ where all the affairs related to quality confidence, care and fix of the fleet is performed. Presently, it has rider aircraft fleet of 175 and 19 aircraft are still on order ( Engineering Procurement Aircraft, 34 ) .

SCM construction of Emirates Airline

SCM has evolved to go an built-in portion of all organisations and it is the pre-requisite of every air hose that wants to keep a competitory place in the market. Initially, Emirates had a Procurement and Operations section that had the duty of pull offing the information and stuffs informations and its chief focal point was on developing a strong internal value concatenation. The primary focal point of the section was to be a provider ‘s provider to the client ‘s client. When Emirates faced jobs in the operation of its aircraft in 2004, the direction squad decided to reconstitute the complete procurance, operations and logistics facets of the concern ( Storey, Caroline, Janet and Alan, 756 ) .

The Procurement and Operations section was divested from the other maps and Emirates Engineering was established as a separate group. Under this new subdivision, SCM was defined as “ uniting the impacts of all companies that are involved in the production, distribution and gross revenues of the air hose goods and services i.e. from providers to the makers to the distributers to the concluding consumers. ” Harmonizing to this new attack, every stakeholder involved in the production and operation web is portion of the supply concatenation ( Kannan and Keih, 153 ) .

Emirates Engineering is viewed as the best and extremely technologically advanced installation for aircraft fix, care and service. In order to supply equal technology support to the full fleet of Emirates, the section has outsourced the care contracts to 3rd parties. In order to run into the industry benchmarks, all facets of Engineering, Quality, Planning, Logistics and Maintenance are efficaciously managed and implemented by extremely skilled and well-experienced professionals who have ample cognition about the specialnesss of SCM procedure ( Engineering Materials Management, 35 ) .

There is a Procurement subdivision in the Emirates Engineering division that provides support to the air hose operations by set abouting all catching and outsourcing contracts of every trade good of aircraft that comprise of fleet, equipment, spares, power workss, providing services and many more. There are four wide classs in the procurance section classified as power programs, airframe systems, cabin and avionics. The full squad is implementing a precise procedure attack by working as a cross-functional squad ; in such squads, the experts of all divisions are included to guarantee that the supply concatenation demands of the concern are met at optimal degree ( Bhardawaj and Mitra, 60 ; Huan, Sunil and Ge, 24 ) .

This section bears the duty of pull offing affable dealingss with providers for guaranting 100 % satisfaction with the bringing and public presentation of the goods and services provided by them. In the air hoses, quality of the aircraft is the extreme precedence ( Harrison and Remko, 140 ; Gunasekaran and E. , 585 ) and Emirates Engineering subdivision ensures that this country is ne’er overlooked by the experts of the division.

There is a typical direction squad for guarantee and merchandise support that is responsible for transporting out an array of activities such as contracts direction, conformity with digital recording of paperss, guaranting presence of a safe and secured storage country for every contractual certification and appropriate disposal of guarantee and warrants ( Engineering Materials Management, 50 ) .

A SCM Network of Emirates Airline

The present Supply Chain web of Emirates Airline ( Refer to Appendix I ) can be divided chiefly into three chief ironss that are inter-linked:

Emirates Engineering that is supplying top quality aircraft and installations within the fleet to the Emirates Group so that it can run into the demands of its clients who are the riders.

Merchandise Support Agreements ( PSAs ) are signed between the Procurement Department and provider of the division who guarantee that the air hose is provided aircrafts in conformity with the specifications.

The providers so have understandings with their providers named as ‘direct providers ‘ who guarantee that the finest natural stuffs are provided for fabricating the fleet with preciseness.

Value Chain Analysis of Emirates Airline

In order to hold effectual direction of procurance, operations and logistics section, it is critical for every organisation to carry on its value concatenation analysis on an on-going footing ( Sisco and Joyce, 60 ) . With the proper use of value concatenation analysis of full SCM procedure, Emirates ‘ direction squad ensures that it decently allocates its resources for efficient direction of stock list while adhering to the high quality criterions required in the air power industry ( About Emirates Engineering, 34 ) . The value concatenation analysis of Emirates Airline is explained below to briefly depict its activities as highlighted in Appendix II:

The merchandise development subdivision of selling section conducts market research on frequent footing to bring forth thoughts for new merchandises and services and work on its feasibleness policy to make up one’s mind about the cost demands in conformity with the service criterions of the industry.

The stuff direction squad, constituent direction squad and procurance squad work with the providers to guarantee there is effectual co-ordination among the squads and guaranting that right providers are included in the PSAs and proper steps are taken in developing healthy relationships with them.

The flight and land operations section of component direction squads guarantee that the inputs are efficaciously transformed into merchandises of high quality that will add value to the air hose ‘s operational activities.

Customer Relations section which is an built-in portion of the after-sales service ensures that the riders holding any job with their flights or luggage are decently handled. The forces are trained in supplying the brilliant service to the riders both in-flight and on land so that they have an first-class traveling experience.

Human Resource section ensures that all employees are provided elaborate information about the company ‘s policies, schemes and regulations so that they guarantee conformity with the work criterions. The employees are given sufficient preparation so that they can transcend the outlooks of the clients.

IT section has the chief duty of guaranting that a well-developed SCM system is implemented and managed to let efficient flow of information that will ease determination devising procedures for assorted sections of the air hose.

Finance section is responsible for commanding the costs of pull offing the operations along with guaranting care of effectual auditing processs so that everything is conducted within the legal boundaries.

Product Life Cycle Management at Emirates

As the concern environment is going competitory and disputing for the organisations, it has become critical for them to continuously upgrade and present new and advanced their merchandise and service offerings to proficiently carry through the altering demands of the clients ( Handfield, Robert and Steven, 6 ; Subhramain et al. , 5 ) . In air hoses, merchandise life rhythm direction is become a pre-requisite for keeping the competitory border in the market. Similarly, Emirates has created a separate division ‘Engineering Undertakings ‘ that assists the air hose in using the expertness of the professionals working in this section for rating, specification and dialogue of unique and new merchandises and services.

The full procedure of merchandise life rhythm direction is efficaciously monitored and the squad guarantees that each and every measure from coevals of thought to the concluding bringing and credence are evaluated ; any jobs identified are addressed immediately to avoid any issues after complete development of the merchandise. Within the section, there are two squads that are working on the development of its service offerings ; one is Inflight Entertainment ( IFE ) squad and other is Cabin Interior squad ( Engineering Undertakings, 3 ) .

The undertaking squad of IFE comprises of the specializers of merchandises and professionals of IFE systems technology. All squad members are carefully selected to guarantee that they have in-depth cognition about IFE so that they can decently specify, create and put in an array of extremely advanced and sophisticated inflight amusement systems. A general merchandise development procedure followed by IFE squad is as follows:

First of wholly, the experts work closely with the Original Equipment Manufacturers ( OEMs ) like Boeing and Airbus, merchandise selling and inflight services sections to develop a elaborate list of the IFE system demands. After the readying of the list, the merchandise vision is established so that everyone has an thought about the merchandise that they perceive to be ideal for the terminal consumers.

In the design and proving procedure, development mileposts are set and they are coordinated and monitored in a group signifier by seeking sentiment from the place industries, 3rd party providers, IFE providers and OEMs so that the procedure is carried out decently.

The Buyer Furnished Equipment ( BFE ) list definition is referred for close monitoring of the IFE merchandise specifications so that IFE system can back up the new merchandise installing procedure.

The squad provides follow up and support in the installing and integrating activities of IFE system.

IFE merchandise development specifications are verified to guarantee conformity with the demands of the system.

Inspection of the credence procedure of IFE system is done to guarantee that support is provided for the bing IFE procedure.

Before deriving entryway into the service, the trim parts list is prepared for the spares procurement section so that the recommendation of the experts can be taken.

In-house preparation along with IFE service preparedness activities are organized so that equal support can be provided for the new system.

After developing the forces, the merchandise development squad works with the Supplemental Type Certificate ( STC ) enfranchisement houses, air hose base care and installing squads so that retrofit procedures can be efficaciously coordinated.

After the complete development of new IFE service, a care and trouble-shooting manual is developed along with package ; all of these elements are designed, developed and delivered straight from the providers before the aircraft wholly introduces the new service.

The cabin insides team undertakes assorted activities to guarantee that the riders have exceeding traveling experience by transcending their outlooks. This squad has duty of executing a diverse scope of activities which are as follows:

Introducing alone and advanced characteristics and comfortss to heighten the comfort degree of riders.

Developing the specifications for latest BFE merchandises.

Evaluation and choice of the best providers for BFE merchandises.

Organizing the engineering and pull offing the plan required for direction of the points of BFE.

Supplying support to other section for easing smooth debut of modern-day aircrafts that have been added to its fleet.

Role of Information Technology ( IT ) in SCM

An effectual SCM is one which has a strong IT system that will supply support to the organisation in pull offing its operations efficaciously and fruitfully ( Blanchard, 80 ; Gaudenzi and Antonio, 116 ) . With the aid of an efficient IT system, the stock list and repositing costs are reduced to a great extent ; efficiency of the production procedure is enhanced ; and inflight services are upgraded on changeless footing to guarantee that riders are provided an extraordinary appealing and thrilling going experience.

In order to hold a extremely productive SCM system, Emirates has installed an Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI ) system that is operated chiefly by the Engineering Materials Management subdivision ; the experts are responsible for developing the policies, procedures and processs for optimisation of the stock list and gaining high Return on Investment ( ROI ) . The system is responsible for stuff provisioning, calculating the demand of clients, planning of procurance, reexamining the stock degree, hive awaying and use of stuffs, mending and replacing of parts and disposal of stuffs ( Christopher, 250 ) .

The squad responsible for stuff provisioning has to execute four major maps i.e. constitution of optimal degrees for re-ordering and safety care, increase the figure of petitions required for timely purchases to guarantee that points are available on clip, informations is accurately stored and high criterions of safety and quality policies are followed that are set by the bureaus of the air power industry. Similarly, the constituent direction squad trades with the high value and rotable assets of aircraft constituents so that initial provisioning and re-provisioning can be easy done. By guaranting the best SCM best patterns, Emirates is keeping the top quality criterions of service degrees in a cost-efficient mode.

Key issues and challenges of SCM

After analysis and appraisal of the SCM procedure implemented at Emirates, it can be concluded that it has an efficient and well-designed system that ensures that it has equal stock of supplies and merchandise development procedure is effectual for pull offing the merchandise life rhythm of its merchandise and service offerings ( Deveshwar and Rupa, 194 ) . The cardinal challenges and issues that can be faced in SCM of Emirates are as follows:

Globalization – With the coming of globalisation, the IT substructure needs to be compatible with the demands of the corporations that will guarantee that all fluctuations encountered are efficaciously handled. Since Emirates is a planetary air hose, it has to guarantee that it has effectual SCM system on all of its finishs so that there is proper direction of its fleet ; the fix and care services should be changeless everyplace so that top quality of services is provided to every client.

Supply Chain break – As SCM systems are based on IT substructure, there are opportunities that the system can acquire disrupted by any of unanticipated events such as break of IT system, improper operation of the system, problem in the air hose systems that can impact the client database and flight programming can be badly wedged and many more. If Emirates does non hold a eventuality program for covering with terrible job in SCM system, so it can efficaciously impact the

Extenuation of harm – When SCM system is implemented in the organisation, it is critical for the professionals to maintain some manual records and avail the insurance policy option so that harm can be mitigated. Emirates has bought insurance policies to minimise any loss that can be encountered when supplies are either damaged or are non compatible with the quality criterions of the air power industry.

Decision and Recommendations

For every organisation, it is of import to hold a well-integrated SCM system that will guarantee that its supply concatenation scheme is complementing the concern scheme. With the aid of an effectual SCM system, Emirates Airline and its consumers and spouses can hold quicker and on-time orders, production planning and stock list direction is efficaciously done, high rate of order fulfilment rate is observed, prediction is expeditiously completed and public presentation of the company can be easy monitored.

An organisation strives to be the leader in its industry by following a well-designed scheme that incorporates the company ‘s mission, vision, values, ends and aims so that it can achieve its long-run competitory place in the market. Emirates has ensured that its SCM scheme is decently aligned with the concern scheme. Every scheme in the SCM comprises of the program that the company will implement for accomplishing its end of capturing the mark market and heightening the satisfaction degree of terminal consumers.

The SCM scheme ensures that the logistics of the company are planned out in progress so that there is an equal supply of natural stuffs, minimal degree of stock list is maintained and the supply concatenation operations ‘ cost is reduced ; all of these steps guarantee that Emirates Airline is able to bring forth an appropriate sum of net income and keep its strong place in the industry.


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