Survey’s Burger King

May 13, 2018 Music

What age group is each targeting? * For McDonald’s the age group the restaurant is targeting will be from anywhere to 24-38 with children. * For Wendy’s the age group the restaurant is targeting the 24 to 49 year age group. * For Burger King the age group is targeting will be more for everyone from children up to the age of 50 year of age or older. 2. Do you agree with each one? Why/ or why not? Yes I do believe is the targeting rate for McDonald’s. McDonald’s is a family restaurant and the ideal place for kids and teenagers to go and sit down and eat. * Wendy’s is trying to give up on the fast food when it comes to the age group of 18-24 year olds. The chief executive Roland Smith said that “Wendy’s plan to target the 24-49 year age group. ” I can kind of agree to what he is saying, because I don’t hardly hear people say I’m going to Wendy’s to grab something to eat, the main two restaurants I hear are McDonald’s and Burger King. Yes I do believe Burger King does target the age group from children to elder adults, because Burger King, because from my experience I see mostly everyone eating Burger King from children, to adults, and to elderly adults. 3. What changes in the technology environment have made it possible to YouTube to flourish? * YouTube can remind you of Google; when people want to look up something they just Google it. That is what YouTube is about. There are many viewers on YouTube uploading videos and watching videos. YouTube videos vary from music, movies, or how to do something. 4.

How effective has YouTube between in distinguishing themselves from potential competitive? * YouTube corresponds to the mainstream media’s material to mass audiences. YouTube is controlled by viewers, listeners, and readers. 5. What technological changes maybe on the horizon that could cause problems for YouTube? * The two only changes I can see that can cause a problem to YouTube will be sooner or later there will be a surcharge to having a YouTube account just to upload videos. Or something bigger and better comes out that can out do YouTube, like Facebook did to MySpace.

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