Surface measurement

By August 1, 2017 General Studies


The intent of a surface measuring machine is to look into the raggedness of the work piece. This is needed to see if it is in tolerance. A work pieces raggedness can be checked many ways e.g. supersonic, direct and many more. This is used in many industries to look into merchandises from ticker parts to airplane parts. This lab will demo you the importance of mensurating raggedness and how it affects the map of the piece. The lab will besides state you how to mensurate right and the process of making it.


Geometric Error

Geometric mistake of work piece makes great consequence to mechanical merchandise quality. Therefore, accurate measuring and rating of the geometric mistake of work piece are normally ever concerned around the universe. Compared with the step of length and angle, the measuring and rating of the geometric mistake are more hard. The survey of rating of geometric mistake is of import for a set of operator for new geometrical features confirmation.

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Roughness is a step of the texture of a surface. It is quantified by the perpendicular divergences of a existent surface from its ideal signifier. If these divergences are big, the surface is unsmooth ; if they are little the surface is smooth. Roughness is typically considered to be the high frequence, short wavelength constituent of a mensural surface.

Roughness plays an of import function in finding how a existent object will interact with its environment. Rough surfaces normally wear more rapidly and have higher clash coefficients than smooth surfaces. Roughness is frequently a good forecaster of the public presentation of a mechanical constituent, since abnormalities in the surface may organize nucleation sites for clefts or corrosion.

Although raggedness is normally unwanted, it is hard and expensive to command in fabrication. Decreasing the raggedness of a surface will normally increase exponentially its fabrication costs. This frequently consequences in a tradeoff between the fabricating cost of a constituent and its public presentation in application.


The directional ballad of a finished surface refers to the way of the machining or smoothing Markss. The ballad of a sealing surface is specified under the surface raggedness symbol as shown in the figure above.


Waviness is the step of the more widely separated constituent of surface texture. It is a broader position of raggedness because it is more purely defined as “ the abnormalities whose spacing is greater than the raggedness trying length ” . It can happen from machine or work warps, yak, residuary emphasis, quivers, or heat intervention.

Factors Effecting Numerical Assessment

Length of hint

This is the length that the investigation travels if it travels a short distance it can give you an inaccurate reading because it does n’t number for curliness and other factors.

So take a longer length helps to give a better reading but a excessively longer length takes excessively long to make so seek and happen a length in the center.

Lay of surface

Lay is the way of the tool Markss so when mensurating the raggedness step perpendicular to the ballad Markss. Making this gives us a true reading of raggedness.

Type of surface

Type of surface there are unit of ammunition and level surfaces these can be measured.

Procedure Used

  1. Take the work piece and set it on the measurement tabular array
  2. Following topographic point the investigation on the surface.
  3. Bend on the machine set the length and continue
  4. After it is finished print the consequences so press print once more and the graph is printed
  5. Make this for the different lengths and work pieces.
  6. Collect all the consequences and you ‘re finished.

Discussion / Conclusion

The experiment was a success I know now how to mensurate the raggedness of a work piece.


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