Swot analysis

May 18, 2018 Business

In build and sell IGB is more likely to own assets whereby by implementing recurring income approache IGB will improve in its liquidity and it will give a positive perception of the company by the investors. This may allow IGB to be more able to invest in other possible business with the hard cash in their bank account Accommodate decreasing buying power of the potential purchase

Less risk mainly on cost by building maintenance ii. Weaknesses If IGB is to run their building it will create problem if there is case of bad pay master among their tenants Extra admin cost in tenancy agreement, lawyer fees etc By penetrating only in high end market, IGB should diversify into middle income market as the demand is greater. Investment in Europe is unlikely to be a good decision as we know now they are facing a drastic economical downfall which obviously effect the financial sustainability.

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Fail to cope with modernization of the market may cause IGB loose in the battle. Potential buyers are now exposed to modern concept. iii. Opportunity IGB has numerous division which has different target market in each division respectively Joint ventures with landowners may minimize the liability as the landonwners will share equally on such investment By expanding their brand into Asia Pacific region is a good decision as the culture is more or less the same with Malaysia. Hence by having that IGB should know how and what are the demand from there. iv. Threat

Uncertainty in economic stability may damage the opportunities Instability in political condition majorly in Bangkok and Manila will affect tremendously on demand for hotel Based on the SWOT recommend the type of strategy appropriate for IGB Corp Berhad Invest into region that may offer promising demand for example like Indonesia, China or Middle East Identify universities that offers studies in Building design and make collaboration with them. Develop more project for middle income people as we know now the market is very slow and their buying is also stagnant.

By focus on this it will create new market sector rather than only high end. Venture into smaller scale hotel. Penetrate outskirt area and develop a motel chain business. Each motel is to be located at smaller cities which have their own attractions. Must have special division that studies the economical condition around the world rather than reading the newspaper. This division may foresee possible political issues that may happen before hand. This may give good indication before making any decision to invest at overseas countries.


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