. Support students individually or in a

February 9, 2019 February 25th, 2019 Education

. Support students individually or in a group as suggested by the tutor or the team leader.
2. Understanding different learning needs and breaking down task.
3. Working with the safeguarding team to provide support for our vulnerable students.
4. Provide support for learning in the classroom and outside the class as recommended by the tutor or team leader.
5. Support students during break and Lunch time and accompanying them on trips and work experience.
6. Keeping Records and providing feedback to students, parents and the tutor.
7. Supporting student and their well-being using the college policies ,guidelines and Every Child Matters Agenda.(Education Act 2002)
8. Communicate and liaising with staff and other Professionals in the settings.
9. Support students in their education and their personal growth for them to progress and achieve their full potential .


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