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February 19, 2019 Young People

Supporting children and young people’s health and safety
Understand how to support children and young people to assess and manage risk for themselves.

3.1 Explain why it is important to take a balanced approach to risk management.

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Practitioners working with children have a responsibility of care towards the children and must ensure that they are safe. This includes planning of the play environment and activities which are safe for the child. However there should also be stability between the risks that a child should be allowed to take. This risk should be allowed with a practitioner’s support with less involvement. This is because if they will be allowed to take risks they will be able to develop skills which are required to deal with risks and make judgement about their own strengths and skills. Taking risks will also improve their self-esteem, confidence and development as well as allowing them to increase their own experience of being able to take the responsibility for their own safety and welfare. It is important for children to take risks and explore the environment around them in order to learn and minimize the risks of being involved in any kind of accident and injury which is done by risk assessment. An example of risk taking would be allowing children to use scissor. If children don’t ever use scissors, they will be unable to learn how to use them safely and develop their fine motor skills. They should be allowed to take the risk with a practitioner’s support and supervision making the children aware how things are to be done keeping themselves safe. All these risks need to be approached thoughtfully, keeping mind not to take excessive risks. The child’s age, needs and abilities need to be taken into account.

3.2 Explain the dilemma between the rights and the choice of children and young people and health and safety requirements.

3.3 Give example from own practice of supporting children or young people to assess and manage risk.


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