Swot Analysis of Ice Cream

April 7, 2018 Health

S. W. O. T Strength One of the main selling points of KoolWerkz is that it is a Frozen Dessert that is similar to Ice-cream with the healthier choice logo. This means that it is the only frozen dessert allowed it to be sold in schools around Singapore, resulting in the fact that Kool Werkz frozen dessert has almost no competitors in this area of the market.

The production and ingredient of KoolWerkz frozen dessert is the same as normal ice-cream you can find in the market, the reason it is called a frozen dessert is because for it to be called “ice-cream”, it need to have at least 5% of fats in it. However KoolWerkz frozen dessert contain less than 4% of fat and 0% trans-fat in it, nonetheless that is also one of its strength as it is non-fattening. Weakness

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The weakness of KoolWerkz frozen dessert is that it may not be as tasty as other ice-cream on the market reason being that it have less than 12% of sugar in it whereas normal ice-cream in the market has about 21% or more sugar in them. KoolWerkz frozen dessert is also not very well known even in Temasek Polytechnic and therefore, the company has to spend more time and resources to try to improve its public awareness so as to increase its sales, something that other ice-cream company which is their main competitors in the market of Singapore have already done.

Opportunities Koolwerkz frozen dessert is the closest supplement to ice-cream that can be sold in school compounds in Singapore as it contain the healthier choice logo. Also, being a part of the entrepeurship project it attracts not only students to be their own boss by trying to sell the frozen dessert in Temasek polytechnic and get the feel of managing their own business, it also attracts schools such as ITE to sent their students for training as they find KoolWerkz to be an creative aspect.

Threats With the rise of yogurts and ice cream flavours and variations, Consumers that sought for a different taste to frozen desserts might turn to others as koolwerkz might not be able to keep up due to its health-based restrictions. Another factor is that other ice-cream companies might also introduce their own kind of “healthy” ice cream or frozen dessert, thus creating another competitor in this monopoly market.


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